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Earliest 1839-

Coach and Horses

Closed ????

110 High Street


Coach and Horses

Above photo, date unknown.

Former Coach and Horses

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.


From the Kentish Gazette, 26 March 1839.


March 13, at Ramsgate, Mr. Charles Fegan, Landlord of the "Coach and Horses," aged 32.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 14 February, 1863.

Isaac Steed was charged with assaulting John Smith, on the 1st inst. It appeared that complainant is landlord of the “Coach and Horses” in Chatham-street, and that shortly before twelve o'clock defendant, with others, applied to be served with some beer; but complainant seeing that they all had had enough, refused to serve them, whereupon defendant became very abusive, but was ultimately removed out of the house. Some of the windows were broken. Complainant went out of the back door to look for a policeman, and at the bottom of Church hill he met with P.C. Harty, with whom he proceeded to the house. On their coming up, defendant began to use very threatening language, upon which Harty took him into custody, and charged Smith to assist him. Whilst taking him to the station defendant kicked the latter several times, and inflicted some severe wounds upon their shins.

From the defendant was taken a formidable weapon in the shape of a life preserver.

He was convicted, and sentenced to two calendar months' hard labour in the House of Correction at Sandwich.


Thanet Advertiser. Friday 24 February 1928.

Tragic find. Gas Filled Cellar. Licensees Sad End.

A tragic find in the seller of a public house was made by an assistant inspector in the employ of the Ramsgate Corporation Gas and Water department yesterday (Thursday).

Shortly before midday the inspector called at the "Coach and Horses" public house, in High Street, with the intention of reading the water metre, and, descend into the cellar, noticed a very strong smell of gas. He produced and electric torch, and, shining the light into a recess, saw the body of the licensee, Mr. William Ambrose, with a coat over his head. He pulled the coat off, and found a tube attached a gas bracket in Mr. Ambrose's mouth.

The police and a doctor was sent for, and, after artificial respiration have been employed for an hour, life was pronounced extinct.

An inquest, conducted by the borough coroner (Dr. F. W. Hardman), yesterday evening, a verdict of "Suicide whilst of unsound mind" was returned.

Mrs. Selena Ambrose, wife of the deceased, said her husband was 67 years of age. He was tenant and licensee of the "Coach and Horses." He had been ill for some time, and had been attended by a doctor ever since December. Her husband had been ill for some time before that, and, three weeks ago, underwent an operation in the Ramsgate General Hospital. Deceased did not get on as well afterwards as she would have liked. He had not been out of hospital long, and had since taken no part in the business.

In the trade 26 years.

Mrs. Ambrose said her husband got up at 9 o'clock that morning and had breakfast. Afterwards he sat in the back room. Shortly after 11:30 deceased said he thought of taking a little walk, but witness advised him not to, as it was blowing very cold. She left him in the room and went into the bar, and that was the last time she saw him alive.

Continuing, Mrs. Ambrose said her husband's nerves have been very bad, but he had never said anything about doing away with himself. He had worried himself a little about business, because it has not been too good, but he had had no trouble in paying his way.
Asked by the coroner if the deceased had had trouble with the brewers, the witness said the brewers were rather funny to them, and in October gave them a month's notice. This had worried him. He said he did not rest night or day. With one brake they had held the licence of the "Coach and Horses" for 13 years. They had always been very particular, and had been in the trade for 26 years.

Danger of explosion.

Mr. William Augustus Cox, of 5, Dane Road, and assistant inspector in the employ of the Ramsgate Corporation Gas and Water Department, described his visit to the house earlier that day. He saw Mrs. Ambrose in the bar, and went through to the seller with the objective of reading the water metre. On opening the cellar door he noticed a very strong smell of gas. He switched on his electric torch and went down. He went to the water metre and then to the gas metre, but could not find the escape. He retracted his steps, and, flashing his light into a recess, he saw Mr. Ambrose's hand clutching at a coat which was over his head and shoulders. Witness pulled the coat away, and found a tube in deceased's mouth. The other end of the tube was attached to a gas bracket, and the gas was turned on. Witness turned off the gas and took the tube from Mr. Ambrose's mouth. He then sent for a doctor and the police. It would have been very serious if anyone had gone into the cellar with a light.

Coroner:- There would have been an explosion?

Witness:- Yes.

Detective Sergeant Petley said that, in company was Sergeant Rogers, he arrived at the house shortly after 12 o'clock. They found deceased who was very warm, in the cellar. With the assistance of Mr. Cox, they took him into the yard, and applied artificial respiration and hot fomentations near the heart. This was carried out by Sergeant Rogers and P.C. Files and Foad for an hour, when he was declared by Dr. W. J. Bannister, the police surgeon, to be extinct.

As stated, a verdict of "Suicide whilst of unsound mind," was returned.



FEGAN Charles to Mar/1839 dec'd

SUTTON William Bailey 1858+

SMITH John 1862-63+

LUFF Sarah Jane Mrs 1867-74+ (widow age 43 in 1871Census)

PHILPOT Robert Silk 1881-91+ (age 38 in 1881Census)

GOLDSACK James 1901+ (age 33 in 1901Census)

BUSHELL George Henry 1903+ Kelly's 1903

WATSON James William 1907+

SINGDAHISEN Elizabeth Sophia 1911+ (widow age 36 in 1911Census)

TAYLOR Vincent Sackett 1913+

AMBROSE William 1914-18+

BANKS Richard 1922+

AMBROSE William to Feb/1928 (dec'd age 67)

DANTON Alfred Isaac 1929-30+

GLADINGBOWL Wilfred 1934-36+

HAYDEN William F 1938-39+

BALCOMBE William Edward Frank 1951-57+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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