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Earliest 1963

Swingate Motel

Never opened



From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 6 December,1963.

Plans for Swingate Motel Refused.

"Commercial Intrusion"

A call to Dover Rural Council to "mover with the times" was made by Councillor Ronald Sutcliffe, of Whitfield, on Tuesday, when he learned that the Planning Committee had rejected s proposal to construct a motel on the Dover-Deal road.

Charringtons, the brewers, had asked for planning permission to erect the motel and a petrol filling station on land adjacent to their Swingate Inn.

The plans were turned down on the grounds that it would create a commercial intrusion into an area or rural character, that there was no need for a petrol filling station, and that it would be prejudice to the safe and free flow of traffic on the road.

"Because we are living in a rural area it does not mean that we are old fashioned," said Councillor Sutcliffe.

he said that in his opinion the site was excellent for such a proposal though he was sorry to see a petrol filling station included in the application because he thought there were enough of them in the area already.

As the Minister had already stated, the proper place for a motel was in a rural area, said Mr. Sutcliffe.

The Rural Council wanted to increase its rateable value - and here was an opportunity to do so. In addition the motel would create  employment, he declared.

Councillor Mrs. E. K. Bridgstock (Guston) supported Councillor Sutcliffe, said they must look ten or twenty years ahead.

Councillor D. Nichols (Langdon) referred to the motorway ot by-pass that was planned to run near this site.

Lydden and Temple Ewell could not sustain the increased flow of traffic much longer and it was most urgent to have the by-pass road provided.

The Chairman, Councillor Karl J. Madge, said that if, at some time in the future, the Council received a modified planning application without including the provision for a petrol filling station it might receive more infavourable consideration.

Councillor Mrs. E. Manley (Coldred): Yes, in six months time we might have different ideas.

The Clerk (Mr. A. Syrett) said they should not say anything to give Charringtons false hopes. They should remember that there were three objections and they did not all relate to a petrol filling station.

"Don't forget that we have no idea where this road is going," said Mr. Syrett.




Never built or opened.


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