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Earliest 1859

Forester's Arms

Closed June 2018

(Name to)

48 Boundary Road


Foresters Arms Foresters Arms Foresters Arms signForester's Arms sign 1991

Photographs above and sign left taken by Paul Skelton, 21 July 2012.

Sign right December 1991 with thanks from Brian Curtis


Thanet Advertiser 17 December 1859.


The Monthly Sitting of the Court for this district was held on Tuesday last, at the Town Hall, before Chas Harwood, Esq., (who we are glad to see has recovered from his illness.

Richards v. Fleming.

This was an action brought by the plaintiff, who keeps the "Forester's Arms," Boundary-road, for the sum of 14s. 9d., for beer supplied to the defendant, and for a chair taken away by him, and another broken by him. Mr. Buchannan appeared for the defendant.

The plaintiff was called and proved supplying defendant with beer to the amount of 3s. 10d., and stated:— I saw defendant take the chair away, but I did not stop him because I thought he was going to take it into an adjoining room. I have never had it returned to me. I cannot say whether be broke the second chair purposely.

Cross-examined by Mr. Buchannan:— I was not drunk on that day; all I know is that Fleming threw the chair down and broke it. The chair I claim was taken away about five minutes to Eleven; I do not think at all that he meant to steal it.

James Wood was called as a witness for plaintiff, but the weight of whom testimony the defendant had the benefit of. He said:- I am a bricklayer, and was in the "Forester’s Anns;" Fleming was sitting on the chair, and it was broken through the plaintiff falling on it. Fleming, and I had been there about five hours drinking; we were all happy; plaintiff was like the rest of us, (laughter). The house stands back sixteen feet from the road, and people often sat in front of the house.

Plaintiff:— But it is not usual for them to do to at eleven o’clock at night.

Mr. Buchanan, for the defence, contended that the defendant was not indebted to the plaintiff one farthing, which he would prove.

He then called the Defendant, who said:- We were in plaintiff's houee all the evening, and what we drank we paid for as it came in; I changed half sovereign with Mrs. Richards at the bar; I lent 1s. to David Morrison and 1s. to another man; the chair which I took out I left there; it was taken outside to sit in; I left it three I am positive; I expected plaintiff would look after it; I did not tell him I had left it outside.

James Wood was recalled and said be saw defendant give plaintiff's wife the half-sovereign over the counter and receive nine shillings in change.

His Honour to plaintiff:— Have you ever heard of this, half-sovereign before!

Plaintiff:— No! your Honour, I declare I never have.

His Honour:— Have you ever asked defendant for the money?

Plaintiff:— I have, and he has promised to pay.

Defendant:— I never have.

Wood:— Plaintiff must have known his wife had the half-sovereign; he was near at the time.

His Honour said, he was quite satisfied that the defendant had the beer. The whole transaction was a miserable one throughout; the defendant had no right to take the chair out of the house, and when he left it he should have informed plaintiff of it, but not having done so he must take the consequences and pay 10s. in one month; and to plaintiff he said:— You must keep a more regular house or you will lose your licence.


Thanet Times, Tuesday 2 February, 1965.

They love life in their pub by the sea.

Mr & Mrs W George Hughes 1965

A Welshman and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. W George Hughes, are mine hosts at the "Foresters Arms," Boundary Road, Ramsgate.

For the past 5-years "Griff" Hughes and his wife have been serving seaside customers.

Before coming to Thanet they worked in Essex where they ran the "Belle Inn" at Rainham.

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes are both natives of Neath in South Wales.

"Most people think that as long as you can pull a pint and serve at the bar you are all right," said sprightly Mrs. Hughes. "But there is a surprising lot to know in this trade. There are such things as cellar work and the licensing laws to know, as well as running the business side of the house."

When the couple were in Rainham, Mrs. Hughes said she had more time to spare and was an active member of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Licensed Victuallers' Association.

They came to Ramsgate and smaller premises after a busy time at Rainham, where they had a staff to assist them in the house.

"I was thrilled to come to the seaside town," said Mrs. Hughes and added, "I have. As I love company, pub I've been in business all my life, suits me fine.

Explaining the reasons for moving to Ramsgate from the busy Essex town, Mrs. Hughes said they are looking for a smaller house and the one at Ramsgate suited them down to the ground.

Reminiscing about the younger days in their native Neath, which has a population of 31,000, she recalled:- "It is a small town, but it is very friendly, clean and pleasant.



I have been informed that the pub did closed for a short while in the 1980s.

John Bates informs me that the pub ceased trading in June 2018.


From the  By Kathy Bailes, 8 April, 2018.

Ramsgate pub due to be sold at auction.

Forester's Arms 2018

The Foresters Arms will go to auction.

A Ramsgate pub will go under the hammer at an auction next month (May).

The Foresters Arms in Boundary Road is listed on the Clive Emson auction site with a guide price of 200,000-210,000 plus fees.

The auction company says the pub may have potential for conversion or development. The property has a bar/customer area on the ground floor and living accommodation above.

The auction is for the freehold with vacant possession.

The pub is currently open for business and not expected to close until June when any sale should be completed.

The building has been listed as a pub since 1860.

The auction will be held on May 1 at the Clive Emson Conference Centre in Maidstone.


From the By Kathy Bailes. 6 October, 2018.

Former Ramsgate pub set to be converted to homes.

A Ramsgate pub that sold at auction for 200,000 is likely to be turned into two houses.

The Foresters Arms in Boundary Road went under the hammer at a Clive Emson auction in May and stopped trading in June.

The building has been listed as a pub since 1860 but an application has now been made to Thanet council to convert it into two, two-bedroom homes.

John Anastasio submitted the application on October 1.

The pub is the latest in a long line of Ramsgate boozers which have closed and been converted to housing including The "Blazing Donkey," The "Admiral Fox," the "Southwood Tavern" and The "Derby Arms" to name just a few.


From the By Joe Wright,, 16 October 2020.

Plan to convert The Foresters Arms pub in Ramsgate into homes.

The owner of a pub dating back to 1860 wants to turn the long-standing building into homes - stressing the likes of a nearby Wetherspoon make it impossible to ever restart the business.

The Foresters Arms, which thousands of people pass each day in Ramsgate, closed its doors two years ago and looks likely to never reopen.

It was sold at auction for 200,000 in 2018, with John Anastasio taking over the reins of the Boundary Road property.

Now, following two failed attempts, another bid to convert the pub into homes has been lodged with Thanet District Council.

Should the proposal be given the go-ahead, the old inn will be split into a three-bed property and a two-bed home.

The plans state there is no market for an occupier wanting to revive the business, therefore a change of use is the desired outcome.

The unlikelihood of restarting the pub has been blamed on a range of factors including the huge Wetherspoon at the town's marina, increasing cost burdens and the introduction of the indoor smoking ban back in 2007.

Planning agents writing on behalf of the applicant, Mr Anastasio, state: "The outgoing licensee confirmed to our client that in their opinion the business was no longer viable as a public house, and that a significant decline in trade had been experienced over the last few years.

"Increased licensing hours of town centre premises has resulted in a shift in trade from local houses to larger town premises such as Wetherspoon.

"There are still a number of pubs in the immediate vicinity. This highlights, that due to the level of competition, it is highly unlikely the Foresters Arms could draw in the additional trade required to cover its rising costs.

Due to a lack of parking, the applicants say it would be unviable to turn the site into a commercial unit.

"The prudent move would be to use the existing building to provide some much-needed housing," the planning agents state.

"It is a well known fact there is a shortage of housing in the Thanet area and the provision of additional, good quality housing, provided with sustainability in mind should be welcomed by the local authority."


From the By Marijke Hall, 2 March 2021.

The Foresters Arms in Ramsgate to become homes after competition with likes of "Royal Victoria Pavilion" Wetherspoon put it out of business.

A pub owner who says it would be impossible to reopen due to competition from the likes of a nearby Wetherspoon can finally turn the tavern into homes.

John Anastasio, who took on The Foresters Arms in Ramsgate three years ago, had failed in two previous bids to convert the premises in Boundary Road into two houses.

In both applications, planners at Thanet District Council had pointed to the potential loss of a community asset.

But Mr Anastasio argued it was “extremely unlikely” anyone would take it on to trade as a public house as it would be economically unviable.

He blamed this on a range of factors including the huge Wetherspoon at the town’s marina, increasing cost burdens and the introduction of the indoor smoking ban in 2007.

Planning agent Graham Kinnear, writing to the council on behalf of Mr Anastasio, said there had been significant decline in trade before it shut three years ago.

“Increased licensing hours of town centre premises has resulted in a shift in trade from local houses to larger town premises such as Wetherspoon,” he said.

“There are still a number of pubs in the immediate vicinity.

"It is highly unlikely the Foresters Arms could draw in the additional trade required to cover its rising costs.”

He said due to the shortage of housing in Thanet, it would be “prudent” to provide much-needed homes instead.

Thanet council’s planning team, which had turned down the previous plans also on the basis of the appearance of the homes, have now approved the amended scheme.

It means the old inn, which dates back to 1860 and was sold at auction for 200,000 in 2018, will have a two-storey rear extension built and be turned into a three-bed property and a two-bed home.

Thanet’s planning team said: “The viability report contains a map which annotates the pubs in the surrounding area, which includes several within a reasonable walking distance including the "South Eastern Tavern," the "Great Tree," "Elephant and Castle" and the "East Kent Arms."

“The application site is also located in close proximity to the town centre which includes several public houses.

“The loss of this community facility is not considered to undermine the ability of the community to meet its day-to-day needs.”

They added: “The proposed two-storey rear extension is a moderate scale and its amended design and form will appear as a rear projection to the existing property, which is a common feature in the surrounding built environment.”


I have heard on good authority that the venue is currently (April 2021) being renovated and will open again about August 2021 and renamed "Fury's Bar."




WATERMAN James 1879-82+ (age 54 in 1881Census)

CHANDLER Thomas 1890-91+

CARLTON Charles 1901+ (age 58 in 1901Census)

EMPTAGE Frederick W 1901-03 (age 37 in 1901Census) Kelly's 1903

WOOTTON Frederick 1903+

MAXTED Frederick Henry 1907+

BURDEN Joseph 1911-18+ (age 61 in 1911Census)

GIBSON Arthur 1922-29+

KING Ernest 1930-36+

GLADINBOWL Wilfred 1938-51+

MIDGLEY Walter 1935+



HUGHES George 1960-65+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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