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Earliest 1848

(Royal) Albion Hotel

Latest 1980s

(Name to)

The Parade/1 King Street (2 Fort Hill)


Albion Hotel 1906

Above photo, 1906, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.

Royal Albion Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Dug Out, Albion and Tram

Above photo 1936 the "Dug Out" is shown to the left of the tram and the "Albion" behind it.

Former Albion Hotel

Above photo, date unknown.

Royal Albion Hotel 1978

Above photo 1978, kindly sent by Paul Wells.


Originally addressed as 2 Fort Hill.

Also known as the "Royal Albion Hotel," this establishment changed name to "Barnacles" during the 1980s when the hotel's former letting rooms were converted into flats and the bar area rebuilt.

Dating from at least 1848 it was originally a lodging house. However around the early 1860's it was bought by the famous Drury Lane clown Harry Boleno who although retired from that trade he would perform impromptu clowning for the visitors.

Mayor of Margate (1930-31), Percy Bosworth Osborne bought the Pub in 1929 and stayed as Licensee until 1935. Percy had moved to Margate in 1919 after being given six months to live as he had problems with his chest, throat and lungs. He was fondly known as the "Optimistic Mayor". Percy was found dead in a gas filled room at the "Phoenix Inn" in King Street in 1940, of which he was licensee.

Dr. Anthony Halperin tells me he used to be the owner in the 1970s, and the premises was run by a tee-total manager. However, when the premises started to lose money he became an alcoholic. he also says they used to let rooms above the pub until one very wet night of heavy rain the roof leaked and the guests all huddled together in their pyjamas in the bar.

Now named "Barnacles" and under the chain of Thorley's, Manager Nigel Avery has been at the helm since 1990.

In 2001 the pub appeared in a scene from the film  "Last Orders" Michael Caine and Bob Hoskins.


From the Kentish Chronicle, 17 November, 1860.


Edwin Minter, a fish dealer, then surrendered to his bail having been arrested, on a warrant, charged with assaulting Joseph Hudson, a fly driver, on Friday, the 9th inst.

Complainant deposed:— Last Friday evening I was called for, by the porter at the "Albion Hotel," who said there were two gentlemen waiting to see me. I went; and when arrived there a gentleman asked me if I had not got a check of the defendants. I said, "Yes," and gave it to him. I asked him for the 7s. 6d. for the blacksmith's bill, for repairing as carriage he had damages, and about eight in the evening I went to the "Hoy Inn," in the company with Charles Rooff; and there I saw the defendant, who came to the bar. I said, "Now, here is a gentleman, Rooff; perhaps he will pay you the repairs done to the carriage." Defendant said he would not. I then went into the parlour, and defendants friend followed: the defendant pulled the chair from under me, and knocked off my hat. I was then coming out, and he hit me on the nose, and ran into the bar.

Stephen Cock was called, and corroborated a great portion of the evidence. He deposed to seeing the blow struck and the blood running down.

Mr. Towne, in defence, said, admitting that an assault had been committed, was it such a one as ought to have been brought before the Bench? He went through the evidence, remarking upon some slight discrepancies.

The Bench seemed to think it was such an offence as ought to have been brought before them, from the fine they imposed, which was 20s., and costs 22s.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 21 December 1867. Price 1d.


On Friday evening an alarm of fire was given by firing the maroons at the Town-hall, and the fire proved to be at the house of Mr. Brady, Bridge-street.

The fire originated by a chimney at the “Albion Hotel” adjoining, the lighted soot from which had fallen into the gutter and ignited the roof. It was, however, fortunately discovered by a neighbour, the alarm given, and in less than five minutes from the firing of the maroons a goodly number of the firemen were on the spot and succeeded in extinguishing the fire before it had done any serious damage. The chimney was, however, noticed to be on fire an hour before the alarm was given, and but little was thought of it, as Supt. Saunders was on the spot and every one concerned thought it had been entirely extinguished. The superintendent was still on the premises when the alarm was given, and by his promptitude and that of the fireman no doubt much valuable property was saved.


Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser 09 January 1885.

William Danby, late of the "Albion Hotel," Margate, has been committed to the assizes for fraudulent bankruptcy and perjury.


Thanet Advertiser, Tuesday 30 January 1934.

Hotel fire caused by short circuit.

The "Royal Albion Hotel," Margate, at present in the course of re-construction, was the scene of an outbreak of fire shortly before 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

The fire brigade was on the spot within a few minutes of the alarm being received, and it was discovered that the joist and flooring between the separating wall of two bedrooms have become ignited. Chemical extinguishers were brought into operation by members of the brigade, and by this means, and after cutting away considerable quantity of old material, the outbreak was quelled.

The fire was due to the short circuiting of electrical light wires. The licensing of the "Royal Albion Hotel" is Councillor P. B. Osborne.



ROOFF F W 1855+

MASTERS John 1858+

MASON Henry Balone 1861+ (age 41 in 1861Census)

WILLIAMS Fanny Mrs 1867+

STEVENS Mary Mrs 1871-74+ (age 44 in 1871Census)

PARISH Benjamin 1881+ (age 39 in 1881Census)

SATCHELL William 1881-91+ (age 48 in 1891Census)

FENNER Frank Ingram 1903-11+ (age 46 in 1911Census)

BEAN L C Mrs 1900+

PETRYYWALSKY Charles 1901+ (age 44 in 1901Census)

FENNER Frank Ingram 1911-22+

OSBORNE Percy Bosworth Next pub licensee had 1929-35

HALPERIN Anthony Dr 1970s (owner)




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