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Earliest 1784-

Two Sawyers

Open 2019+

58 Ivy Lane


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Two Sawyers 1923

Above photo, 1923, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe. Pub outing, with the licensee, William Terry, wearing the trilby in the middle of the front row.

Two Sawyers 1965

Above photograph by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Two Sawyers 1974

Above photo, 1974, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Two Sawyers 1986

Above photo, 1986, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Two Sawyers 2009

Above image from Google, March 2009.

Two Sawyers date unknown

Above photo date unknown.

Two Sawyers sign

Above sign, 1968, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Two Sawyers sign 1991Two Sawyers sign 2009

Two Sawyers sign left March 1991. Sign right March 2009.

Above with thanks from Brian Curtis


Operating in 1784, and mentioned in 1803 when William Pilsher pair the rent of 13 and land tax 17s. to the brewers.

According to the St. Paul's Register of 1788, Mr Goodban had been the licensee in 1784, with Thomas Johncock being publican in 1788. The 1851 Census listed 5 sawyers living in Ivy Lane and in 1897 it is recorded that Henry B Wilson owned and occupied a builder's yard and sawmill behind the Two Sawyers. Rigden's Brewery was the owner of the Two Sawyers from 1866. Elaine Parry was the licensee from 1959 to 1984. After the death of her husband, she was helped considerably by her brother-in-law, George Ledger. The Kentish Gazette of 15th June 1984 had this to say "...Their time at the Two Sawyers has brought much happiness and comfort to a great many people. To the Gazette they have been perfect neighbours..." (My note. The former office of the Kentish Gazette backed onto the Two Sawyers, so I expect their staff were no strangers to the establishment!) In 1993, the licensee was Paul Wildman, who renovated the interior and made it into an old style "local" serving the community. From 1997 to 2000 Peter and Nick Steinmetz took over, with the aim of creating a traditional pub. The Two Sawyers was bought by the London-based "Grug & Glug" pub chain and re-opened as a franchise after renovation in July 2012, when Ben Caunter became the licensee.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal - Tuesday 13 March 1810.


March 9, Mrs. Rouse, aged 25 years, wife of Mr. James Rouse, of the "Two Sawyers," public house, Canterbury. She bore a severe illness 5 months, with the utmost fortitude, and will be long regretted by all who knew her.


Kentish Gazette 15 May 1812.


Yesterday, after three days illness, Mr. James Rouse, landlord of the "Two Sawyers" public-house, Canterbury.


Kentish Gazette 23 April 1833.


On Friday, Mrs. Knell, wife of Mr. Knell, landlord of the "Two Sawyers" public-house, Canterbury.


From the Kentish Gazette, 21 August 1838.


August 15, in King-street, Canterbury, Mr. James Knell, formerly landlord of the "Two Sawyers," Ivy-lane.


Kentish Gazette, 30 April 1844.


4 FIVE MOTION BEER ENGINE, nearly new, at a a very great sacrifice. Inquire at the "Two Sawyers," Ivy Lane, Canterbury.



Since the mid 1700s, research has shown no less than 10 named inns in Ivy lane.

On 17th September, 1844 the Kentish Gazette reported the premises to let as "a most desirable Public House with Pleasure Gardens etc. Rent 19 19s. per annum."


East Kent Times 01 January 1859.

J. Spain, "Two Sawyers," Ivy Lane, Canterbury.

Licensed to let Horses, Carriages, etc.


South Eastern Gazette, 28 February, 1860.


Death of a Labourer Injured at the Railway Works.

In our impression of the 17th ult. we noticed that on the previous day a navvy, named John Smith, about 40 years of age, had been injured at the railway works, in this parish, his thigh being fractured. The poor fellow lingered in great agony until Wednesday last, when he died at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital. On the following evening, the coroner, T. T. Delasaux, Esq., held an inquest on the body of the deceased, at the "Two Sawyers," in the parish of St. Paul, Canterbury, when the particulars of the occurrence, as given by us at the time, were detailed in evidence.

The deceased, it will be remembered, went on to the line to uncouple the last of a number of loaded trucks which were coming from the Chartham cutting, and was jammed between the buffers. William Hopkins, a fellow labourer, who saw the accident, said the occurrence was purely accidental, and no blame was attachable to any one; in fact, the deceased ought to have stopped until the waggons were quite still before he proceeded to uncouple them.

The nurse at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital she had attended on the deceased said every possible attention had been paid to him, and he had been kept alive by the wine and other nourishment he had received.

The Coroner, in summing up, said it might appear strange that an inquest should be held upon the body of the deceased so long after the accident, but the law said, if a person died from injury within a year and a day after sustaining the injury, then an inquest must be held on the body; and this was quite necessary in the present instance, the object being to ascertain if there was any blame attachable to any one, or whether it was purely accidental.

One of the jury (Mr. J. Kelson) said it was very necessary that an inquest should be held in such cases, for he had seen, in his experience in connection with railway works, that the men were often too venturesome, and when an accident occurred, then the contractor was blamed. If it was not for such inquiries as the present, they would hear of more accidents than they did.

A verdict of "Accidental death" was then recorded.


South Eastern Gazette, 27 November, 1860.

The late Fatal Accident by Burning.

We briefly mentioned in our last that the young girl, Elizabeth Guest, who met with an accident the previous Wednesday evening by burning, had died from the effects of the injuries she sustained. Yesterday evening week T. T. Delasaux, Esq., coroner, held an inquest on the body of the unfortunate deceased, at the "Two Sawyers," in the parish of St. Paul.

Elizabeth Ann Hambrook, dressmaker, St. Margaret’s-street, deposed that the deceased had been, in her service as maid of all work for about two months. On Wednesday evening deceased was alone in the kitchen, and witness, hearing screams, rushed down stairs, and then saw the clothes of the deceased in flames.

John E. Pettitt, chemist, stated that on Wednesday evening ha heard violent screaming, and on looking into the street saw the deceased on the ground, and her clothes in flames, which were extinguished as quickly as possible.

Deceased was conveyed to the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, where she died on Sunday evening.

Verdict, "Accidental death."


From the Kentish Chronicle, 14 May, 1864.


On Sunday morning, at an early hour, Mrs. Mary Ann Glass, wife of the landlord of the “Sawyers” public house, Ivy Lane, attempted to cut her throat, with a clasp knife which she had taken from her husband’s pocket. She succeeded in inflicting a frightful gash in her neck severing the windpipe and some of the other principal vessels. Her husband raised an alarm, and Mr. E. Callaway, surgeon, called in. But little hope is entertained of her recovery.


East Kent Gazette, Saturday 5 December 1874.

Fatal Gun Accident.

On Monday evening, Mr. Coroner Delasaux, held an inquest at the "Two Sawyers Inn," Ivy Lane, Canterbury, on the body of George Philip Smith age 36 a gamekeeper, lately in the employ of Mr. Denne Denne, of Elbridge, Littlebourne who died in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital on the previous Saturday, from the effects of a gunshot wound.

It appears that on Thursday the 26th, 5 gentlemen Mr. Denne Denne, Mr. Henry Denne, Mr. Herbert Denne, Mr. Hurst, and Captain Chapman, were out shooting at Trosley Park Wood, and deceased and other men were engaged in "beating for game," when he was accidentally shot by Mr. Herbert Denne.

The side of occurrence was explained by the gentleman, who made the following statement by the permission of the Coroner:- The men were beating through some high wood towards an open field; the deceased and some of the beaters came out of the wood in front of me and were waiting for the others; with pheasant rose on my right hand and was going to the rear as I stood; I turned hastily and prepared to shoot at it in case it came towards me; while doing so I was horror-stricken to hear my gun go off. I can't say from what cause it went off. I saw the keeper put his right hand to his left arm and say "I'm struck," or words to that effect.

Smith was taken promptly to the hospital, where he died as above stated.

Mr. F. T. Atkins, house surgeon at the hospital in his evidence, said he believed the cause of death to be syncope, produced partly by the injury and partly by the man's fears that he was fatally wounded. Other witnesses having been examined, the jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette - Saturday 13 October 1894.


On the 29th Sept., at the "Two Sawyers," Ivy Lane, Canterbury, Mary Ann, wife of Ex-Inspector W. W. F. Ells. aged 63.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 11 March 1944.


A sentence of three months hard labour was passed upon Sapper Robert W. Hymers, RE., of 32, Vauxhall Crescent, Canterbury, at the West Kent Quarter Sessions last week. He had been committed for trial from the St. Augustine's Petty Sessions at Canterbury for the theft of a wallet containing 8 10s 0d, and for breaking and entering the premises of the Kent Concrete Products Ltd. on February 1. The wallet was the property of William J. E. Bates. of the "Two Sawyers." Ivy Lane, Canterbury.



The "Two Sawyers" had a face lift in 2012 and is now open again.



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JOHNCOCK Thomas 1788+

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TERRY William David 1922-38+ Post Office Directory 1922Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938

BATES J E 1944+ Whitstable Times

PARRY Elaine 1958-84

WILDMAN Paul 1993+

STEINMETZ Peter & Nick 1997-2000

CAUNTER Ben July/2012-15


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