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I have just added the pubs of Ramsgate in July 2012 and will be updating the pages as time allows, however, with my site increasing in size I cannot guarantee to be able to update these pages with historical data from deep research on a regular basis. I will, however, update this page should anyone be good enough to send me any information about this pub.

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From the By Vicky Castle, Victoria Chessum, & Sian Elvin, 9 June 2019.

We visited the 'worst' nightclubs and bars in Kent according to reviewers to see what they're really like.

Most of us really don't mind where we go out as long as there are good drinks and music, but other people find their clubbing experience much more important.

So much so that they feel the need to write a TripAdvisor review about the nightclubs. And some are less than flattering.

Here are some of the worst reviews of Kent clubs on the site, with just one or two stars – but compared with what our journalists at Kent Live really think of them.

Rokka, Ramsgate.

Someone on TripAdvisor gave it one star, and said: "Awful place, no wonder it was empty on a Saturday night.

"I went here with my friends recently and was pleasantly surprised that the cocktails were two for one, the bartender told me this was until midnight.

"I happily ordered and next was the turn of my friend. To our dismay we were told the cocktails were no longer two for one as it had passed 11pm.

"Firstly I had just got this deal a moment earlier, and secondly we were told this offer was until midnight. I asked to speak to the manager, and the bartender pointed him out to me across the room.

"I approached him and after explaining he said the bartender would never have told me the wrong time. He was rude and practised awful customer service, implying that I was lying!"

We say: "It's not that bad.

"The drinks are good, the music is good and when all the other bars in Ramsgate are closed, it's not a bad option.

"They've got good deals on drinks throughout the week and great music nights for house lovers.

"The Greek restaurant serves tasty meze dishes and the night time bar is popular with young people.

"It can get quite busy so prepare for loud and sweaty dancing, but after a few beers in the town, what more do you want?"




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