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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1865

(Name from)

Who'd a' Thought It

Latest 1867

(Name to)

8 Last Lane



Formerly the "American Stores", the name changed in 1865. I new license was also granted in 1870 when Frank Matson came on the scene. (See article.) Not for long. It next became "The Oxford". There is conflicting evidence as to when. Marin was reported as keeping it in 1870 but Lane is supposed to have kept the "Oxford" in 1867. A long search to clarify that seemed rather pointless because before you could say Jack Robinson it had changed again to "The Criterion".


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 10 May, 1867.


John Arthur Cooke, a gunner in the Kent Artillery Militia, and Suzannah Cooke, his wife, were charged with having, on the 2nd May, threatened to cut the throat of Mr. William James, licensed victualler, whereby he went in fear.

William James, landlord of the "Who'd a Thought It Inn," Last Lane, said that on Tuesday night the prosecutor came into his house and said he wanted to speak to him. He went to the front of the bar, and the prisoner said he made use of very violent language towards himself and his wife. On witness telling him that he would give him into custody he said he would "cut his ------ throat and set the ----- house flaring." He also said the same thing to witness's wife. The female defendant was also very abusive, and made use of corresponding threats.

John Petley, greengrocer, corroborated the evidence of the complainant. He heard defendant sat to his wife, pointing to Mrs. James, "If you don't 'welt' her, I'll 'welt' you." (A laugh.)

The row, it appeared, originated in respect to a beer score, Cooke having contracted a debt at the "Who'd a Thought It," and the landlord having threatened that he would, "tell his uncle," upon that gentleman's next visit to Dover. The defendant particularly wished to conceal the circumstances from his relative, and his ire being roused he went and "spoke his mind" to Mr. James, but denied making use of the threat attributed to him.

The female defendant was discharged, and her husband was bound over in his own recognizance's not to interfere with the complainant or his wife, or any one of her Majesty's subjects, for the space of two calendar months.




JAMES William 1865-67

EVANS 1870

MARIN Frank 1870+



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