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Earliest 1851-


Closed 2 Jan 2011

Canterbury Road




Above postcard, date unknown, kindly sent by Mike Bundock.

Windmill 2009

Above photo by Charles Abbot, 2009  Creative Commons Licence.

Photo taken 3 December 2010 from by Late Red.

Windmill bar 2011

Above photo 2011, by Paul Vassey-Wells.

Windmill inside 2011

Above photo 2011, by Paul Vassey-Wells.

Windmill sign 1987

Above sign 1987.

Windmill sign 1987Windmill sign 2010

Above sign left, February 1987, sign right 2000.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Windmill military 1913

Above photo taken just before WW1, showing the horse-drawn cannon being taken along the Canterbury Road just past the pub.


Closed by Shepherd Neame for redevelopment on the 2nd January 2011.


Kentish Gazette 2 January 1844.


Lately, at Preston next Faversham, Mrs. Ruckwood, landlady of the "Windmill" public house.


From the Faversham Gazette, Saturday 3 November 1855.


A very daring act of highway robbery, accompanied with great violence, was perpetrated about nine o’clock on Thursday evening, the 25th ult., between the "Windmill" public-house on the Canterbury road, and Ospringe. It appears from information which we have gathered, that a marine, named Henry Gibbs, lately returned from the Crimea, was on furlough from Chatham, for the purpose of visiting his friends at Ramsgate, whither he was proceeding by omnibus. When he arrived at the top of Preston, being much intoxicated, he threw his bundle into the road, and then jumped off the omnibus after it. He, however, left his bundle, and entered the "Windmill" public-house, when some one of the party charged him with being a deserter, upon which he immediately knocked the person down. He afterwards treated them with some rum and very foolishly displayed his money; four sovereigns of which he placed in his neckerchief. Upon leaving the "Windmill," he turned in the direction of Ospringe, and when near a field leading to Perry-court, he was attacked by three or four men, who knocked him down, and kicked him on the head and face in the most savage manner; and after robbing him of his money, left him in an insensible state. In a little while he partly recovered, and wandered on to Chapel-house, where he caused great alarm, to the inmates by knocking and calling for help, who supposing some one was attempting to break into the house sent for the police, who upon their arrival found him lying in the shrubbery, very much injured. The next morning he was conveyed to Chatham, by his own desire, and placed in the hospital, where he still remains in a precarious state. We understand that the Superintendent of police is acquainted with the parties concerned in this attack.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 23 July, 1864.


The annual supper (called the “mouse supper”) of the workmen employed on the farm of F. Neame, Esq., of Macknade, took place at the “Windmill Inn,” Faversham, on Saturday evening. It appears that the strange title of the supper takes its origin in this way: Mr. Neame gives his workmen a certain sum per dozen for all the mice and rats they kill upon the farm; the money thus raised is put by, and once a year the men, by each adding a small sum, are enabled to have a supper together, which is called the “mouse supper.” On the occasion under notice a very friendly and convivial evening was spent, three cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs. Neame, and the party broke up.



RUCKWOOD Mrs to Jan/1844 dec'd

RICKWOOD Hannah 1851-61+ (age 60 in 1851Census) Post Office Directory 1855Melville's 1858

AMOS Sarah Ann 1871+ (age 28 in 1871Census)

HOWE Sarah A 1881+ (age 39 in 1881Census)

BAKER William 1891-95+ (age 39 in 1891Census)

HOWE Harry 1903-07+ Kelly's 1903



Post Office Directory 1855From the Post Office Directory 1855

Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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