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Earliest ????

East Kent Hotel

Open 2020+

72 Oxford Street


01227 770773

East Kent Hotel 1940

Above photo, circa 1940.

East Kent Hotel 2009

Above photo 2009 by David Anstiss Creative Commons Licence.

East Kent

Above pictures taken from 2014.

East Kent 2017

Above photo August 2017, taken and sent by Steve Glover.

East Kent sign 1976East Kent sign 1991

Above sign left, March 1976, sign right, July 1991.

East Kent sign 1994East Kent Hotel sign 2010

Above sign left, November 1994, sign right 2009.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

East Kent sign 2020East Kent sign 2017

Above sign left, 2020, kindly taken and sent by Roger Pester. Sign right, 2018 by Steve Glover.


The "East Kent" sign displays the Welsh griffin and motto of the East Kent Regiment. Veteri Frondescit Honore. ("Old Branch Office.")

Les Vial kindly points out the following:- Please note that Buffs badge on the front of the pub is not a gryphon - it’s a Tudor Dragon that dates back to 1572 and has been part of the cap badges of the Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), the Queen’s Regiment and now the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

Edward Blaxland gave up in 1918 due to his son Edwin dying on 4th November 1918. His son served in the Northumberland Fusiliers and died of wounds. His name is on the Whitstable War Memorial diagonally opposite and close to the East Kent.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 8 September, 1860.


This was the annual general licensing day for the various public-houses situate within the Home Division. All the old licenses were renewed, and there were the following applications for new ones.

Thomas George Browning for the "East Kent Tavern," at Whitstable. The application was supported by Mr. W. W. Eaden, who stated that the population of Whitstable was upwards 4,000, and that there were only nine licensed houses in the town. he produced a memorial, very respectably and numerously signed.

The applications were granted.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 15 September, 1860.

Thomas George Browning, landlord of the "East Kent Tavern" at Whitstable, asked the bench if he was allowed to open his house to customers who arrived by train from Faversham on Sunday mornings. He stated that the landlords at Faversham did so there.

The Clerk replied that the landlord would have to use his own discretion as for whom he opened the house, but he was only allowed to do so to those persons who were bonafide travellers.

Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 17 March 1888.


Sarah F. Clifford, Widow of Charles Clifford, Begs to inform the public that she has made arrangements for carrying on the above-mentioned well-known Hotel, which her late husband conducted during a period of seven years; and in returning thanks for the support accorded to her husband, respectfully solicits a continuance of the same on her own behalf.



BROWNING Thomas George 1860-62+ (age 32 in 1861Census)

CLIFFORD Charles 1871+ (age 27 in 1871Census)

MAYTUM Alfred James 1874+

BASSETT Thomas 1881 (age 45 in 1881Census)

CLIFFORD Charles 1881-Mar/88 dec'd (age 38 in 1881Census)

CLIFFORD Sarah F Mar/1888+

KENNARD Edwin 1889-94+ (age 41 in 1891Census)

BLAXLAND Edward 1901-18 (age 43 in 1901Census)

NORRISS Albert Francis 1911+ (hotel keeper age 46 in 1911Census)

DUNK Nicholas 1918+




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