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Earliest 1858-

Lord Nelson

Closed 1991+

Church Lane (Cake Street 1871Census)


Lord Nelson 1914

Above picture 1914, kindly sent to me by Tony Daniels.

Lord Nelson

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Andy Turner.

Lord Nelson 1960

Above photo, August 1960, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Lord Nelson 1963

Above photo, April 1963, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Lord Nelson 1963

Above photo, April 1963, kindly sent by Clive Bowley.

Lord Nelson 1991

Above photo September 1991, kindly sent by Philip Dymott.

Former Lord Nelson

Above showing the former "Lord Nelson." Image by David Anstiss, April 2011, published under the Creative Commons License.

Former Lord Nelson 2017

Above photo, July 2017, kindly taken and sent by Doogie Moon.

Former Lord Nelson

Above photo, July 2017, kindly taken and sent by Doogie Moon, showing the building is now called Nelson House.

Lorn Nelson sign 1960Lord Nelson sign 1991

Above sign left 1960, sign right, July 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Lord Nelson sign

Above aluminium card issued June 1951. Sign series 3 number 21.

The reverse of the sign says "Built Wateringbury Brewery 1918" but I have traced the pub back to 1858, so the building may not be the original.


From the Kentish Gazette 3 November 1846.


That the Courts baron of the Guardians of Sir Courtenay Honywood (a minor), Baronet, Lord of the several Manors hereinafter named, will be holden on the days and places following, at the hour of 12 o'clock at noon:-

Bodsham, Clavertion and Elmsted:- On Monday, the 9th of November, at the "George Inn," Stone Street.

Ashenfield and Waltham:- On Wednesday, the 11th of November next, at the "Lord Nelson Inn," Waltham.

Blackhouse, Caseborne, Enbrook and Street:- On Thursday, the 12th of November next, at the "Swan Inn," Hythe.

When and where all persons owing suit and service to the said Courts are requested to make their personal appearance to do their suit and service, and pay their arrears of Quit Rent and relief, due to the Lord of the Manors.

Robert Furley, Steward.

Ashford, October 28th, 1846.


Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal 26 December 1815.


Dec. 25. John Tucker, son of Richard and Charlotte Tucker, of the "Lord Nelson" public-house, Waltham, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude.


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 March 1843.


Feb. 27, at Waltham, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Tucker, of the "Lord Nelson" public-house, aged 40.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 28 February, 1863.


Last week the body of a labourer named James Ratcliffe was found in a well at an early hour. It appeared that the deceased had been in a desponding state latterly, and that on the previous Monday he remained out all night in the woods.

An inquest was held on the body of the deceased on Friday, at the “Lord Nelson,” before W. Callaway, Esq., (deputy coroner), when Charles Lancefield, a labourer, stated that on the previous morning, at five o’clock, on coming out of his house, he observed one of the lids of the well open, and also saw a hat lying on the fowl-house close to the well. He was present when the body was brought up.

Mr. Thomas Vickars, a farmer, stated that deceased had worked on and off for witness and his father for forty years. Witness last saw him alive about six o'clock on Wednesday night, and spoke to him several times during that day. The deceased seemed to be much lower in his spirits than usual. Witness had always considered him to be a man of weak mind. The well out of which the dead body was drawn was 350ft.

Verdict, “Deceased drowned himself in a well while in an unsound state of mind."


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 5 January, 1867. Price 1d.




TO BE SHOT FOR, by 20 Members, at 5s. each. Double guns; the use of one barrel only. 1 ounce shot; three birds each; 21 yards rise; 80 yards boundary; the gun to be kept below the elbow till the birds are on the wing.


TO BE SHOT FOR, by 20 Members, at 10s. each.

Same conditions as above.

Open to Kent, but to thirty miles round only. Shooting to commence at Twelve o'clock.

Several Sweepstakes will also take place. There will be a good supply of Birds by Hammond, of Dover.

Dinner on Table at 5 o'clock.

J. SMITH, Proprietor.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, 9 July 1870.


On Saturday, at the St. Angustine's Petty Sessions, (before George Neame, Esq., T. G. Peckham, Esq., P. Marten, Esq. Major-General McQueen, and T. Godfrey-Faussett, Esq.,) a labouring man named Charles Fearn was charged with stealing the sum of 1 6s. 6s. and a purse, the property of a pig-dealer named George Hills, at the parish of Waltham, on the 29th ult.

P.C. Masters stated that on the night of the 29th of June, at about half-past eleven, he saw the defendant accompany the prosecutor to a stable near the "Lord Nelson,” both of them being drunk, and particularly the prosecutor who had obtained permission to sleep in the stable. Defendant shortly afterwards went home, and at about one o'clock witness saw defendant go in the stable again and come out by the back way. He (the constable) thereupon stopped him, telling him he had no business there. Defendant had the money in his possession, and said Hills desired him to take care of it. The stable door had not been locked.

Prosecutor stated that he was the worse for liquor, but he knew he had 1 6s. 6d, in his pocket when defendant took him into the stable, and that it had disappeared by the time he was awoke by the constable. He could not give an account of what transpired between him and the accused in the stable.

Defendant: You asked me to look after your money. I had no intention of stealing it.

The magistrates said the defendant had had a narrow escape. The prosecutor, however, did not deserve any protection, and the case would be dismissed.


From the Kent and Sussex Courier, Friday 16 January 1874.


At the St. Augustine's petty sessions, on Saturday last, George Edwards, licensed victualler of Waltham, was summoned for allowing gambling with a roulette table to be carried on in his licensed premises, contrary to the provisions of the Licensing Act, 1872, on the 24th Dec. last. He pleaded guilty, and handed in a certificate of the general good conduct of his house, signed by several inhabitants of the place. He also said that he had no notion that "raffling" was contrary to the law, and whether it was or no, it was carried on in almost every public-house in more than one town.

The magistrates inflicted a fine of 20s. and costs, amounting to 20s. more, were immediately paid.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. Saturday 31 July 1909.


Albert John Fullagar, licensee of the "Lord Nelson" Public House, Waltham, asked for an occasional licence to sell in a tent at Waltham and Petham Flower Show from noon to 9.

This was granted.

He applied also for an extension for his house (10 to 11), saying he had a stable, and there would be a demand.

This was refused.

Reg Woodley 1981

Above photo showing licensee Reg Woodley opening the pub field for a village fete in 1981. Kindly sent by Martin Phipps.


Jack Wilkinson, licensee in 1939 was called up for the RAF during the war years. He did survive and I was told after leaving the pub went onto become a dairy farmer in the 1960s and 70s in Graveney, and sadly died about the turn of the 21st century.


The pub is unfortunately now closed and has been converted into a private residence.


Kentish Gazette, 8 July 1851.


The Midsummer Quarter Sessions for East Kent ware opened at St. Augustine's on Friday last, before J. B. Wildman, Esq., chairman, and the following magistrates:—Earl Cowper, Lord Lieutenant of the County, Sir N. J. Knatchbull, Bart., Sir Brook W. Bridges. Bart, M. Bell. Esq., E. Jarman, Esq., G. Gipps, Esq., G. M. Taswell, Esq,, W. Delmar, Esq., E. Foss, Esq., W. Burra, Esq., E. N. H. D’Aeth, Esq., G. J. Karney, Esq.. Rev. N. Toke, and the Rev. J Hilton.

Thomas Hills, age 23, labourer, and George Pellatt, 25, gardener, were charged with stealing a coat,, the property of William Tucker. The prosecuted keeps of public house in the parish of Waltham. On the 14th of May he returned home, and hung his coat up in the passage, about 8 o'clock. About 10 o'clock the coat was missed, and the prisoners was suspected of having stolen it, they having been drinking in the house about 3 hours that evening. Information was given to the constable who apprehended Hills with the coat on.

Both guilty. To be imprisoned for 3-months.



TUCKER Richard 1815-43+

TUCKER William 1851-Oct/64 (Also farmer age 55 in 1851Census) Melville's 1858Kentish Gazette

SMITH John Douglass Oct/1864-67+ Kentish Gazette

SMITH Ann Elizabeth 1871+ (widow age 32 in 1871Census)

EDWARDS George 1874+ Post Office Directory 1874

DANIELS Albert John Nov/1880-91 (age 29 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

JOINER Edwin 1891+ (age 31 in 1891Census)

STANNARD William Alfred 1903+ Kelly's 1903

FULLAGER Albert John 1909-11+ (age 40 in 1911Census)

STICKLES Elvy 1918+ (Also carpenter) Post Office Directory 1918

RUSSELL James William 1922-38+ Post Office Directory 1922Post Office Directory 1930Post Office Directory 1938

WILKINSON Jack & Kathleen (Phyllis) 1939-late 1940s (age 25 in 1939)

RAWES Ton & Ena 1962-1975+

TREVOR John & Rosa (South African couple, date unknown)

WOODLEY Reg 1981-82+

RAMSEY Alan 1985-91+


Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858

Post Office Directory 1874From the Post Office Directory 1874


Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Post Office Directory 1918From the Post Office Directory 1918

Post Office Directory 1922From the Post Office Directory 1922

Post Office Directory 1930From the Post Office Directory 1930

Post Office Directory 1938From the Post Office Directory 1938

Kentish GazetteKentish Gazette



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