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Earliest 1834-

Tally Ho (beer shop)

Latest 1835+




I am hoping this is Dover, but it was in the Dover Telegraph between paragraphs about first a theft of a loaf of bread from a Joseph Woodcock, baker at Margate, but the perpetrators were committed to Dover goal (misprint on behalf of the Telegraph... Who says dyslexia didn't exist in 1834?) and an account of the East Kent hounds from Rein Den, which says they ran about a quarter of a mile from Dover pier in dense fog; so it must be local.


From the Dover Telegraph, 8th February 1834.

William Fagg, Henry Holmes, Stephen Steddy, John Lawrence, and Richard Beer, all notorious characters, were also lodged in the gaol on Saturday, charged with stealing a watch from the person of George Daniels, at the "Tally Ho" beer shop, on the preceding evening. On further examination, Lawrence and Beer, were discharged; Fagg, Holmes, and Steddy being committed for trial.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 5 April, 1834. Price 7d.

Stephen Steddy, aged 20, Harry Holmes, 22, and William Fagg, 30, all labourers, were charged with stealing a silver watch, from the person of George Daniels, at the "Tally-Ho" beer shop, in Dover, on the 30th January last. The prisoners and two other men were in the house with the prosecutor, who was intoxicated, when his watch was stolen from him; and soon afterwards it was pledged by Fagg, who at first had the ticket in his own name, and then requested it might be changed to that of Finniss. It also appeared he had made a voluntary confession, on examination by the magistrates, after being apprised that it would be brought against him at the trial. Verdict, Holmes and Steddy, Not Guilty; Fagg, Guilty - Seven years' transportation.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 7 March, 1835. Price 7d.


Yesterday week, Joseph Pudney, was convicted by the Mayor and Magistrates, in the sum of twenty shillings and costs, and John Williams and David Halliday in the sum of ten shillings each, and costs, for having forcibly entered the "Tally Ho," retail beer house, before six o'clock, on the previous Tuesday morning, in a state of intoxication, and because the landlord, Henry Burrowes, refused to draw them any beer, assaulted him and threatened to pull the house down about his ears.




BURROWES Henry 1835+


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