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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest Jun 1873

(Name from)

Shah of Persia

Latest Sept 1887

162 Snargate Street



Formerly the "Army and Navy", circumstances brought about the change in June 1873, when the Shah of Persia landed here on the eighteenth to witness a naval review. That merited the change of name.

Shah's visit.

The Shar's first step on English ground.


It was an outlet of Kingsford. Southey in 1873, seems to have applied for this licence and also the "Albion". He finally opted for the latter which was just as well. By 1877 the "Shah" was in difficulties because of its own improper conduct and ten years later the same thing resulted in the pub being closed for good.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 24 August, 1877. Price 1d.


Mr. Worsfold Mowll supported the application for the transfer of the "Shah" to Mr. Henry Watson.

It appeared that the applicant applied shortly before the last transfer day, when he was asked to produce testimonials as to character. This he did, but in too short a time to get the transfer, and as the term for permission to draw came to a climax last week, the house was closed, and permission to sell was refused on the representation of the Superintendent of Police.

Mr. Saunders said he objected to it on the ground that the applicant had not conducted that house in a proper manner since he had had it. In consequence of the complaint that had been made, he watched the house and found that there were prostitutes continually frequenting the house. On the last occasion, he saw six come out just before closing time.

Mr. Mowll asked why he had not summoned the man before the Magistrates.

Mr. Sanders said considering the short time the woman were in the house he thought it would not carry a conviction. he also stated that there had been complaints from the neighbours of a nuisance from the music of a harp, cornet, and triangle, the windows of the house being thrown open when this music was in full swing.

Police-sergeant Bowles said he had been in the house nearly every night and had seen these unfortunate woman at the bar, but he had not seen any in the back-room.

In reply to Mr. Mowll, the Police-sergeant said most of the other houses were frequented by these women.

Mr. Mowll having addressed the Bench at considerable length, submitted that there was not sufficient grounds to warrant them in taking away the transfer, and said that similar evidence could be given of nearly every house in the garrison.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 31 August, 1877. Price 1d.


Edwin Southey was called forward and told that there were two licenses in his name, The "Albion" and the "Shah," which should he take? The landlord replied the "Albion."

I am assuming that the "Albion" is the one in Hawkesbury Street as no other years tie up with the name Southey, but I could be wrong. Paul Skelton.

Mr. Worsfold Mowll applied for a licence of this house should be licensed in the name of the brewer, Mr. Kingsford, and that the license should be held by the Magistrates' Clerk until  a proper tenant was obtained.

Mr. Coleman was called, and proved that the house was closed, but Clark, the late tenant, was still in possession.

The Bench reserved their decision till the close of the proceedings.


From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 8 August, 1879. Price 1d.


Charles Thompson, landlord of the "Shah" public-house, Dover, was summonsed to show cause why he should not contribute to towards the maintenance of his mother, who is in the Eastry Union.

The case having been proved , defendant was ordered to pay the sum of 3s. 6d. weekly, and 12s. costs.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 2 September, 1887. 1d.



It was reported that the “Shah” public house in Snargate Street had been converted into a draper's shop.




HOBDAY William 1873

HUSSEY John Nov/1873+ Dover Express

READER George 1874 Post Office Directory 1874

STUBBINS Thomas 1876


CLARK 1876-77 Dover Express and 1887

THOMPSON Charles 1879+ Dover Express

Unoccupied according to the census of 1881

BELSEY George 1881-82 Post Office Directory 1882

NETHERSOLE Alfred 1883

HAYCOCK Mrs Isabella to Sept/1885 Dover Express

LANE W Sept/1885-86 end Dover Express (Dover shipwright)

CLARK 1887

ELVEY (of Dover Brewery Co) 1886


Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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