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Mayfly (Hawkinge)
Mayfly (Hawkinge)

Above photos by Paul Skelton September 2007.

Mayfly sign Sept 2007Mayfly sign Sept 2009

Sign left 15 Sept 2007. Sign right 13 Sept 2009.


This to date (15 Sept 2007) is the newest pub that has opened in the area.

It has been built to serve the new Hawkinge housing estate and has a Battle of Britain theme due to the estate being built on what used to be the WW2 airfields that protected this part of England.


Saturday 23rd June 2007 Ghost Search


During the Battle of Britain, Hawkinge was the closest operational airfield, and played a major role in defending our country. Spitfires and Hurricanes would scramble all times of the day and night, to intercept the advancing enemy. Unfortunately because of the close proximity to the enemy, Hawkinge and the surrounding areas were bombed and shelled regularly. The airfield closed in the 1960's and has since become one of the largest developments in the southeast. Developers have found many souvenirs left from the days of war, such as asbestos, pipe mines and German bombs. Each phase of building even to this day, conjures up things from the past.

Although the Mayfly is a new building and 'ghosts' are usually associated with older buildings, the extent of the history, of the site it is built upon, is reason enough to experience paranormal activity.

The Battle of Britain Museum is close by, perhaps RAF personnel are still organising reccys, flight paths and fully loaded enemy assaults.

The Mayfly was featured in The KM in April 2007, as paranormal activity had been not only experienced by staff members but also captured on their CCTV. Whilst on site I was shown the actual flight path direction for incoming traffic and Glen was shown the outbound path, both of these were confirmed as correct. We came across three active spirits who served in WAAF (Woman's Auxiliary Air Force); at the time no other information was forth coming. We did however speak with a pilot who gave his name as Malcolm Smith who resided in the Maidstone area, he said he crashed his plane as he left the airfield on a mission; he told us this would have been his second flight only. Smithy (his nickname as given) would have been in his very early 20's and said that he didn't realise he had died to his comrades scrambled to assist him yet ‘passed through him'. As you can imagine, there are many active Spirit that reside within this building but also upon the field that it sits. We have the whole of the property to investigate and if the CCTV footage is anything to go by, we should have a very active night.


The Investigation Report


We started with a table tipping session in the main bar area, and after a bit of a slow start the table responded to our requests (after a fashion). It gave the guests an insight into the energy that Spirit does possess, and the fact that they are sentient beings as they could hear what we were asking them to do and were quite happy to oblige.

We then went into the kitchen to hold the first of the night's séances. Adam was almost immediately aware of a male energy stepping in behind him. He didn't give his name, but Adam said that he was in his late 20's and had worked on the land, he had a problem with his breathing and he felt sick. I then picked up on a lady, she was about 5'3" – 5'4" and of a "robust" build. She had short hair that was parted on the right hand side. She told me that she had worked in the NAFFI as a cook. She gave her name as Mabel, and told me she had passed over aged 76. She had been married and had 3 children, Mabel said she was just passing (not based here) and that she had some sad memories of the youngsters who had passed, and there was a feeling of sadness with her that was picked up by some of the group members. There was a small store room in the kitchen and a male energy was felt in there, each member of the team went in (one at a time) and after standing and relaxing asked Spirit to give them a push, this was done to everyone and it was quite an experience as there was nobody else (physically) in the storeroom at the same time.

Adam then heard a distinct "Incoming" called out and had the feeling that he should duck down for cover. Pete (medium/cam) then noticed a man step forward, he gave his name a Lance Corporal George Preston, he said that he was an Air Traffic Controller. He was thin with short black hair, about 5'7" and was aged 35 at the time of his passing, and had been burnt to death. Ashley (guest) was standing directly opposite a door with glass panels in it and kept seeing a reflection, like a shadow moving behind him, but after looking, there wasn't anyone there. At one stage when it was very quiet the pot wash (which is like a shower attachment on a hose) was turned on. It is not possible for this to come on automatically as it requires someone to manually push the lever to let the water through. The entire group also heard an old fashioned kettle whistle, as if it was boiling although there was no kettle (old or new) in the area. Several of the guest's had a go at glasswork (much like a simplified version of an Ouija board). There was some gentle arm movement and pushing of the guests throughout the séance.

After a short break we decided to go upstairs to the living room. In here, we again formed into a circle and asked Spirit to step close. Adam felt as if someone was behind him, but outside the building, and couldn't entice him or her in. Pete then saw a young boy of about 7 or 8 step into the room from behind Adam. He looked very thin and pale, and was wearing a pair of grey flannel shorts that seemed to be a bit too long for him as they reached below his knees. He said his name was Edward but was always called Teddy. He was drawn to Chloe (guest) as (he told Pete later) she looked like his sister Nerys (not sure of the spelling). Pete told Chloe that Teddy was going to touch her, and she said that she felt as if someone was holding her elbow. He (Teddy) asked her if it was alright to bring his dog in, when she said yes, he brought in a border collie, although it was not the usual black and white. It was brown where normally it would have been black. Pete said he got the impression that Teddy was from Wales and he had just dropped in as he had seen the "lights". He then said he had to go as his Mum would have his tea ready, and we all bid him goodbye. Adam had a peculiar feeling in his arm as if something was moving under the skin, it was like maggots moving about. No further information was gathered. I was aware of a male energy standing in the corner of the room, but he wouldn't step forward and talk to us. In another of the rooms we tried, there were some porcelain dolls on a shelf, and most of the guests heard a rustle of the dress of one of them. Nobody was standing near enough to have touched or knocked them accidentally.

There was a general feeling throughout the investigation of "Careless talk costs lives" and the information given was a bit sparse, but all things considered, a good night.

Many thanks to Steve, (our host) for his hospitality and lovely food.



In one of the bedrooms of the flat we met a lady in her 50's who was just passing through (came to see what we were doing) She didn't impart any information but she did say that this pub would not have been like this in her day.

There seemed to be a Male energy who brought with him a very depressive atmosphere, this was felt by all the guests.

Shortly after I felt a male energy to my left, I asked him to try to move the guests, to which he responded; eventually he got everybody in our small group moving. All he told me of his name at first was a Sergeant, in the army. When I asked of details of his passing, or his age he seemed very reluctant to answer. He later gave me his Christian name as "Charles", he stood about 5'10" – 6'. One of the guests and Peter (cam operator) smelt pipe tobacco. This he confirmed belonged to him.



Mayfly advert 2006

Advert above appeared in the Dover Express 6 July 2006.




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