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Earliest 1600s

Albion Wine Vaults


(Name to)

75 Preston Street


Picture taken from Google maps, May 2009.


It is rumoured that there was a brewery in the building in the 1700's, with the first records of it being a tavern in the 17th Century. Records show that in 1770 Valentine Court purchased the premises including an acre of hop gardens for 515.

The premises ceased serving beer in 1965 but has recently been reopened and in 2009 was renamed "Old Wine Vaults."


From the Whitstable Times, 15 April, 1944.

Police Raid On Faversham Wine Vaults.


At the Faversham Borough Petty Sessions on Wednesday in last week, Helen Marjorie Turnbull, landlady of the "Albion Wine Vaults," Preston Street, was summoned for supplying intoxicating liquor other than during permitted hours and also for keeping the house open after 10 p.m. on February 29th. Captain Cecil Lewis Turnbull was summoned for aiding and abetting in the above offences. Frederick Charles Foster, of Church Farm. Oare, and Marjorie Hutchinson, housekeeper at the "Ship Hotel," Faversham, were summoned for consuming intoxicating liquor other than during permitted hours and with being on the premises after 10 p.m. All the defendants pleaded guilty.

Mr. T. T. Cropper, who appeared for the police, said that at 11.45 p.m. Inspector Jayes and Sergeant Solman were passing the "Albion Wine Vaults" when they heard some voices coming from inside. They looked through the front door and were able to see because the blackout had been displaced, all four defendants in the bar. At that moment Foster was in the act of drinking from a glass. Inspector Jayes knocked on the door and immediately all four defendants disappeared from view. Later Mrs. Turnbull opened the door and when the police officers went inside they found four empty beer glasses on the counter and some on a mantelpiece. The Inspector asked Mrs Turnbull who she had got there and she said she had got some friends in the kitchen. The officers went into the kitchen and saw the remaining defendants. On the sergeant questioning Foster he became abusive and used obscene language. He was much under the influence of drink and the Inspector was afraid he was going to strike him, but Mrs. Turnbull stopped him. Later the Inspector asked Mrs. Turnbull what they had been drinking and she said "Double XK." She also said that she should have known better than to have served after time. The Inspector told her se would be reported and that if she entertained friends they should be in her private room. Mrs. Turnbull said: "Foster is a nuisance. If I took him inside it would be a job to get rid of him. In May last the Inspector spoke to her about the same sort of thing. Before the Inspector left Mrs. Turnbull said: "It is all my fault. I don't mind what you do to me, but please keep Captain Turnbull out of it."

The Mayor (Mr Phil Johnson) said that Captain Turnbull was not a servant and he could not see how he could be summoned for aiding and abetting.

Mr. Cropper said he was not a servant, but he resided there. His position was that he was present and saw it happen and as he took no notice of it he was aiding and abetting.

Mrs. Turnbull said she admitted she was to blame, but no money was passed. Miss Hutchinson came round to see her. She agreed they should not have been in the bar, but they had no fire in the sitting-room and that was why they were there.

The defendant Foster said he pleaded guilty to having drinks, but if he acted as had been stated he should have had the benefit of a medical opinion and been charged there and then.

Miss Hutchinson said she visited Mrs. Turnbull rather late and the time went rather quickly.

Foster said that as to being abusive he would have employed counsel to prove provocation on the part of the police Inspector Jayes said that Miss Hutchinson was housekeeper at the "Ship Hotel" and had an exceptionally good character. He must say he was very much surprised to find her in this position. With regard to Mr. Foster the Bench knew all about him. Mrs. Turnbull had held the licence under the name of Clancy for the past 18 months. Prior to this she was manageress of the "Railway Hotel" and had always conducted it in a proper manner. On a previous occasion he had to see her because someone was on the premises at 11.30. and he told her that if it occurred again he should have to take action.

The Mayor said that Mrs Turnbull would be fined 5 in the first case and 2 in the second. With regard to Mr. Foster it was rather serious because of the statement the police had put in and he would be fined 10 in each case. Captain Turnbull and Miss Hutchinson would each be bound over for one year.



FEARN Emily Fearn 1888-94+ Swinock's Faversham Directory

COURT Valentine & Son (Wine & Spirit Merchants) 1903-13+ Kelly's 1903Kelly's 1913

FROGLEY W R 1926 (from a 1926 advertisement)

Last pub licensee had TURNBULL Helen Marjorie (nee CLANCY) 1944+


Kelly's 1903From the Kelly's Directory 1903

Kelly's 1913From the Kelly's Directory 1913

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