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Earliest 1863-

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Prince of Wales

Latest ????

13 High Street


Prince of Wales

Above photo, date unknown, by Douglas West.

From the Whitstable Times and Tankerton Press, 9 September, 1939.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 14 September 1867. Price 1d.


The annual licensing Sessions for the Home Division of the County of Kent were held at Canterbury on Saturday last.

The Magistrates granted a license for the "Prince of Wales,” High Street, to William John Marrett.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 14 December 1867. Price 1d.


At the St. Augustine's Petty Sessions, on Saturday, William John Merritt, landlord of the “Prince of Wales” public-house, Whitstable, was charged with suffering gaming by means of dice to take place in his house, on the night of the 28 November.

Police-instructor Bates proved the service of the summons, and stated that on the night in question, while outside the house, he heard raffling for money going on, and after listening for half an hour, he entered the room, and found several men engaged in raffling for pints of beer, but on his appearance one of them endeavoured to hide the dice by sitting on them. The landlord then left the room with him, and attempted to persuade him to overlook the matter.

Defendant's wife attended to answer the charge, and stated that her husband was ill. She entirely denied that money or beer had been raffled for, affirming that the men were merely amusing themselves with the dice, which did not belong to the landlord.

Charles Merritt, defendant's brother, appeared to corroborate this statement, and said the dice had been brought into the room by him, and that he had commenced throwing them for pastime when the constable entered. This witness was severely censured by the Bench for his evident untruthfulness.

Ultimately the Magistrates inflicted a fine of 10s. and 10s. costs, which was paid.

After some unimportant business had been transacted the Court rose.


From the Whitstable Times, 19 February, 1944.

Drunk and Disorderly.

Albert S Farrugia (33), of 55, Station Road, Whitstable, a Merchant Navy stoker, was summoned at a special sitting of the St. Augustine's Petty Session at Canterbury on Monday for being drunk and disorderly.

P.W.R. Thorley stated that at 10.30 p.m. on February 13th he was called to Whitstable High Street where he saw Farrugia acting in a disorderly manner. He was drunk and had smashed the glass panel in the door of the "Prince of Wales" public house. Defender refused to go home and upon being cautioned and charged at the Whitstable Police Station said: "I'll smash the pub up. If I don't do it to-night I will do it to-morrow." Because of his condition and in case he did not understand the charge witness again charged Farrugia at a later date.

There was a 10/- fine.


Renumbering of the street occurred around about 1881, and this premises has also been identified as Number 6.

I am informed that the original building was pulled down in 1898 and was rebuilt closer to the road, probably causing further confusion for the numbering. It later became the Job Centre.


13 High Street 2014

Above Google image, June 2014.


I am informed that the building, does have it's original cellar is about to open as a Turkish Restaurant.



ADAMS Thomas 1851-61+ (mentioned only as Master Baker age 58 in 1851Census)

MARRETT William John Sept/1867+ Whitstable Times

MERRITT Mary Elizabeth Mrs 1871-74+ (age 34 in 1871Census)

ROWDEN John 1881+

ROWDEN William 1882+

FRIEND John Solly 1889-1903+ (age 54 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

WATERS Harry 1907+

MOSH James 1911-24+ (age 54 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1924

COTTEW J R 1930+


KNIGHT Daisy Eliza to 2/Jan/1946

GAMBLE Robert Lawrence 2/Jan/1946+


Whitstable TimesWhitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1924From the Kelly's Directory 1924


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