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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1857

Trinity Pilot

Latest 1895

29 Commercial Quay

26 Commercial Quay Post Office Directory 1874



Open in 1857, but in 1895 it was said to have been empty for some time and plans for rebuilding were approved that year. The Bench made conditions though. The "Crusader" had to be surrendered.


No doubt those plans reached fruition but I heard nothing of the opening if they did. The ever changing numbers on the Quay make searching a nightmare. At different times this was 26, 27 and 29.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 14 April, 1871. Price 1d.


Josiah Hurst was charged with assaulting Henry Baker.

It appeared that both the men were occasionally employed as lightermen, and that the complainant had offered to work for a lower price than the defendant thought reasonable. Hence the assault.

The complainant said that on Monday last, about six o'clock, he was in the taproom of the "Trinity Pilot" public-house, Commercial Quay, having "a quiet pint of beer," when the defendant, who was also in the room, gave a couple of blows on the left side of the face, exclaiming, "You're one of the men who offered to do the work." There had been no previous quarrel between himself and the defendant.

The defendant denied that he had had no provocation .The complainant called him a gray-headed old pensioner, and, puffing a cigar in his face in an insulting manner, told him he was no man. He therefore gave him a "back-handed touch" in his face; that was all.

The defendant called two witnesses who corroborated his statement.

The Bench, considering the provocation that had been given, decided on dismissing the case.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 19 June, 1891. Price 1d.


Mr. Spain applied on behalf of Mrs. Maria Hurst for permission to draw at the “Trinity Pilot,” Commercial Quay.

The application was granted.

On the application of Mr. Hatton Brown, permission to draw at the “British Queen,” Biggin Street, was granted to Mr. Thomas Appleton, and permission to draw at the “Prince of Wales,” Fishmonger's Lane, was given to Mr. G. H. Spinner.




TURNER George 1860's-74+ (listed as mariner age 48 in 1871Census) Post Office Directory 1874

MARTIN Mrs 1867

FOX James 1881-June/91 (age 47 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1882

HURST Maria Mrs June/1891-95 Pikes 1895Dover Express (A stewardess of one of the boats.)


Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Pikes 1895From Pikes Dover Blue Book 1895



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