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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1775-

Marlborough Head

Latest 1842+

South Pier, Fisherman's Row



Daniel Evans is found at the house as early as 1775.

Bowles filled them up in 1805 and according to Pigot's directory still traded from there in 1840, although there is confusion as to whether Bowles was Jane or John or perhaps both or all three, as 1805 I have no first name.

Latest mention of this house found to date being 1842 when the following Coroner's Inquest was held at the pub.


Kentish Gazette, Saturday 12th August 1775.

Dover, August 7th, 1775.

Whereas, about Christmas last, one Henry Moise and his wife came to the house of Daniel Evans, the sign of the "Malborough's Head," in Dover aforesaid, a public house, and continued their upwards of three weeks, until their reckoning amounted to the sum of 1 15s. 4d., which money they went away and left unpaid, leaving a few clothes in the hands of the said Daniel Evans for the security of the said dept; at the same time promising to come in a short time and pay the said debt. But as the said Daniel Evans has not seen or heard from the said Henry Moise or his wife since they went away, gives this public notice, that unless the said Henry Moise pays the above debt on or before the 29th instant August, the clothes will be sold for the same.

Daniel Evans.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 21 February, 1835. Price 7d.


An inquest was held on Saturday last, before the Mayor, at the "Marlborough Head," on the South Pier, on the body of John Adams, an elderly mariner, who was found dead in the reservoir of the pier that morning. The deceased, who was one of an express boat's crew that returned from France during the preceding night, having landed, was on his way home; and is supposed to have walked over the quay in the dark. When found he was standing upright, with his fingers clenched into the wall, in which position the poor fellow appeared to have perished as the tide rose.

Verdict - Accidentally drowned.

The want of lights and other proper precautions, not only where this lamentable accident occurred, but in almost every situation where the new works have been carried on, has long been a subject of public animadversion. We understand, the engineer has now stationed a watchman with lights at the exposed parts of the works.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 20 August, 1842. Price 5d.


An inquest was held on Saturday last, at the "Marlborough Head," before G. T. Thompson, Esq., Coroner for the Borough, upon the body of William Elliott, aged 8 years. Barrington Edgerly, jun. mariner, deposed that about 10 o'clock on Friday afternoon, seing several persons run towards the South Pier, I followed them, when I saw the head of a person partly above water, I which I threw off part of my clothes, and went in. Finding I could not reach the body I sung out for a boat, when Robert Abbott and Edward Adams put off, and brought the body on shore, which proved to be that of William Elliott, son of William Elliott, fisherman, residing at Finnis's-hill. The boy, when taken out of the water, had his shoes and stockings off, and his trousers tucked up.

A railway labourer, who was stated to have seen the boy fall into the water, and who was summoned to attend the inquest, could not be found, and, after waiting upwards of two hours, the inquest was adjourned till Tuesday, when William Smith, one of the men employed on the railway, deposed as follows - I was at the North Pier-head on Friday last, when I saw a boy on the stone-apron at the South Pier, and soon after saw him in the water. I thought at first he was swimming, but as he appeared to sink, I hallowed to the people on the pier, but, as they took no notice, I ran round, and told them where I had seen the boy. A boat was launched and the body picked up. There was no one near the boy when he fell into the water, nor did I hear him cry out.

Verdict, "Accidentally drowned."



EVANS Daniel 1875+

BOWLES ???? 1805

BOWLES John 1823-28+ Pigot's Directory 1823Pigot's Directory 1828-29

BOWLES Jane 1832-40+ Pigot's Directory 1832-34Pigot's Directory 1839Pigot's Directory 1840


Pigot's Directory 1823From the Pigot's Directory 1823

Pigot's Directory 1828-29From the Pigot's Directory 1828-29

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