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54 Old Dover Road



Listed in Bagshaw's Directory of 1847, the sign contained both a coffin and cradle as it's design. By 1858 in Melvilles Directory it 1858 it had changed name to the "Bat and Ball."

The pub is situated oppisite the current Canterbury cricket ground, which was first established in 1847 on farmland owned by the fourth Baron Sondes. The land was originally the site of the St Lawrence Hospital, a leper hospital founded in the mid-12th century, and immediately to the south of the Old Dover Road, which follows the line of the Roman road that ran from Dover to Canterbury.

I would suggest that the name changed to the "Bat and Ball" soon after the ground first opened in 1847.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 10 August, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.

Thomas Doyle, an Irish vagrant, was charged with assaulting another of his class named Patrick Murphy, to which he pleaded “guilty.”

A gentleman who happened to see the affray deposed:— Last evening, near the “First and Last” I saw the complainant and defendant scuttling, but did not see the commencement of the assault. The complainant was drunk and defendant sober. I saw the defendant strike the complainant with a stick.

Dr. Owen said he was sent for to the “First and Last,” to see a man who, it was reported, had been knocked down dead. He proceeded to the spot and found the complainant bleeding very much, and, on examination, he found the tempora artera was cut open, which he strapped up. From the state the complainant was in, he could not at present give on opinion as to the result of the blow.

In defence, defendant said they were begging together and when near a timber yard the complainant abused a lady, and he got him away and took him up towards the Catholic chapel, when he came out with a filthy expression, on which he (defendant) said. “Murphy, if you don't drop that you shall down with me or I must go,” and he struck him with a stick.

The bench considered the charge a very serious one, remanded the prisoner till Saturday.




GUTSOLE Edward 1847+ Next pub licensee had Bagshaw's Directory 1847


Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847


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