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Earliest March 2013

Wheel Alehouse

Open 2020+

60 Station Road


07534 972590

Wheel Alehouse

Above photo taken by Paul Skelton 9th November 2013.

Above showing the licensee Alan.


Slightly larger than most micro-pubs, this establishment occupies two floors, the upper floor accommodating quiz nights and live entertainment.

Rumour has it that this pub wasn't going to be called this at its conception, but that when they were thinking up a name someone suggested it should be called the "Real Ale House." The name, he explains, comes from a joke in Only Fools and Horses, where a singer has a speech impediment. “Wheel ale,” he laughs. “Get it?”

The licensee is Alan Ross, a former fish and chip shop owner is joined behind the bar by his dog, Bosun. He has decorated the former shop unit with a nautical theme.


From the

Situated at 60 Station Road, in Birchington.

Although larger than some of the micro-pubs in Thanet, The "Wheel Alehouse" still classes itself as a micropub and will meet with the requirements of only selling Real Ale, Cider & Wine and never stocking cold, fizzy, alcoholic bilge water (aka lager).

Although pubs are closing all over the country, micropubs (and micro-breweries) seem to be a growing trend. This is particularly true here in Kent (The "Butcher's Arms" in Herne is considered the original micropub – it opened in 1984, before the boom in the micropub concept started).

Here, on the Isle-of-Thanet, there are currently a number of micropubs – with more opening this year. Being opened and run by similarly-minded people, micropubs generally support each other in full.

Located less than a mile away from The "Wheel Ale House" here in Birchington, in Westgate is ‘The Why Not' – so, Why Not have a pint there!

Then, less than a mile from ‘The Why Not', is the "Bake and Alehouse," which was Westgate's first micro-pub and Pete (landlord of "Bake & Alehouse") and Lee (landlord of the "Why Not") support each other in full and even regularly drink in each other's pub! Also, Alan, the Landlord of the "Wheel Alehouse," has run the "Bake and Alehouse" in Pete's absence (no, erase that thought about conceptual incest from your mind!).

There is also The "Fork Handles" (or should that be Four Candles) just a few miles away in St. Peters (and the opening of this micropub was attended by Pete from the "Bake & Alehouse". Also, Michael from this pub has also run the "Bake & Alehouse" in the past – it is starting to sound rather incestual!!).

The whole concept of micro-pubs is said to be down to Martyn Hillier who opened the "Butcher's Arms" in Herne (again just a few miles away).

This whole idea of micro-pubs: Small Pubs that do not, under any circumstances, ever sell lager is a rapidly growing trend here in East Kent. There is also The "Conqueror Alehouse" in Ramsgate, the "Lifeboat" in Margate and others, with another opening in Ramsgate later this year.

The "Wheel House" has a good range of 5 ales and 3 ciders, a range of wines and ample seating and an upstairs function room with seating for 24 people.

Well worth a visit.


During the Covid 19 crisis of 2020, this pub was able to offer a take away service in June, possibly earlier.



ROSS Alan 2013-20+


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