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Earliest 2010

(Name from)

Little Albion Inn

Open 2017+

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40 St. Peter's Road / Sowell Street


Little Albion Inn

Photo showing the "Little Albion Inn," 2011.

Little Albuion Inn 2017

Above photo, July 2017.


Formerly the "Albion Inn" the pub after being closed for some years open in about 2010 and changed name to the "Little Albion Inn."

It is said that unexplained ghostly patches of damp frequently appear on the stone floors of this early Victorian style pub. These are in the shape of a man and a child. However, there is no history behind this curious phenomenon. However, cakes, biscuits, cream cakes and even a large pork pie have disappeared when these shapes have been visible.

I believe this also changed name to the "Hog's Head" some time after 2014 when Marcus Hogg took the helm. However, in 2019 it was reported that he had suddenly departed although the name may have reverted back to the "Albion" by that time.


From the By Katie Davis, 5 August 2017.

Broadstairs: The Little Albion to have its licence reviewed by Thanet District Council.

Family friendly Broadstairs pub The Little Albion is facing closure thanks to ‘numerous complaints’.

It is due to have its licence reviewed by TDC on Thursday, August 10 on the grounds of public nuisance, even though owner Marcus Hogg says there has only been three complaints and he has complied with what has been asked of him.

Regulars at the popular boozer in St Peter's Road have hit back saying the pub’s closure would be ‘devastating’.

A petition against the application has been set up in a bid to keep the pub from having to close its doors.

Written on the gopetition page, it says: “The new owner has done a fantastic job of turning the venue around in the past year, however a few residents are asking for this lovely pub to be closed which will mean the loss of jobs and a facility which is enjoyed by many in the local community.

"The loss of this pub to the majority of locals would be devastating, the entertainment has been fantastic in bringing in both regulars and further afield patrons.

“The owner has complied with everything asked of them and is hoping that this will be enough.

“Too many pubs are closing, therefore we need to try and preserve this local pub.

“We need to show Thanet District Council the strength of feeling towards thus application and we urge you to sign our petition.”

The petition has received more than 480 signatures since it begun on Friday, July 21.

Owner Marcus said: "They are reviewing my license because three neighbours have complained about my live music.

"I have fitted door closers on my doors I have fitted a noise limiter too - I have done everything the council have asked.

"They are saying they don't think the pub is a suitable venue for music all of a sudden after 30 years plus of live music being in here!

"One of the complaints is from a man I had a disagreement with because he told me I was bringing my two boys up incorrectly - even his wife said he was wrong!

"I asked him how many kids he had! He said none!"

Councillor Lin Fairbrass, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for community services said: “The council has received numerous complaints from local residents about live music at the Little Albion and our Environmental Health team has brought forward a review of it licence on the grounds of public nuisance.

“This review is currently in the period for representations where people and businesses can comment.

“Representations can be made to up until August 10.

“After this date, the report will be published on the TDC website in advance of the Licencing sub-committee hearing.

“Anyone who has made comments will then be advised of the hearing date.”


From an email received 6 March 2022.

It was my Dad, Charles Rushton's local in the 1970s when mein host was an elderly gent called Jack, supported by his wife Eileen.

In those days I believe it was a Whitbread tied house and the staple pint was the awful Whitbread Trophy.

Jack was notoriously stingy so there was huge mirth among the locals when Jack discovered he'd left a light bulb burning in his attic for months.

In those days, the pub had a lounge bar and a pokey little snug. The pub changed hands in the early 1980s when former oil-rig worker Roy Nichols bought it with his then wife, Wendy, and undertook a major refurbishment, knocking out the dividing wall to create one large lounge. I think Roy handed the pub down to his son Paul on his retirement, but after that my Dad moved away and I lost touch with developments after that.

Mark Rushton.


I would really like your help with any information or photographs regarding this house. Preferably historical facts, names of licensees and photographs. Every email is replied and anything added referenced to the supplier with thanks.

With my web getting larger and cover area increasingly more, and further from my home, I am becoming more reliant on local knowledge



HOWARD William Henry 1903+ Kelly's 1903

EVERETT Jack & Eileen 1970s+

NICHOLS Roy & Wendy 1980s+

NICHOLS Paul (son) 1980s+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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