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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1838-

Traveller's Rest

Latest 1840+

Folkestone Road



This beerhouse was reported in 1838 and 1840 as being about three miles along the Folkestone Road. I leave to your imagination.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 7 July, 1838.


A seafaring man, who gave his name as Thomas William Mundell, and said to belong to Deal, was committed for trial on Saturday last, on the following charge. John Taylor, a lad of 17, who has been at sea, stated that he left his friends in London with the intention of entering on board the 'Waterloo,' at Sheerness; but falling in with the prisoner at Chatham, he was persuaded to accompany him to Dover, where he promised to obtain him more advantageous employment in the merchant-ship - the Duke of Blanque! belonging to his uncle!! On their arrival here yesterday week, they went into the "Mason's Arms," Charlton Road, from whence the prisoner sent his victim with a letter directed to a gentleman at Buckland. On the poor lad' return he found that Mundall had marched off with his bundle, containing all his clothes. He immediately proceeded to the harbour, but where he could neither find the prisoner nor the ship he had so magniloquently mentioned. He then detailed his loss to Sergeant Back, of the Police, who having ascertained that the thief had taken the way to Folkestone, they pursued and overtook him at the "Traveller's Rest," a beer-house about three miles on the road, with a bundle in his possession. On being taken before the Magistrates, he said he took charge of the bundle while he went to seek money, and intended to return.





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