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Earliest 1851-


Latest 1871+

5-6 (100 in 1871Census) King Street


Above photo, 1900s, kindly sent by Michael Mirams. This had already been closed as a licensed house about 30 years.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 24 March, 1860.


John Bristow was charged with stealing a guernsey frock, value 6s., the property of William Hammond Bubb, on the 16th instant.

Mary Ann Bubb deposed:- I am the wife of the complainant, he is a carpenter, and keeps the "Plough." Prisoner has been lodging with us up to last night. I missed the guernsey frock yesterday afternoon. It belonged to my husband. I had hung it before the fire to air. When I missed it I sent for Messrs. Hubbard and Hart, the pawnbrokers. About nine in the evening of yesterday it was brought to me by a policeman. The value of the frock is 6s. It has been washed twice, and cost 9s. 6d. Prisoner was there that afternoon. His mother pays the rent of his lodgings.

Henry Hart deposed:- I am a pawnbroker in High Street, Ramsgate. prisoner brought me the guernsey produced yesterday, about seven in the evening, and wanted to pledge it. I asked him where he had got it from. He said, "From a young man who is outside." I asked him his name. He gave me a name, but I did not believe it to be a correct one. I told him I should stop it. I did this in consequence of information I had received that a guernsey had been stolen. In the evening I applied to the police, and gave the guernsey to police-constable Lewis. I accompanied him to find the prisoner, after which Lewis handed me back the guernsey, and it has been in my possession ever since.

William Lewis deposed:- I went to Mrs. Bubb's house last night, between ten and eleven, and found prisoner in bed. I charged him with stealing a guernsey. He made no answer, and I took him into custody. On the way to the station he said he had taken it because he had had no work for some time.

Prisoner pleaded guilty under the Criminal Justice Act.

Mr. Crofton said it was a very ungrateful return on his part to his mother to rob those whom she paid for lodging him.

Committed to the House of Correction , Sandwich, for six weeks' hard labour.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 11 July, 1863.


Thomas Jackson, alias Shaw, 39, labourer, and Joseph Cook, 38, labourer, were indicted for having stolen 18s., 6d., and a pocket knife, from the person of William Hart, of Ramsgate, on the 22nd June. It appeared that on the 22nd June prosecutor was in company with the prisoners, his fellow workmen, at the “Plough” beer-house, Ramsgate, and at Jackson's request he paid for a pot of beer which Jackson had called for. In order to do this prosecutor took a pocket handkerchief out of his pocket, and seeing some money tied up in a corner Jackson snatched at the handkerchief, but finding he could not wrest it from prosecutor a tussle ensued, in the course of which Cook seized Hart's wrist, twisted it round, and so made him loose his hold of the handkerchief, which one of the prisoners took, and both then made off with the money, and a knife, which was afterwards found in Cook’s possession. Prosecutor (who admitted that he was drunk at the time) afterwards followed and gave the persons into custody, Jackson having 18s. 6d. in his possession. The Recorder sentenced Jackson to six months' hard labour, and in discharging Cook gave him a suitable caution as to his future conduct.



STAR George Orrell 1851+ (age 27 in 1851Census)

DENNE James 1858+

BUBB William Hammond 1860+ (also carpenter)

HUGHES Robert 1871+ (age 38 in 1871Census)




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