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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1851

Welcome all Nations

Latest 1853

(Name to)

Commercial Quay



Active in 1851 but by 1853 it was in trouble for permitting notoriously bad characters to assemble in its rooms. Hawkins was summoned to attend Court in January that year for keeping a disorderly house but he must have preferred to view matters from afar because he vanished and was not seen again.

A John Hedgecock is noted as being landlord also in 1853, so may have taken over from Charles Hawkins, if so, the pub may have changed name to the "Sir Colin Campbell" as I have mention of a J Hedgecock in 1858, but no address is known.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 26 March, 1853.


FRIDAY - Before C. B. Wilkins, J. B. Knocker, C. F. Jennings, E. Sibbett, and S. M. Latham, Esqrs.

A summons has been issued for the attendance of Charles Hawkins, landlord of the "Welcome to All Nations," Commercial Quay, on a charge of keeping a disorderly house, &c. On the case being called on, defendant was not forthcoming, and it was announced that his house was closed. The service of the summons was then proved, and the case proceeded with in the absence of Hawkins. Mr. E. Knocker said he appeared to prosecute on behalf of the "Dover Lay Association for the Protection of Women." The object of that society was to suppress the crime of prostitution, and at the same time to ameliorate the condition of its victims by holding out to them the means of reviving their character, and being again placed in a position to obtain a living tenuously. With this view, a house  of refuge was now opened in Dover, for the reception of prostitutes distraught of abandoning their wretched mode of life, and therefore to avail themselves of an opportunity to turn aside from their various and sinful course to a point of virtue. The present was the first case which had come under the societies notice. - Two witnesses were then examined, who obtained proceedings of the inquiry in the house of Hawkins totally unfit for insertion in our column, and harrowing to the feelings of every virtuous mind. The result was the infliction of a fine of 5 and costs; and at the close, the witnesses (themselves prostitutes) were directed to the proper quarters to obtain admission to the House of being opened, of which they had expressed a wish to be allowed to become inmates.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 26 March, 1853.


MONDAY - Before H. Elve, and C. B. Wilkins, Esqrs.

Mary Ann Back, a prostitute, was placed before the bar on a charge of drunkenness. Police-constable Irons found her lying on the steps of the "Welcome All Nations," drunk and incapable, and after applying in vain for admission to that house, he removed her to the police-station. In reply to the Bench, the defendant said for the last six weeks she had been lodging at the above house, and left on Friday. There were three other women living in the house, and each (with one exception) paid 2s. weekly for the lodgings. She was not prepared to say if the others paid extra if they took company home with them; she did not pay any more. After an admonition, defendant was then discharged.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 19 November, 1853.

John Hedgecock, landlord of the "Welcome All Nations," Commercial Quay, who was fined 5 a short time ago for permitting bad characters to assemble in his house, was now committed for a month in default of either paying the fine or having sufficient goods upon which to leave a distress.



The pub was closed some time after 1853.



HENDERSON John 1851-52 (age 27 in 1851Census)

HAWKINS Charles 1853

HEDGECOCK John 1853 Next pub licensee had




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