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Earliest 1861-

Dredgerman's Arms

Latest 1901+

Horsebridge (Beach Wall 1881Census) (Sea Wall 1901Census)



From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 14 September, 1861. Price 1 1/2d.


There were six applications for spirit licenses on the part of beer-shop keepers, viz, John Brooker, of the “Richmond Tavern,” Brook-street, Herne Bay; Thomas Newington, “Cross Keys,” Chartham; William Henry Pettman, of the “Guinea,” John Harman, of the “Prince Albert,” and William Philpott, of the “Dredgerman’s Arms,” all of the parish of Whitstable; and Samuel James Salter, of the “Queens Head,” Seasalter.


From the Kentish Chronicle and General Advertiser, 1 February, 1862. Price 1 1/2d.


W. lddenden was charged with assaulting John Friend, at Whitstable, on the 18th inst. It appears that on that evening there was a party at the house of Mr. Philpott, the “Dredgerman’s Arms” public-house. A quarrel ensued between the complainant and defendant, and blows were struck on both sides. The disagreement, however, was arranged for a time, and the parties shook hands. Some time afterwards the defendant went up to the place where the complainant was standing and struck him twice with a poker.

The assault was proved by the testimony of another party, who was present, and the defendant was fined 5s. and 11s. costs.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 21 May, 1864.


Mary Ann Walker, of Whitstable, wife of the mate of a vessel, was charged with breaking a window in the house of Mr. William Philpott, at Whitstable, on the 10th instant. It appeared that the defendant went to ask for her husband at the public house kept by the complainant. Some altercation ensued, and ended in the defendant breaking the window. She was ordered pay 1s. for the damage and 10s. expenses, or in default to be imprisoned 7 days. The husband, who was described us an habitual drunkard, declined to pay the money.

Emily Hawkins, mother of Mary Ann Walker the defendant in the last case, was charged with assaulting Emily Walker, mother of Mary Ann Walker's husband, at Whitstable, about one o'clock on the morning of Sunday the 8th instant. Mrs. Walker said she was at her son's home when Mrs. Hawkins went in and called her a name peculiar to Whitstable and afterwards struck her. The defendant said she was called out of bed to go to the assistance of her daughter, whose husband and his mother were taking the things out of the house. When she got there the complainant abused and assaulted her.

Mrs. Hawkins’s statement was corroborated by P.C Oliver, and the magistrates missed the case.


This has also been referenced inaccurately as being the "Dredger Arms" in some of the directories. The census of 1881 indicated that it was two doors away from the "Stag."

Originally built in the Manor of Westgate whose Lord was the Archbishop. The manor of Whitstable that was the title of Lord Bolingbroke and divided in 1791-92, the marine portion going to Free Fisheries & Dredgers - so Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company would have had a common boundary with Westgate there at MHWM. But in the mid 19th century Free Fisheries & Dredgers were powerful and I rather think bullied owners along the shores into giving up - however that scenario would have produced a varied outcome along the shoreline according to abilities to resist ... I think the divers Deane and Edwards and then Flint did not give up any rights and all the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company claims should really relate to land seaward of the building line, such a deduction makes the best sense of the available documents. I rather believe the "Pearson's Arms" has similarly lost land.

Owned at one time by the Flint and Co. Brewery who sold off the premises to the Whitstable Oyster Company who built their current building.



PHILPOTT William Henry 1861-82+ (also blacksmith age 72 in 1881Census) Kentish Chronicle

STICKLES Frederick 1889-94+

BENNETT William 1891-1901+ (also Pensioner Royal Navy age 48 in 1901Census)



Kentish ChronicleKentish Chronicle


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