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Earliest 1871-

Arklowe Inn

Latest 1891+

Victoria Road / King Street


Arklowe Inn 2015

Above photo, 2015, kindly supplied by Michael Mirams.


I am not sure whether this one actually ever gained a license to sell alcoholic beverages, the census of 1881 stated that is was occupied by James Franklin, age 50, who was a Coal Merchant, but in 1891 I believe it was manufacturing Mineral Waters.


From The Dover Express, Friday, October 6, 1871.


We understand that the Home Secretary has refused to grant his approval to the issue of a license to the "Arklow Inn," situate in Victoria Road, King Street, notwithstanding that the Sandwich magistrates recommended the same for his approval on the ground of "public necessity."


Thanet Advertiser 9 September 1871.


The brewster sessions commenced on Monday, which was set apart for renewing licenses already granted.

On the second day, set apart for the hearing of applications for fresh licensee the justices present were E. L. Harrison, Esq. (Mayor), R. Harrison, Esq., son., R. L. Harrison, Esq., jun., and J. Dorman, Esq.

Mr. Daniel, applied, an behalf of Mr. Attreed, for a license for the "Arklow Inn," Ramsgate, producing in support of his application a numerously signed memorial, setting forth the inconvenience which would ensue to the locality if the license were withheld. He also stated that the house was in the vicinity of the Mount Albion estate, which had been sold in plots for building under certain restrictions, one of which was that no such house as this should be erected on them. He called the applicants who stated that there were fourteen rooms in the house, and that he intended to reside there and conduct the business himself. The license was afterwards granted by the Bench, subject to the approbation of the Home Secretary.

The session was then adjourned for a fortnight.


Thanet Advertiser 5 October 1878.


At the adjourned licensing session, held at Sandwich, on Monday last, before R. L. Harrison, Esq., (Chairman), T. Dorman, Esq., and R. Harrison, Esq., jun.

Mr. Dorman applied for a license to sell beer at the house known as the "Arklow Inn," Victoria Road, Ramsgate. He called evidence to show that Mr. John Knowles (the applicant) had been frequently applied to by visitors for refreshment during the summer season, and there was a need of another licensed house, as so many houses were being built in the neighbourhood. Mr. E. J. Hobbes, of King-street, Ramsgate representing himself as a freeholder in the immediate neighbourhood, opposed the application on the grounds that there were several houses holding licenses within a few yards of this house and also that the "Granville Hotel" was close by. He considered there was ample accommodation without granting this license.

The Bench retired, and on their return, the chairman said they saw no reason to alter their former decision, and the application would, therefore, be refused.


Thanet Advertiser 30 April 1921.


It is evident that the reminiscences or old Thanet which appear from time to time in the Advertiser and Echo are of considerable interest to a wide circle of readers.

An old resident of Ramsgate has handed to us a series of petitions, prepared in 1880, praying that Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace "for the town and port and borough of Sandwich, in the county of Kent, and for the liberties and members thereof assembled at their adjourned general annual licensing meeting," may grant a license in respect of the "Arklow Inn," Ramsgate. The preamble written in perfect copper-plate handwriting.

The first petition is that of the Chairman and members of the Ramsgate Local Board, who "Do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with the position of the "Arklow Inn," and that, having regard to the surrounding neighbourhood, which is annually extending, we are of opinion that if your Worships were to grant a license for the sale by retail of excisable liquors for consumption on or off the said premises the same would apply a want which has long been felt by the inhabitants residing within its vicinity and be an advantage to the public generally."

This petition in signed by the Rev. B. Gripper Banks (Chairman of the Local Board). Messrs, George Norris, W. P. Barnes, Paul Maurice Upright, John Ovary Eve, Lazarus Hart, Charles Pearce, and Isaac Fenwick.

Petition No. 2 is from inhabitants of Ramsgate "residing or owning property within the vicinity of the refreshment and boarding-house kept by Mr. James Norman Franklin, known as the "Arklow Inn," and situate in Victoria-road, Ramsgate, aforesaid, for which said premises he is seeking to obtain from your Worships a license to sell excisable liquors by retail therein." The petitioners "do hereby certify that in our opinion the granting of such a licence would be a great accommodation to the surrounding neighbourhood, inasmuch as the nearest licensed house is 200 yards distant, and occupies a position very inconvenient to arrive at."

The first of the signatories—Mr. F. J. Wraight— is still with us, and other names attached to the list include those of S. Austin, M. J. Adams, M. A. Austen. B. Carpenter, E. Bourne, S, Fairbrass, M.
Cooper, G, Wanstall, C. A, Hall, Mary Fostor, M. T. Gardner. W. Jordan, W. G. Osborne, and Matthew Geneate.

The third, and last petition embodied the appeal of visitors to Ramsgate who "having frequented the refreshment and boarding-house." certified: "We find the said house and premises replete in every particular for the purposes of an inn; that we have received great civility and attention from Mr. Franklin and his wife during our stay in his said house, but we feel that it would greatly promote the comfort and enjoyment of those who visit the premises if a license was granted."

An "off" license was subsequently granted in respect of the premises, later known as the "Victoria."



ATTREED Mr 1871+

KNOWLES John 1878+

FRANKLIN James Norman 1880-81+ (listed as Coal Merchant age 50 in 1881Census)

AUSTIN Josiah Edward 1890-91+ (listed as a Mineral Water Manufacturer age 38 in 1891Census)




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