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Plymouth Inn

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Southside Street



Is this indeed a Dover pub at all. The following was found reported in the Dover Telegraph of 1834, but being on page 5, which also told of various other news items, including an article just above this titled "Strength of the Spanish Army in the Peninsula" and "The Cossacks of the Ural" I am not so sure that this is about Dover town. I do not know of a Southside Street as yet.  Were the 75th and 53rd in Dover at the time, and who is the "Western Luminancy?" Hopefully someone will enlighten me.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 4 January 1834. Price 7d.



The lower parts of this town in the neighbourhood of the Custom-House, were thrown into the utmost consternation on Wednesday evening last, in consequence of an affray between the military and civilians. It appears to have happened at a public-house known by the name of the "Plymouth Inn" in Southside-street, between several privates of the 75th and 53d, and a party of seamen and marines. As usual the military drew their bayonets, and the inhabitants were obliged to interfere to prevent bloodshed. The soldiers left, but shortly returned with a reinforcement, to the number of four or five and twenty, and charged upon every person who came in their way. The town police, headed by the Worshipful the Mayor, were speedily on the spot, but not until a strong piquet arrived from the garrison, were the soldiers put to the rout. Several of them were subsequently taken into custody, and lodged in the town prison until the following morning, where they were brought before the Mayor and Magistrates, and four of them, named Payne and Monks, 75th, and Reed and Quin, 53d, who were identified as having committed violent assaults upon Cremer and Kallow, two of the police, were committed to take their trials at the ensuing sessions: the others were handed over to the military authorities, and the officers in attendance pledged themselves to an investigation into the case.

Western Luminary.





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