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Earliest 1823-

Queens Head

Latest 1953+

1 Bridge Row 1891

Sandown Road


Queen's Head 1952

Above showing the Charrington pub Queen's Head in 1952.

Queen's Head ledger

Thompson & Son ledger. Creative Commons Licence.

Queen's Head, Deal

From the East Kent Mercury, 13th August, 1987.

A picture from the not too distant past.... 1953. It shows the old "Queen's Head" public house, in Sandown Road, Deal. It was taken by Jim Arendell, then the landlord. The property still stands (1987) but it is now a dwelling.

The picture was shown to the East Kent Mercury by Arthur Langridge, of Church Lane, Deal, who has a wonderful collection of old Deal pictures.

Queen's Head 2009

Above photo, 2009, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Queen's head 2019

Above photo circa 2019, from Darkstar.


Multiple address for this one, so I will assume it was either on a corner or had more than one entrance. However, I do have another "Queen's Head" listed as being in Market Place. I am assuming those to be different.

1903 and 1908 I have various sources addressing it as between 95 and 96 Sandown Road. D J Petty being the licensee in both cases.


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 April 1840.

To Brewers, Spirit Merchants, Builders and Others.


TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. LAMB, AT the "Royal Hotel," Deal, on WEDNESDAY, the 29th day of April, 1840, at One o’clock for Two precisely in the afternoon (by direction of the Executors of the late Mr. MATTHEW HIGHT), the following valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY:-

Lot 1.—All that FREE PUBLIC HOUSE, called "Queen's Head," situate in Bridge Street, at the north end of DEAL, with the Yard and Appurtenance) belonging thereto; together with a valuable piece of BUILDING GROUND adjoining, on the east side thereof, having a frontage of 32 feet to Beach-street, and about 50 feet in depth. The whole is in the occupation of Mr. Richard Ditton, an excellent tenant.

The House is in a good situation to command an extensive and increasing trade, has a neat and respectable elevation, with good rooms and accommodation; comprising a bar, parlour, and tap room, good paved wash-house, and excellent cellar, four convenient bed rooms, with closet, and a large club room, which is occasionally divided into two sitting rooms; it has also an enclosed yard, with side entrance, a coal house, drinking room, &c.


Kentish Gazette, 1 June 1869.



MESSRS. WORSFOLD & HAYWARD Have received instructions

TO SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, AT THE "BLACK HORSE HOTEL," DEAL, ON THURSDAY, June 10th, 1869, at Two for Three o’clock precisely, in Five Lots, the under mentioned valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY.


Lot 2. That well-known PUBLIC-HOUSE, the "QUEEN'S HEAD," situate at the North end of Deal, now and for many years in the occupation of Mr. Henry Gardener, together with the Building Ground adjoining, with frontage to Middle Street.

The Property may be viewed by permission of the tenants; and Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained of Messrs. Worsfold and Hayward, Auctioneers, Surveyors, and Estate Agents, New Bridge, Dover; or of MESSRS. SURRAGE & EMMERSON, Solicitors, Sandwich.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 23 October, 1869. 1d.


John Young, a stranger, was brought up by P.C. Ralph, on a charge of being drunk and disorderly at Walmer, on the previous evening.

The constable deposed: Last night about half-past 10 o'clock I was indoors and the prisoner came to my house and kicked at the door violently, and threatened to smash the windows if I did not let him in. He said it was the "Queen's Head" and he meant to come in. I told him I had had to order him out of the parish once before that evening, and if he did not at once leave I would take him into custody. He then went away, but on my going out a moment or two afterwards I found him in front of Mrs. Claringbould's window making use of the most vile and abusive language. I then apprehended him for being drunk and disorderly, and when i went to him he told me he was a fighting man, and at the same time struck me a violent blow, and afterwards kicked me on the instep. I then handcuffed him and brought him to the station-house.

Prisoner was remanded till the following day.


From the Deal Licensing Register. 1892.

Provisional Licence for "Queens Head," Middle Street in lieu of part site in Bridge Row - granted and confirmed.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 3 November, 1900. 1d.


Robert Brown, 14, Ernest May Bingham, 13, and Thomas Adams, 13, were charged with feloniously stealing a quantity of old iron, value 1s. 6d., the property of Edward Drew, at Deal, on the 25th October.

Prosecutor deposed that he lived in Sandown Road, Deal. He had lost some iron, and other things recently, and the previous day, he was upstairs, and on looking out of the window saw the prisoner Adams coming across the garden with the piece of iron produced. He called P.C. Chapman and on accusing Adams and the other boys of the theft, they admitted it. He valued the iron at 1s. 6d.

P.C. Chapman deposed that on the previous day, about 2 p.m., the last witness called him out of bed, and from what he told him he dressed, and went to Sandown Road. Finding that several boys were playing marbles in Alfred Row, he went through the "Queen's Head" public-house and out by the back way, for the purpose of concealing himself. In accordance with the arrangements made with prosecutor, he opened the door and caught Adams, while witness caught another boy. He accused Adams of stealing the iron, and he said, "Yes, there it lies," pointing to the ruins of the old "Queen's Head," in which there was a hole large enough for a boy to crawl through. A boy pointed out prisoners as being those concerned, and witness caught Brown and called Bingham to him. Bingham then said, "It's us three, Mr. Chapman, we are all in shares. I didn't take it, I watched." He looked in the ruins, and found a quantity of iron produced, forming part of an iron fender stolen from Mr. Drew's. He asked what it was, and Bingham said, "That's come of it; we were going to take it to Mr. Baker's to sell." He then told the boys to say nothing more, and brought them to the Police-station where he formally charged and cautioned them. They said they were all alike, and were going to take shares in the proceeds. He afterwards went to the spot again, and looking over the fence into Mr. Drew's garden, about ten yards from the road, he saw two different footprints, not sufficiently clear to compare with the shoes the boys were wearing, but about the same size. The position of the marks bore out the statement that one boy watched while the others took the iron.

P.C. Chapman went on to explain that the boys in this neighbourhood were in the habit of taking iron and such things, hiding them in the ruins of the old "Queen's Head," and selling them, spending the proceeds on hot drinks, cigarettes, and so forth. He had received a lot of complaints with regard to petty thefts, and in reference to the annoyance to which residents in this part of the neighbourhood were subjected by a gang of boys who congregated there.

Prosecutor also complained of rowdyism of unruly lads in that part of the town.

The boys pleaded guilty, and Brown, being over 14, was fined 5s. or 3 days' imprisonment, the others each receiving eight strokes with a birch rod. The Mayor, in announcing his decision of the Bench, gave the boys a severe admonishing, expressing the hope that they would let the punishment be a lesson to them, and behave wellin future.



James Marsh is given as licensee of the "Queens Head" in Pigot's directory of 1828, but with no address given I can only assume that he was licensee of this pub.



WALSH James 1821 (census) (also "Saracen's Head")

MARSH James 1823-28+ Pigot's Directory 1823Pigot's Directory 1828-29

WOOD Thomas 1832-39+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34Pigot's Directory 1839

DITTON Richard 1840+ Pigot's Directory 1840

BASS William 1841+ (age 60 in 1841Census)

GARDINER Henry 1845-74+ (also boat builder age 52 in 1861Census) Bagshaw's Directory 1847Melville's 1858Kelly's 1862Kelly's 1874Post Office Directory 1874

BASS William Featherstone 1882+ Post Office Directory 1882

THOMAS Mark 1883+ Kelly's 1883

MAY Thomas 1890+

BROWN George 1891+ Post Office Directory 1891

PETTY David John 1899-1908+ Kelly's 1903Pikes 1908(Kelly's 1899 Middle Street)

CASHFORD Frederick 1911+ Census

TUCKER Thomas 1913-22+ Post Office Directory 1913Deal library 1914Post Office Directory 1922

TUCKER Thomas H G 1934-38+ Kelly's 1934Post Office Directory 1938

GREEN H 1950-53

ARANDELL Jim 1953-Mar/59

WILLIS A T Mar/1959-Sept/61

GAGAN J Sept/61-64+


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