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Earliest 1837-

Black Horse

Latest 1932

(Bellevue Hill 1867) 38-40 Plains of Waterloo


Black Horse 1905

Above photo, circa 1905, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Black Horse 1920s

Above photo circa 1920s, from Ramsgate Historical Society.

Black Horse location 2009

Above Google image, June 2009.


Not a lot known about this one yet, local knowledge appreciated.


Canterbury Weekly Journal and Farmer’s Gazette, Saturday 15th July 1837.


July 8 at St. John’s Church Margate, by the Rev. J. Streatfield, Mr. Edell Penny jun. to Eliza, daughter of M. David Jones of the "Black Horse Inn" Ramsgate.


From the Kentish Gazette, 18 July 1843.


July 4, at Ramsgate, aged 69, Mr. David Jones, landlord of the "Black Horse." Belle Vue Hill.


Southeastern Gazette, 23 August 1853.

Petty Sessions, Monday. (Before W. H. St. George, Esq., chairman, A. Crofton, and H. Benson, Esqrs.)

Enoch Silas Latter was charged with opening his house, the "Black Horse," for the sale of beer, on Sunday morning, the 7th inst.

Fined 10s., costs 11s. 6d.


Thanet Advertiser, 13th May, 1885.

Drunk on Licensed Premises.

Elizabeth Christian and William Christian were summoned for being drunk in the "Black Horse" public house, kept by Edwin Summers.

Both defendants pleaded guilty.

P.C. Botting proved serving the defendant's in the back taproom of the "Black Horse," and they were very drunk. The female defendant said she was told her husband was drinking in front of the bar of the "Black Horse," and she went and told him to come home. He, however, laughed at her, and she went away. She then went home, and finding he did not come she again went to fetch him, and said she would not go until he came. What she had to drink she had with her husband in front of the bar.

The male defendant said he had no more to say. It was quite right what his "missus" had said.

The Chairman said the female defendant had given a great deal of trouble.

Superintendent Buss said it was some time since she had been before there worships.

The Chairman said that not withstanding she had given a great deal of trouble to the police authorities and to the justice's. The defendants would be fined 9s. 6d. Including costs.

Both were removed in custody.


Thanet Advertiser, 3rd November 1888.

Drunk on Licensed Premises.

Robert Bliss, a semen, was charged with being drunk on licensed premises.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

P.C. Williams said that on the 22nd inst., at 8:20 p.m., he was in the Plains of Waterloo. In company with P.N. Realman, he visited the "Black Horse Inn," kept by Mr. A. Brockman, and found defendant there very drunk.

Bliss, who made no excuse for his conduct, was find 1s, and 7s. costs, or in default 7-days hard labour.

Defendant asked for time in which to pay, but this was refused, and he was removed in custody.


East Kent Times, 6th March, 1912.

A Back Door.

At a sitting of the Ramsgate Licensing Justice's on Monday. Mr. S. H. Page applied for approval of a plan, for alterations to be made to the back wall of the premises of the "Black Horse In." The entrance was to be used entirely by the family. The tenant, Mr. Bowen, had a child, 7 years of age, and at the present time she had to go through the bar when leaving the house. The tenant was prepared to give an undertaking that the door would be kept locked, except when used by the family.

The application was granted.


The East Kent Times, 9th September 1914.

Temporary Transfer.

The Ramsgate Magistrates, the Mayor (Councillor G. G. Cook) in the chair, granted on Monday the temporary transfer of the licence of the "Black Horse Inn," from Leonard George Knowles to George William Collard.


Thanet Advertiser, 9 October 1915.

Ramsgate. Temporary Transfer.

At the Ramsgate police court on Monday, the licence of the "Black Horse Inn," Plains of Waterloo, was temporarily transferred from Mr. J. W. Collard to Mr. G. W. Weeks.


The Thanet Advertiser, Pullen's Kent Argus, and the Broadstairs and St. Peter's Echo. Friday, 29 April, 1932.

Ramsgate sale of well situated Freehold Properties.

Just off the Sea Front and in the centre of the town.

Messrs Scarlett & Goldsack, have been favoured with instructions to submit to public auction, at the auction rooms, 36, High Street, Ramsgate on Thursday 11th May, 1932, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in lots.

The "Black Horse Inn," 38 and 40, Plains of Waterloo.

The "Royal harbour Inn," 85 Addington Street.

The Licences of which have been recently surrendered, and which are readily convertible to the requirements of any other business.




JONES David 1937-4/July/1843 dec'd age 69

JONES Agnes (widow) July/1843-51+ (age 70 in 1851Census) (died 29/Jan/1859)

LATTER Enoch Silas 1853+

PENNEY William 1858+ Melville's 1858

BUGDEN James 1861-81+ (also bricklayer age 60 in 1881Census) died 1899 age 77 Electoral Register

SUMMERS Edwin 1883-85+

BROCKMAN Alfred Henry 1888-15/Mar/1902 (also carpenter age 51 in 1901Census) (dec'd age 52)

BROCKMAN Ernest Samuel 1903-07 (dec'd age 32)

BOWES Albert Edward 1911-12+ Next pub licensee had

WEEKS George John 1915-32 (dec'd age 66)


Electoral RegisterElectoral Register

Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858



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