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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton & Barry Smith

Earliest 1658-

Skoch Arms

Latest 1658




At present I know nothing regarding this establishment, apart from a token was found in Dover dated 1658 and had the words "At the Skoch Arms" and the image of a Unicorn on it.


Skoch Arms coin

Above image by kind permission Walter (Jo) Ahmet. Copied under

A very worn and corroded copper-alloy traders token farthing of the "Skoch Arms" (possibly also known as "Scotch House"), Dover, dated on the token to 1658. Williamson (1828 361) Kent 201.

Description: Obverse: a Unicorn, legend: '[+AT.THE.SKOCH.]ARMES.' Reverse:Marriage triagram of 'B / I A.'. Legend: '+IN.DOV[ER.]16[58] ' Initial marks and stops as Mullets.

Measurements: 16.2mm in diameter, 0.92mm thick and 0.95g in weight.

Skoch Arms coinSkoch Arms coin

Above image by kind permission Walter (Jo) Ahmet. Copied under

A very corroded 17th century copper alloy "Skoch Arms" of Dover in Kent farthing trade token dated 1658. Williamson (1828 361) Kent 201.The obverse has a unicorn in the central field with the inscription AT * THE SKOCH * ARMS * The reverse has the marriage triagram B / I.A illegible now illegible The inscription is IN * DOVER * 1658


Skoch House coinSkoch House coin

Above coins kindly sent by Derek Donnelly.


It could have been a beer coin, but then again this is the only reference I have of a premises titled the "Skoch Arms." Of course, even if it was a public house, Dover being a busy port, it could have been dropped by a traveller from another town.

Further information supplied by Walter (Jo) Ahmet says the following:- Just to let you know the IAB on the token referenced in the Scotch House / Skoch Arms, is a Marriage triagram, shown on the token as .B./ I.A. This means it represents a married couple with the Surname B. Not sure if that is any help but it means IAB isn’t a single person’s initials.

During the mid-17th century (c.1648-1672), due to a shortage of official coins, halfpenny and farthing tokens were issued by private businesses to facilitate small change exchange.

Although, beyond the token farthings the "Skoch Arms" has no record of existing during the 17th century although an establishment known as "Scotch House" is mentioned in passing. I'm not sure whether this is indeed the same mention as the one found in 1903.



IAB 1658


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