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Earliest ????

Fountain Inn

Open 2020+

29 (15Kelly's 1903) Sydenham Street / Bexley Streets


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Fountain Inn

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Michael Mirams.

Fountain Inn 2014

Above Google image, June 2014.

Fountain 2017

Above photo taken and sent by Steve Glover, August 2017.

Fountain sign 1970sFountain sign 1991

Above sign left, 1970s, sign right, July 1991.

With thanks from Brian Curtis


Ind Coope & Co Ltd purchased the pub from Budden & Biggs Brewery Ltd by conveyance and assignment dated 23 March 1931. The pub held a full license.

I am informed that the pub backs onto the "New Inn." Just been told (August 2017) that it is still open but currently up for sale.


Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 8 September 1866.

St Augustine's Petty Sessions. Saturday. Annual Licensing Day.

The county Magistrates renewed the publicans' spirit licence today.

Applications were also heard for new licences, and, as well be seen by the following list, the majority of these were granted.

Licences granted, Edward Kemp, the "Fountain".

Although no town was given for this record, I think the pub would have been this one.


Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 10 March 1917.


Robert J. Parnham, 36, married, the licensee of the "Fountain," and formerly a plumber and metal-worker, whose application had been re-fused by the Local Tribunal appealed.

In his application it was stated that he had been a licensee for four years and was formerly in the employ of the Sheppey Gas Company. He had tried to get munition work without success and had applied twice for the R.N.A.S. but they would not take him. If he had to go up the army allowance would not allow of a suitable substitute to take his place in the business.

The Local Tribunal thought the man ought to join up at once. His business was not of national importance, and he had had ample time in which to find someone to look after it for him.

In reply to Lord Harris appellant said he had one child. He had been passed for general service.

Col. Atkinson:- You have made two or three efforts to join one branch or other of the service, you say?

Yes, and last week I tried to join the R.E.'s at Chatham. They sent me to Herne Bay, and there they told me they could do nothing for me. I have been up to the Barracks again this morning.

In other words you are quite prepared to join some branch which you want to join but not what they want you to?

Quite; why should I throw my business away?

Colonel Atkinson:- No doubt every poor lad would like to choose, do you think you are the only one who is making sacrifices?

In reply to Mr. Andrews (a member of the Tribunal) appellant said he left his employment at the gas works to take over the public-house.

Colonel Atkinson:- You see the R.E.'s and the Inland Water Transport are not open for general service men. Those men are wanted for other purposes.

Appeal dismissed, the Military Representative not to call the man up before April 5th.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 13 June 1942.

Jack Robinson in Cairo

Jack Robinson, son of Mr. T. W. Robinson, of the "Fountain Inn," Whitstable, and J. Theobald, son of Mr. Theobald, High Street, Whitstable, reading the Whitstable Times in Cairo.



WOOD George 1871+ (widower age 30 in 1871Census)

WOOD Alfred 1891+ (age 31 in 1891Census)

KEMP Mark 1901-11+ (age 61 in 1911Census) Kelly's 1903

PARNHAM Robert J 1913-18+

OATES Horace 1922+

GROUNDS Arthur 1924+ Kelly's 1924

HOGBEN James 1930

LEE Charles H M 1938


BUTLER Mr 1950s

Last pub licensee had VICTOR Nathaniel 2000 Next pub licensee had

SLADE Toby 2001-10+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1924From the Kelly's Directory 1924


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