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Earliest 1861-


Closed 1919

Lower Street


Star at Tilmanstone pre 1920

Star Inn, Tilmanstone, Now Star House, Lower Street, when it sold Thompson's ales; Pre-1920. Pictured are licensee Mrs Emma Tritton and her son Mr Edward Tritton one of two village bakers of the time. Photo supplied to Dover Library by Bob Hollingsbee.

Star at Tilmanstone

Star Inn, Lower Street, now Star House, Tilmanstone. About 1930.


The following information was taken from the back of the above photograph from Bob Hollingsbee. Further information kindly supplied by Kathleen Hollingsbee.

Taken over from Thompsons by Leneys but ceased trading some time during the first world war.

The "Star" was situated in the lower part of the village, just below the "Plough and Harrow" on the left not far from the telephone box.

According to the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Mercury, 28th February, 1920, the "Star" at Tilmanstone was closed at the end of 1919 due to redundancy. If this is the case, it either reopened again, or the date of the above photograph was earlier than 1930.


From an email received 3 November 2011.

I have just been looking on your site for info regarding the "Star Inn" at Tilmanstone, as research has led me to discover that my great grandparents were running it in 1918. I do not know when they took it over, but have documentary evidence for the 1918 date in the form of a letter from my great grandfather (May/Jun 1918), showing The "Star" as the home address. His name was William Simmons, and his wife was Frances Drusilla Simmons (nee Ovenden). They both came from this area, but had been away following William's service in the army. I assume he took up the pub trade on leaving the army in 1913.

Debbie Downey


Dover Express 13th June,1913.

Messrs. Worsfold and Hayward held a property sale yesterday at the "Metropole Hotel" when the prices realised were as follows:-

Freehold beerhouse "The Star," Tilmanstone, two cottages also large garden 1650 ...........


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 09 August 1913.


The death occurred recently of Mrs. Emma Tritton, who was for nearly half a century the respected and esteemed landlady of the "Star Inn," Tilmanstone. She had reached the age of 79.


Dover Express 21st August 1914.

Wingham Petty Sessions held on 20th August.

The licence of the “Star”, Tilmanstone, was temporarily transferred from James John Richards to W. Simmonds. The incoming tenant, who was a Reservist, stated in reply to the Chairman that, in the event of his being called up, his wife would be able to carry on the business.


From the Deal, Walmer and Sandwich Mercury, 29 November 1919.

Among the awards of compensation in respect of licensed houses decided last week by the East Kent Compensation Authority, were the following:-

"Star," Tilmanstone. - 1,912. (Messrs. Leney & Co., Dover. 954, and Mr. W. Simmons 58).


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 29 November 1919.


At the supplemental meeting of East Kent Compensation Authority held at Canterbury last week, under the presidency of Lord Harris, the amounts awarded by the Committee's valuer (Mr. Cobb) were apportioned among owner and tenants, as follows:—

"Star," Tilmanstone, 1,012 (Messrs. Leney and Co., 954; William Simmons, 58).

From an email received, 29 January, 2012.

My great grandparents were the owners of the pub in question before it became a public house. Mr William Simmons. My mother is still alive & recalls sleeping in the property.


Chris Boorman.




COCK John 1861+ (also agricultural labourer age 42Census)

TRITTON Edward 1870-1903 (also blacksmith age 49 in 1881Census)

TRITTON Emma Mrs 1905-July/1913 dec'd Dover Express

RICHARDS Amy Lucy July/1913-Sept/13 Dover Express

RICHARDS James John Sept/1913-20/Aug/1914 Dover Express

SIMMONS William 21/Aug/1914-19


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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