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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1857

Little Phoenix

Latest 1882

(Name to)

Round Tower Street



The prefix 'little' was not always used and with the other "Phoenix" in being after 1864, awkward to say the least. Certainly a new licence was provided here in 1857. I never saw mention of it after 1882.

This house changed name to the "Round Tower Inn" while under the reign of John Cochrane.

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From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 7 February, 1873.


The landlord of the “Little Phoenix” public-house Round Tower Street, Mr. Oram, appeared in answer to an adjourned summons, charging him with keeping a disorderly house.

The case was heard before the Magistrates on Friday, the 21st January, and was then adjourned till this day. It then transpired that Police-constable Delph, who has since been discharged from the force, was found in bed in one of the upper rooms of defendant's house, having slept there with a prostitute.

Major Crooks now gave the decision at which he and his brother Magistrate, Mr. Back, had arrived. He said the case would be dismissed. Defendant had had an excellent character given him, and it appeared that he had on several occasions rendered good service to the police. The Magistrates also thought it just possible that the defendant, having given the charge of his house to some one, might not have known the bad uses to which it had been put in his absence. He hoped defendant would not do this again. Defendant must bear in mind that had it not been for the good character given him by the police the Magistrates would have convicted him and the defendant would have lost his license for good.

Mr. Worsfold Mowll, who appeared for defendant, thanked the Magistrates on his client's behalf for their lenient view of the case. He had in his hand a testimonial to the good character of defendant's house since he had been the tenant, signed by a number of influential and highly respectable people residing in the neighbourhood of Round Tower Street, among whom were the Rev. W. Yate and Mr. Richard Iron, the Harbour Master. He had intended presenting this to the Bench if their decision had been otherwise than favourable to his client; but was happy to know that the good character given defendant by the police had made this unnecessary.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 21 March, 1873.


Joseph Nathaniel Saunders, the landlord of the “Little Phoenix” public-house, Round Tower Street, summoned on the information of the Superintendent of Police, for making his house a brothel, was fined 20s. and costs, and forfeited his license.


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 21 March, 1873.


Susan Pierman, an unfortunate was charged with stealing from a bedroom at the “Little Phoenix” public-house, Round Tower Street, on the previous Sunday, a skirt, value 4s., the property of Ellen Wheeler, a servant in the employ of the landlady and she was also charged with stealing from the tap-room of the “Folkestone Cutter,” in Great Street, on the 11th instant, a table-cloth, the property of George Robinson, the landlord.

The charge of stealing the skirt was first proceeded with.

Ellen Wheeler, the prosecutrix, said that the prisoner came to her mistress's house on the previous Saturday night, just before eleven o'clock, and wanted a bed. The landlady furnished her with one. Witness slept in a room a flight of stairs above that in which the prisoner slept. The skirt produced was in her (witness's) room. I however did not leave the house till about twenty minutes past one on the following afternoon, and during that evening she had plenty of opportunity of going up into witness's room without her knowledge. The value of the skirt was 4s.

Police-sergeant Johnstone deposed: This morning at about nine o'clock, in consequence of information I received, I went in search of the prisoner, and met her in Queen Street. She was then wearing the brown skirt now produced. I asked her where she had slept on the previous Saturday night, and with whom? She replied she had slept at the “Little Phoenix,” in Round Tower Street, and with a soldier. I then enquired how she became possessed of the skirt she was wearing; and, as she could not give me any satisfactory account I charged her with stealing from the room of a young woman named Wheeler, at the “Little Phoenix.” Prisoner said, “No, I did not steal it; I only borrowed it.” I then took her to the police-station. On the charge being read to her there, she only said that she had intended restoring the skirt to its rightful owner.

Prisoner, having been cautioned in the usual manner, had nothing to say.

The charge of felony from the “Folkestone Cutter” was then entered into.

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ORAM Mr Feb/1873+

SAUNDERS Joseph Nathaniel to Mar/1873 Dover Express

WRIGHT John Nov/1873+ Dover Express

TRIGGS George 1877-Nov/1880 Dover Express

COCHRANE John Nov/1880-82 Next pub licensee had Dover Express


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express


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