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1 Feb 2013

Pier Three

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3 Bench Street


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Pier Three February 2013

Above photo taken by Steve Bell 17th February 2013.


From the Dover Mercury, 14 February, 2013. 80p.


A NEW bistro could soon be opening in Dover.

An application has been submitted for "Pier Three" at Bench Street to sell alcohol from 8am to midnight Monday to Saturday, on Sunday from 9am to midnight, and to play recorded music every day from 8am until midnight.

Food will be served from breakfast to late-night meals.



Classed as a Bistro, this establishment apparently has three hand-pumps on view inside the bar area, but at time of writing their Licensing Application for objections doesn't close till the 20th of February, 2013, so we can only hope it goes through.

Evuidently it did go through and they opened for business at the end of February 2013.


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 28 February, 2013. 70p. Report by Phil Hayes


Pier Three owners

FAMILY AFFAIR: The Express gets the first look inside dog-friendly Bench Street bistro Pier Three

Rob reveals how wife inspired name of new restaurant

A BORN-AND-BRED Dovorian wants to bring something back to the town with his new bistro - which he has named in honour of his wife.

Rob Wright is set to open Pier Three tomorrow after slogging up to 18 hours a day renovating the empty property.

The 33-year-old has staked it all on the project, spending the entirety of the inheritance left by his father, who died in October last year.

Mr Wright said it has been his dream “for years” to open his own restaurant and revealed the inspiration behind the name of the new Bench Street bistro.


The father of one said: “My wife Sara was born and bred in Deal and says you can't beat waking up in the morning seeing the sun rise over Deal Pier.

“Then she fell in love with Brighton Pier at university.

“They are her two favourite places. I would like for her to say her third favourite place is my bistro, so I went for Pier Three.”

Mr Wright said the property was “just four walls” when he first picked up the keys.

He has since crafted a hand-built bar and a kitchen from scratch.

The former Astor pupil said: “You could see it was a blank canvas and that's what I wanted - to truly make it my own and unique.”

Mr Wright, who lives with Sara, son Jack, 12, and Yorkshire terrier, Cass, in Leyburne Road, Dover, hopes his restaurant will provide a boost for his hometown.

He said: “I've lived in Dover and I've seen it at a high point and seen it at a low.

“I just want to bring something back to the town.”

■ Pier Three will open to the general public at 8pm on Friday, March 1.

Mr Wright said the bistro will be dog-friendly.



Unfortunately closed in December the same year.


From the Dover Express, 9 January, 2014.

Dog-friendly diner is forced to close due to a lack of customers.

PIER Three restaurant closed in December - just 10 months after opening.

Pier Three licensees

CLOSED: Pier Three, run by Rob Wright - pictured with his wife Sara, son Jake and dog Cass - has closed due to a lack of footfall.

Owner Rob Wright, who spent his inheritance renovating the empty Bench Street property, wanted to “bring something back to the town”.

But the born and bred Dovorian shut his dog-friendly eatery last month because of a lack of footfall.

Mr Wright told the Express: “Basically we shut as the break clause was up.

“It was loved by everyone but not visited by enough people to keep it viable to stay open.

“I kept ploughing money into it but at the end of the day one man in one small business can’t change a whole town’s way of thinking.

“There were days when I sat in front of the window and you could count on one hand the amount of people that walked past throughout the whole day.”




WRIGHT Rob Feb-Dec/2013


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