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Earliest 1839-

Camden Arms Inn

Open 2019+

13 La Belle Alliance Square


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Camden Arms Inn

Above photo, date unknown.

Camden Arms 1973

Above photo, circa 1973, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Camden Arms 2012

Above photo taken from Google maps, July 2012.

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Camden Arms sign 2012Camden Arms sign 2020

Above sign left 2012. Sign right 2020.

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Hugh Hunter 1930s

Above photo showing Hugh C Hunter, and what looks like his fishing trophies, circa 1930.

Hugh C Hunter~

Above photo kindly sent by Bob Lee.

From the Kentish Gazette, 30 April 1839.


An inquisition was held on Saturday se'nnight, before R. J. Emmerson, esq., at the "Camden Arms Inn," on the body of Henry Preston, a labourer, who was found dead in his bed the previous morning. It appeared by the evidence that he went to bed in good health, but complained to his wife in the morning of feeling unwell, who persuaded him to lie while she prepared his breakfast, and on taking it up stairs, found him a corpse. The jury returned a verdict of' "Died by the visitation of God."


Also on the same day, on the body of Charles Wittenton, a fisherman, who was found drowned in the basin of this harbour on the day previous. The evidence in this case showed that he came on board his boat, (which was laden with oysters and belonging to Dover) late the previous evening, much intoxicated, and it is supposed fell over the side while in that state, without being observed, as he was not missed until he was found the following morning at low water under the boat's bottom.

A verdict of "found drowned" was recorded.


Kentish Gazette, 7 May 1844.


An inquisition was held at Crisford’s, "Camden Arms Inn," on Wednesday, before R. J. Emmerson, coroner, on the body of James Kingsford, a child four years of age, who came by his death under the following circumstances, as by the evidence adduced:-

The day previous (Tuesday) the mother of the child was out at work as a laundress, in Bell Vue Place, and with two other children, was playing near a well in an area at the back of the house, which had not been lately used, the lid of which was in a very dilapidated state, and it is supposed he jumped on the lid, which gave way, and was suffocated by the foul air which the well contained. An alarm was immediately given by the other children, and a labourer, named Gorham, was let down by a rope obtained from the next house, who brought the child up quite dead. The man Gorham also fainted from exhaustion on his getting out, but by means of brandy was speedily restored.

A verdict of "Accidental Death" was recorded.


Kentish Gazette, 16 July 1844.

RAMSGATE. Daring Robbery.

On Monday evening, Mr. Burke, a well-known commercial traveller, of the firm of Swaine and Co., distillers, London, was proceeding from Hodges’ "Castle Hotel," to the "Camden Arms," St. George’s Steps he was accosted by a respectably-dressed female, when two men, who were in ambush a short distance from the spot, rushed upon him and held his arms, when the woman forced her hand in his pocket and abstracted a purse, containing 108 sovereigns, and ran away. He made a grasp at her dress, and tore away a piece of habit shirt which he held tight, and immediately gave an alarm to the police on duty, who with their usual vigilance, succeeded the following morning in tracing the party to the "Honeysuckle," at Hereson. On the woman being questioned as to her torn habit shirt, she said her husband had done it last week, but on comparing it, it exactly matched both in the rent of the muslin and pattern to the piece, given by Mr. Burke to the police the previous evening. She was taken into custody, together with a man and woman who were found in her company, and was examined before the magistrates on Tuesday, who remanded them all to Sandwich for safe custody till their final hearing. One sovereign only was found on the woman.


From the Kentish Gazette, 14 November 1848.


The Members of the "Ramsgate Forty Pounds Burial Society" held their seventh annual meeting, on Wednesday week, at the "Camden Arms Inn,” Camden Place, for the purpose of electing fresh officers for the ensuing year, declaring the state of the funds, the members’ deaths, and other transactions of the Committee during the preceding year. It appeared, by the Secretary's report, that after all the amount of expenses there is upwards of 100 in the Savings Bank, — and, that since the commencement of the Club, in November, 1841, there have been 38 deaths — for which the large sum of 1520 has been paid to the relatives of the deceased members, showing at once the great good derivable from persons associating themselves together for mutual benefit to their families, and that too, at a time of their greatest need. There are vacancies for a few members, to complete the number of 420; persons of either sex are eligible, who are in sound health, and under 40 years of age. It behoves those who appreciate the value of such societies to avail themselves of an early opportunity of being enrolled as members. After the business of the Club had been gone through, the remainder of the evening was spent in good fellowship and harmony.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 18 May, 1861.


At the Ramsgate Petty Sessions on Monday, James Snelling, a lad aged 16 years, was charged with assaulting Thomas Gowan, on the 16th inst.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Complainant depose:— I live at 7, Camden-square. On Monday last, at about one p.m., I was passing the “Camden Arms.” There were five or six boys. Defendant was one of them. I was hit on the head with a stone, and I turned round and saw the defendant throw a stone at me, which did not hit me. Mr. Beeching and others run out to my assistance, but defendant was too nimble for Mr. Beeching. He ran away down by the side of the “Camden Arms” to Bellevue Hill. I am very much annoyed by the boys, and can’t even go out of a Sunday without being annoyed by them.

Mr. Chappel said he could testify to that fact. He had himself been once taken for complainant, and been much insulted.

Mr. Crofton, addressing the defendant, said:— It has been proved to us that you have been guilty of the conduct you are charged with. Mr. Gowan must be protected, and it is not to be tolerated that he should be worried and hunted about by such idle boys as you and others are, and if the gentleman's evidence, and that of Mr. Beeching had been taken, we might have dealt with you more severely than it is our intention this time to do.

Police-sergeant Carter said that when he served the summons upon the lad, that his mother severely reprimanded him.

Mr. Crofton said he was glad to hear that he hoped this would be a warning to defendant and others for they might depend upon it if he or others were brought before the bench for a similar offence they would be severely punished. The fine in this case would he 2s. and costs 10s. 6d.

Mr. Chappel stepping forward, said— He felt very strongly upon this matter for he felt such conduct tended to hurt the town. He last summer had a very nice family at his house but they were so annoyed by the boys that they declared that they would not come again. He said the people of the town should endeavour to improve themselves if they wanted to get visitors to come to them; he felt sure that the steps which had been taken by Mr. Gowan, together with what had fallen from the bench, that the nuisance, if not altogether done away with, would be abated, and as he thought the fine and costs would fall heavily on the parents of the defendant he would pay them himself.

Here the matter dropped.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday 8 December 1863.

Ramsgate. "Camden Arms Inn."

To be let - Possession of Christmas - this old established Inn, in a good and improving neighbourhood.

Apply to Friend and Vinton, Auctioneers, Ramsgate.


Damaged during the raid of 24 August 1940. The following passage is from a description of the area at the time:- Coming into La Belle Square, it appeared at first that the houses there had escaped but it was not so. Along the eastern side, most of the windows of the houses, and all the "Camden Arms" were splintered.


East Kent Times and Mail, Wednesday 17 April 1968.

Broadstairs landlord is champion.

First winner of the new Thomson and Wotton Albright landlords darts competition is Norman Ette, mine host of the "Lord Nelson," Broadstairs.

In the brewery clubroom at Ramsgate last Wednesday he beat Charlie Green, of the "George and Dragon," Ramsgate, in two straight legs.

Playing consistently well, Ette deserved his victories in the semi-final he eliminated Alf Wrightson, of the "Camden Arms," Ramsgate by a similar margin.

In his semi-final, Green lost firstly by a big margin but came back to win the next two legs and accomplished the surprise defeat of V. Brown of the "Wheatsheaf," Ash.


From Friday 11 November 2011

Man filmed repeatedly swinging cat hands himself in.

Cat swinging

An RSPCA spokeswoman has confirmed that a 20-year-old suspect is helping with inquiries into the animal cruelty case.

CCTV cameras captured a man swinging a cat by its tail outside the "Camden Arms" pub in Ramsgate, Kent.

A man apparently filmed on CCTV repeatedly swinging a cat by its tail has handed himself in to police in Margate, Kent, the day after a public outcry when the incident was publicised.

The cameras captured events outside the "Camden Arms" pub in Ramsgate, at 8.30pm on 29 October, when a man picked up the black cat by the tail and walked down the street dangling it at arm's length and then repeatedly swinging it up in the air.

An RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed that a 20-year-old man had handed himself in, and was helping with inquiries.

The animal charity had described the incident as "a very violent, nasty attack on a cat" and appealed to anyone who recognised the man to come forward. "Anyone who witnessed this outside the pub must have been as shocked and appalled as we were."

The two-year-old cat, named Mowgli, is one of three owned by Michelle Buchanan, an IT teacher from Ramsgate. She said: "It's horrific. I can't believe anyone would do something that cruel. Mowgli is emotional. He's just distraught. He won't go out the door."

Last year in Coventry the RSPCA prosecuted Mary Bale, caught on camera throwing a four-year-old cat, Lola, into a bin. The cat survived, but Bale, who said she had been depressed, received hate mail. She was fined 250 for causing suffering.


From the 1 June, 2012.

Ramsgate cat cruelty case thrown out over lack of evidence.

THE trial has collapsed of a man accused of swinging a cat around by its tail outside Ramsgate's Camden Arms.

Magistrates decided that CCTV images showing the incident, in October last year, were not clear enough to proceed with the case.

Riain Richards, 20, of Clements Road had denied causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.


I am informed that the premises is now (2021) owned by local businessmen Keith Clark.



CRISFORD John 1839-47+ (age 40 in 1841Census)

CRISFORD Elizabeth Mrs 1851-55+

MURRAY Elizabeth Mrs 1858+

CRISFORD Elizabeth Miss 1861-62+ (age 24 in 1861Census)

BUTLER Frederick 1871-82+ (age 44 in 1881Census)

NOBEL George Charles 1890-91+ (age 57 in 1891Census)

MARTIN William R 1901+ (age 39 in 1901Census)

TOMSETT George 1903+ Kelly's 1903

YEOMAN William 1907+

PIERCE Joseph William 1911+ (age 50 in 1911Census)

HUNTER Hugh C 1913-57+ (Phone 554 in 1937)


CLARK Keith ????

HARDEIE June & John 1976+



Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903


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