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Earliest 1858-

Duke of Sussex

Latest 1871+

128 King Street (1871Census)



From the Kentish Chronicle, 6 October, 1860.

Jane Dawson was charged with assaulting William Knight, landlord of the "Duke of Sussex Inn," on the 27th instant.

Prisoner pleaded not guilty.

Complainant deposed:— Yesterday, about twelve o’clock the prisoner, who had been lodging in my house, was moving out. She came and said to me, "I am going to leave your house, Mr. Knight." I replied, "A good job too." She then came to the counter and spat in my face, I told her she had better leave my house, or else I would put her out. I went round the counter to eject her, when she took up the jug I now produce, and said if I came there she would split my skull. I told her to put the pot down, but she would not. I took hold of the jug with my left hand, and asked her to let go; but she struck at me with it. I put up my right hand to defend myself, and she cut it. She was very violent, and used language not fit to be uttered.

Mr. Crofton said that the prisoner’s conduct had been very bad; but taking into consideration that she had been locked up all night, the bench would only fine her 2s. 6d. and costs 13s. 6d.

The money was paid.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 29 June, 1861.


George Clarke was charged with having threatened to knock out the brains of William Knight, the landlord of the “Duke of Sussex Inn.”

Complainant deposed:— On the 21st instant, about 11 o'clock at night, the defendant's wife came to me and told me to shut my house up, and she used very abusive language towards me. I begged her to leave, and just then defendant came up and said, “Wait a minute you ____, and I’ll give you something.” I went in and shut my door and fastened it; he went away for about five minutes, when he returned, and made a run at the door with his foot with all his force, which strained it very much. The doors costs 15s. each to do up but a short time ago. I went out and told him to leave. I saw he had a stick like a broom-handle, about two feet long, in his hand. He was holding it behind him. He said, "Come here, and I'll smash your brains out, and make your head as big as a bushell.” I ran in. I fear he will do me some bodily injury, especially when he is in drink. He came to me again on Saturday night, and tore up the summons in my face, and spat at me and told me he would do for me.

Cross-examined:— I did not insult your wife, and it was not 11 o'clock when she ordered me to close my house.

Mr. Crofton said that such conduct could not be tolerated. Defendant would be called upon to enter his own recognizance to keep the peace towards complainant for three calendar months, and should he be brought there again he would be required to find sureties, and in default of which he would be committed for a lengthened period to prison.


Thanet Advertiser 09 September 1871.


The brewster sessions commenced on Monday, which was set apart for renewing licenses already granted.

On the second day, set apart for the hearing of applications for fresh licensee the justices present were E. L. Harrison, Esq. (Mayor), R. Harrison, Esq., son., R. L. Harrison, Esq., jun., and J. Dorman, Esq.

Mr. James Simmonds, of the "Duke of Sussex Inn," applied for a spirit license, which was refused, Supt. Buss stating in reply to the Bench, that there were already nearly twenty licensed houses in the street.



KIBBLE William 1858+

KNIGHT William 1860-61+

SIMMONDS James 1871+ (age 34 in 1871Census)




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