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Nu-Age owner

Above shows club owner Janek Masrani.

From the Dover Mercury Thursday, 19 March, 1998.

Police move to close club fail

By Mary Louise

An attempt by police to close down one of Dover's nightclubs has failed despite claims by officers that they had witnessed drug-deals, under-age customers and violence there.

Magistrates renewed the license for NuAge, in Adrian Street, after owner Jimmy Gleeson agreed to a demand that people under 21 carried photo identification.

Undercover officers Mark Matthews and Geraldine Sullivan said that when they visited the club in August they were not asked for ID. PC Matthews said the majority of people in the club were between 16 and 25.

After midnight there was a scuffle during which one man smashed an ashtray over another's head and was swiftly ejected by doormen.

Later the officers noticed a couple sitting by the lavatories. "The man was rolling a cigarette and added a substance which I would describe as cannabis," said PC Matthews.

 No proof

PC Matthews admitted he had no proof that drugs were involved or that anyone present was under-age.

Police licensing officer Sgt Pat Geary said crime reported at NuAge showed a higher level of assault than at "Jay's Wine Bar," "Images" nightclub, "Flotilla and Furkin," "Elephant and Hind," "Britannia," and "New Mogul" put together.

Police also claimed that incidents in NuAge had led to a double shooting in Dover on August 23 and the York Street shooting and stabbing on September 6.

Mr. Gleeson said the majority of incidents reported to the police were "minor squabbles." He had no recollection of anything untoward in the club relating to the shootings and had invariably reported any crime at NuAge to the police.

Anyone whose age was in doubt was turned away and a random search policy was operated to curb people entering with drugs or weapons, it was not feasible to search every customer.

Ian Folnette, for Mr. Gleeson, said there had been a personality clash between Sgt Geary and Mr. Gleeson, who had previously had a cordial relationship with the police.


From the Dover Express, 29 November, 2001.

Police want. to close down Nu-Age


THE future of Dover's Nu-Age night club where hundreds of people from East Kent find their entertainment - was hanging in the balance yesterday.

Kent police had notified Dover District Council they were opposing the renewal of the indoor public entertainment licence of the club.

Club owner Jim Gleeson until last month chairman of Dover Athletic Football Club - had been served with a list of alleged incidents in or around the club premises in Adrian Street, off York Street.

Mr Gleeson, with the help of legal representation, was fighting for the renewal of the licence for the popular venue.

Police said they objected to renewal because of nearly 100 calls received in 15 months. These included 23 allegations of assault, 16 of actual bodily harm and two of indecent assault.

In one incident, it was alleged, a doorman had grabbed hold of a female's breasts and in other incident a fight involving 20 youths was reported.

Police said their concern included the impact of disorder on residents of the area and the feasibility of policing at certain times.

Two district council officials kept watch on the premises for three hours one night in October and saw a fight outside involving two men and a female. Early in the morning they saw 357 people leave the club which has a licence for 500.

The issue on the future of the night club was yesterday being thrashed out at Deal town hall before the district council's licensing sub-committee.

Mr Gleeson applied in September for the renewal of the licence then due to expire at the-end of October 2001.

The meeting which began yesterday (Wednesday) at 9.30am was still in progress as the Dover Express went to press.

Council spokesman Andy Steele said: "The committee will listen to what is being said and the case being presented before considering how to take the matter forward. Any decision will not be taken lightly."


From the Dover Express, 6 December, 2001.

Club decision due tomorrow.


THE future of one of Dover's favourite nightspots is still in the balance after no decision was reached by a council committee last week.

The meeting was postponed until tomorrow, when the owners of Nu-Age will learn the fate or the Adrian Street venue.

Club owner Jim Gleeson was faced with a list of allegations of incidents in and around the premises provided by police when he tried to have the club's licence renewed.

The police say they objected to its renewal because almost 100 calls had been received in little over a year.

These included 23 reports of alleged assaults, 16 of actual bodily harm and a further two of indecent assault.

Police raised objections on the grounds that the neighbours might be affected by disturbances - and their own concerns about being able to attend at certain times.

Officers compiled a dossier of incidents that they felt made the club unsuitable for licence renewal.

It was alleged that in one incident a doorman had grabbed a woman's breasts and in another incident a fight involving 20 youths was reported.

Mr Gleeson, until recently the owner of Dover Athletic Football club, originally applied in September for renewal of the licence, which was then due to expire at the end of October.

Two district council officials observed the premises for three hours one October evening and witnessed a fight involving two men and a woman.

They reported seeing 357 people leave the night club when it closed, although this did not exceed its 500-person limit.


From the Dover Express, 27 December 2001.

Nuage cartoon 2001

"This 'disturbance' - it's just the owner celebrating his licence renewal.

From the Dover Express 2005.

Club plans to expand.

THE owner of Nuage nightclub says he has 'massive expansion plans', with projects believed to include the creation of a ten-pin bowling alley.

Janak Masrani and business partner Tony Gibber took over the Adrian Street venue last July after buying it for a reported 1-million.

It is understood by the Express that Mr Masrani has a further 5-million to invest, with a bowling alley high on the list of potential outlays.

When approached by the paper Mr Masrani said: "People will just have to watch this space.

"I can say that I have got massive expansion plans for Dover, but currently they are just plans."

Town-centre manager Mike Webb said "He is the type of entrepreneur who, with the proper support, will benefit the town immensely: If anyone can move Dover forward it will be him."

Nuage will be re-launched at the end of the month as the revamped "Studio One".




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MASRANI Janak 2005-08

Changed to "Studio One" then "Karma"


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