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Earliest 1899

Off Licence

Latest 1970s

51 Clarendon Place


Off Licence, 51 Clarendon Street
51 Clarendon Place

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From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 25 September, 1881. 1d.



Mr. P. B. Claris applied on behalf of Mr. Gillow of Sandwich, for a license for 49, Clarendon Place, Dover. Mr. Claris said it would be recollected that he had applied at Dover for permission to transfer the “Star and Garter,” public-house, situated in Trevanion Street, Dover to 49, Clarendon Place. The obstacle was that the premises were not of sufficient value, although they were of a greater value than the house in Trevanion Street, from which it was proposed to transfer the license. They had however, served fresh notices, and he should call Mr. E. W. Fry, the architect, who had been engaged to prepare plans for the enlargement of these premises, which would bring them up to more than the value required, 30 per year. He was instructed to say that if the license were granted for these premises, Mr. Gallow would be prepared to surrender the license for the “Star and Garter.”

Mr. Lewis said he appeared to oppose the license, as also did Mr. Worsfold Mowll.

Mr. Edwin Coleman proved the service of the notices, and the advertisement of the same in the Dover Express.

Mr. Stilwell said he did not wish to raise any objection, but was the notice in accordance with the terms if the Act?

Mr. Worsfold Mowll said he was just speaking to Mr. Lewis on the subject, and was about to raise an objection to the notice, which was not in accordance with the terms of the section. The words of the section were “being constructed or to be constructed,” but the words of the notice were “being extended or to be extended.”

Mr. Stilwell said that was a question of law the notice would not do.

Mr. Claris: But the premises were already constructed.

Mr. Worsfold Mowll: Yes, that is the difficulty that you are in.

Mr. Claris: But surely the words inserted are a correct description.

The Mayor: What are the words?

Mr. Stilwell: The words in the notice are “extended or being extended.” The words of the Act are “being constructed or about to be constructed.”

Mr. Claris: The house being already constructed, nothing can be done but extend it.

Mr. Stilwell: I do not think it is a good notice, not being in accordance with the words of the Act.

Mr. Claris: It appears then, according to this reading of the Act, that a house cannot be improved, although one may be originally built. I fail to see the difference between improving a house already built and building a new one. It is a very nice hair splitting distinction.

The Mayor: We must rule the notice to be informal.

Mr. Worsfold Mowll: I was only afraid the error would be found out too soon.



Kelly's directory of 1899 shows 51 Clarendon Place as serving as an off-licence under the charge of Walter Goldfinch, previously of the "Canterbury Bell," Tower Hamlets Street. I believe perhaps the numbering may have changed slightly from the original application at the Adjourned Licensing Sessions at Broadstairs in 1881.



Last pub licensee had GOLDFINCH Walter 1899+


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