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Wrotham Arms

Open 2020+

9 Ramsgate Road


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Wrotham Arms 1926

Above photo, June 1926.

Wrotham Arms 2010

Above photo 2010 by Oast House Archives Creative Commons Licence.

Wrotham Arms sign 2010

Above sign 2010.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday, 8 September, 1871. Price 1d.


The application of Mr. Benjamin Howlett for a license to be granted to him as the occupier of a house called the “Wrotham Arms,” situated at Broadstairs, was supported by Mr. Prall, of Rochester, who produced a plan of the premises and of the adjoining property. He said that he thought he should have no difficulty in showing that the clause of the Act of Parliament so much talked about that morning was just suited to meet the requirements of this application. The applicant had lived in Broadstairs about four years, and seeing the inconvenience that was now caused to visitors by there being no house for refreshment at one end of the town, the client had erected a house at the cost of some 1,500 for the accommodation of visitors, &c. There had been an increase of 50 houses in Broadstairs, and there was no licensed house within a quarter of a mile from the house proposed by the applicant. He handed in a memorial numerously signed playing that the license should be granted.

The Magistrates thought that they had better deal with this case as they had dealt with the one preceding it, viz., adjourn their decision to the Broadstairs meeting, previous to which they would view the property.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 16 June, 1964.

Graham Pepin, "Wrotham Arms."

Graham Pepin 1964

Queen Victoria was still Queen of England when the first of the Pepin family took a pub at Ramsgate. Today, the third generation of the family is running a pub Broadstairs.

Graham's Pepin has been the landlord of the "Wrotham Arms," Broadstairs for nearly 6 years.

Graham's grandparents were for many years the licences of the "Freemasons Arms" at Ramsgate. His own father, after a long period at the "Eagle," Ramsgate, was licensee of the "Rose," Broadstairs.

Despite the family tradition, Graham never intended to become a publican. In 1942 he went straight into the army from Sir Roger Manwood's school. When he left the Services in 1947, he went into an engineering college to resume his education. But an S.O.S. came from home. His father was ill and unable to work, so Graham left college to help run the "Rose Inn." And there he stayed until 1955.

For the next two years he was joint licensee of the bars attached to the old Palace Theatre, Ramsgate. The theatre has now been replaced by a supermarket.

After 2 years at the "Foxhunter Club" at Monkton, Graham settled in at the "Wrotham Arms," with his wife, Monica. They now have two sons, age 8 and 3 years.

The "Wrotham Arms" approximates Ryan's idea of the ideal pub. "But," he added, "it should be about 5 times bigger in the summer and about half its size in the winter.


East Kent Times and Mail, Friday 6 October 1972.

Pub Fire.

Firemen were called by police to the "Wrotham Arms" public house, York Street, Broadstairs, just after 3 a.m. on Wednesday where a discarded cigarette or match is thought to have started a blaze in a third floor front room. An armchair and an electric guitar were damaged by fire as was a section of the floor. The rest of the room was damaged by smoke.



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WHITE Mary Mrs 1874+

WATTS William 1882+

FLOWER James J 1890-01+ (age 30 in 1891Census)

LORD Walter William 1899-1903+

HOPTON William T to Oct/1934 Dover Express

Last pub licensee had MOORE William Samuel Oct/1934+ Dover Express

Last pub licensee had MAGUIRE Patrick "Mick" 1957-59 Next pub licensee had

PEPIN Graham 1958-90+


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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