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Pub Crawl 1920s



The passage below was titled "A Sheppey pub crawl," devised by Sheerness florist, Mr William Stavely, c1920s.

You start off in Bluetown, and end up in West Minster, via Sheerness, Minster, Eastchurch, Leysdown, Harty, Halfway and Queenborough.

"Wearing the "Crown and Anchor," a "Jolly Sailor" refreshed himself at the "Fountain," on his way to the "Crystal Palace," falling in with "Watermen" and "Cricketers."

They informed him "Cumberland was in Arms," so ordering "Horse and Groom" and waving the "Red, White and Blue," he formed a "Mitre" and went to the "Ship." Seeing "Lord Nelson," he told him with "Good Intent" the news.

That is no "Criterion," take this emblem sealed with the "Red Lion" and summon the "Army and Navy," or "Druids to Arms," then refresh yourself with "Grapes," for you will require "Hearts of Oak" to face the "Duke of Clarence."

Proceed to the "Railway," but don't act the "Goat:" be a "True Briton" and "Victory" is sure.

Go with the speed of a "Greyhound" until you come to the "North Star;" you will receive there another "Crown and Anchor" for your "Sun."

At the "Brewery Tap" you will be presented with a "Belle and Lion." Toll the bell and sing that popular ditty "Blue Bell" with a "Good Intent," but don't disturb the "British Queen," who will give you a "Wheatsheaf" to place in her favourite "Bricklayers Arms."

You will next sing "Britannia" rules the waves to "Wellington" who will order the "Mechanics" to sever the "Tarters Head" and take "Kents Arms."

You must then take the "Crown" from the "Old House at Home" and place it in the "Castle" which protects the "Queens Hotel."

Refresh yourself at the "Royal Hotel" and Lunch in the Bar.

A "Sea View" will then be taken by "Napier" from the "Glass House," and the "Hero of the Crimea" who fought on the "Heights of Alma," being a "Man of Kent," will be made a "British Admiral" and his sword hardened with a brawny "Blacksmith's Arms."

Proceeding, you will come to a "Ship-on-Shore," and a man from "Waterloo" will tell you how the "King's Arms" were taken by the "Highlanders," who captured the "Sons of Sheppey" and took them to the "British Queen."

After planting a "Royal Oak" near a "Plough," then taking a "Wheatsheaf," they found a "Crooked Billet" at the "Castle." Proceeding with a "Rose and Crown" they discovered a "Greyhound," which they took to "Harty Ferry" and on to "Halfway house," where they were entertained by the "Oddfellows."

They were then sent to "Queen Phillipa" with a "Rose" and the "Hope" that they would take the "Ordnance Arms" to the "Castle" from the "Old House at Home," return to the "Ship," sail round the "Globe," and finish in the "Medway."

If you want a good, long drink, visit them all".


Rest of the list....

British Queen Chapel St Minster

Castle High St Eastchurch

Crooked Billett Primrose La Eastchurch

Cutter 7 High St Queenboro

Ferry House Harty

Globe Inn Elmley

Greyhound Lower Rd Minster

Hallway House Halfway Minster

Highlanders High St Minster

Hope 62a High St Queenboro

Kings Arms, by the Abbey Minster

Oddfellows Halfway Minster

Old House at Home 1 High St Queenboro

Ordnance Arms 19 High St Queenboro

Plough Back Rd Minster

Queen Phillipa 171 High St Queenboro

Rose & Crown Leysdown Rd Leysdown

Royal Oak East End La Minster

Ship 22 High St Queenboro

Ship on Shore Cheyne Rock Minster

Son of Sheppey Chapel St Minster

Waterloo High St Minster

Wheatsheaf Warden La Eastchurch


From the 1902 directory, Sheerness & Blue town, rest of the Island to follow. I'm sure I've mixed up Mile Town, Blue Town in some cases but hopefully not too many.

Army & Navy 38 High St Blue Town SH

Belle & Lion 59 High St Mile Town SH

Blacksmiths Arms 55 Clyde St SH

Blue Bell 23 Hope st SH

Brewery Tap 106 High St Mile Town SH

Bricklayers 108 Hope st SH

British Admiral 73 Upper James St SH

British Queen 82 Hope st SH

Castle Tav 210 High St Mile Town SH

Cricketers Arms 5 Sheppey St SH

Crown & Anchor 20 West St Blue Town SH

Crystal Palace King St Blue Town SH

Cumberland Arms 41 Chapel St SH

Druids Arms 23 High St Blue Town SH

Duke of Clarence 8 High St Blue Town SH

Globe 72 Montague Rd SH

Good Intent 3 Kings Head Alley Blue Town SH

Good Intent 26 Hope st SH

Grapes 17 High St Blue Town SH

Greyhound 2 Short st SH

Hearts of Oak 21 High St Blue Town SH

Heights of Alma Alma St SH

Hero of the Crimea 49 Alma St SH

Horse & Groom Chapel St SH

Horse & Groom Charles St Blue Town SH

Jolly Sailor 16 West St Blue Town SH

Kent Arms 108 High St Mile Town SH

Man of Kent 40 Clyde St SH

Mechanics Arms 85 High St Mile Town SH

Medway Tav 54 Montague Rd SH

North Star North St SH

Old House at Home 158 High St Mile Town SH

Railway Htl 1 High St Mile Town SH

Red Lion 61 High St Blue Town SH

Red White & Blue 9 East La SH

Ship 3&4 West St Blue Town SH

Sun Inn 28 Russell St

Tartars Head 102 High St Mile Town SH

True Briton 21 Victory st SH

Victoria WMC Broadway SH

Victoria/Glasshouse Marine Terr SH

Victory 54 Victory St SH

Watermans Arms 13 Union St Blue Town SH

Wheatsheaf 106 Hope st SH

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