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Earliest 1850

(Name from)

Shipwright's Arms

Latest ????

88 Harbour Parade (Goldsmid Place)


Queen's Head

Above postcard, date unknown. Kindly sent by Bob Lee. Also showing the "Queen's Head."

Shipwright's Arms 1960s

Above photo, 1960s, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Ramsgate Harnour map 1849

Above map, 1849, kindly sent by Bob Lee.

Shipwrights Arms sign 1987Shipwright's Arms sign 1991

Sign above left, 1987. Sign right December 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis


This is an eighteenth century building, which has been a pub since about 1798 when it was called the "New Shipwright's Arms." The old pub, from which the licence was transferred, was known as a "Commercial Inn" in 1849, and stood roughly where the Customs House is now. It served workers at the shipwright's yards which stood on the main sands until the railway arrived in 1863.

However, having said that I have just found reference to a "Shipwright's Arms" addressed as Harbour Place in the 1828 Pigot's Directory. I believe this to be the original "New Shipwrights Arms."

Goldsmid Place changed name to Harbour Parade on 18 July 1895, and a proposal to widen said Harbour Parade was made in 1897 by Tomson and Wotton (owners of "Castle Hotel"). Took a few years to accomplish, but it did eventually happen.


From the Kentish Gazette, 16 October 1838.

RAMSGATE, Oct. 15.

An inquest was held this afternoon, at the "Shipwrights’ Arms," to enquire into the death of a man named Job Puntly, who hung himself at the Coast Guard Station early on Sunday morning. The unfortunate man was in custody on a charge of smuggling, and extraordinary to relate, he committed the act in the presence of his guard, without making any noise or moving in any way to create suspicion. The verdict returned was "he destroyed himself in a fit of temporary insanity."


Kentish Gazette, 14 March 1854.


The "Shipwrights' Arms" fourth anniversary dinner took place on Thursday, when a large party assembled to celebrate the event. The chair was taken by Mr. Oppehnheim, supported by Captain Robinson, of the Sea Queen, and Captain Jones, of the George; Mr. Long officiated as vice-chairman. After dinner the health of "the Queen," and the "Army and Navy," were drank with the usual honours - the German band performing in admirable style "God Save the Queen." The health of "Sir Charles Napier," proposed by Captain Robinson, was enthusiastically responded to; "Prosperity to the Mercantile Shipping," the health of "the chairman" and "the worthy hosts," and other appropriate toasts were severely drank. Mr. Hamling, the celebrated Wizard, added much to the amusement of the company assembled. The evening was concluded by the German band favourite airs, and the party separated at a late hour highly gratified with the entertainment afforded them.


South Eastern Gazette, 14 August, 1860.


A 6-motion BEER ENGINE (Grimes’), with pipes complete; a bargain.

Apply to Mr. Hodge, "Shipwrights' Arms," Ramsgate.


Thanet Advertiser, Saturday 25 August 1917.

Sequal to Explosion.

James Chadwick, licensee of the "Shipwrights' Arms," pleaded not guilty of Ramsgate Police Court yesterday (Friday) to a summons for failing to keep in the public bar, on August 7th, a copy of the Liquor Control Order. Defendant said he had a copy of the notice posted up, but the partition on which it was fixed was blown clean out by an explosion. Replying to the Chairman, Mr. Emery, for defendant, said the absence was purely an oversight.

A fine of 1 was imposed.




HODGE George 1847-April/71 dec'd (age 51 in 1871Census)

HODGE Mary Ann (widow) April-Nov/1871

FENWICK Isaac Nov/1871-91 (age 54 in 1881Census)

FENWICK Walter J 1890-91+ (age 39 in 1891Census)

FLOWER James John 1901-Dec/19 (age 57 in 1911Census) Thanet AdvertiserKelly's 1903

CHADWICK James Dec/1919-22+ Thanet Advertiser

CHADWICK Mabel Mrs 1929-36+

STEWARD Joseph Benjamin 1938-57+


Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

Pigot's Directory 1832-34From the Pigot's Directory 1832-33-34

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


Thanet AdvertiserThanet Advertiser


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