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Menzies Road/Gordon Road


Kittiwake artists impression

Above image taken from their web site.

Kittiwake opening sign Kiyyiwake 2010 Kittiwake 2010 Kittiwake sign

Above photos taken by Paul Skelton, 17 April, 2010.

Unbuilt pub Whitfield Unbulit pub Whitfield

The above photographs show the site destined for the new pub at Whitfield, all photographs taken by Paul Skelton, 13 Sept 2009.

Unbuilt pub sign whitfield

From the Dover Mercury, 9 April, 2009.

New pub would be jobs boost.

A NEW public house and restaurant is being planned for Whitfield, with the creation of dozens of jobs.

Marstons has submitted a planning application for the new venue, complete with patio and garden areas, at the junction of Honeywood Road and Menzies Road, with access from Gordon Road on the Old Park estate.

The company already runs more than 500 public houses across the country.

This one will have parking spaces for 87 cars and four cycles and will create at least 20 full-time and 20 part-time jobs and possibly up to 10 more.


From the Dover Express, 16 April, 2009

Pub and restaurant plan for Old Park

MARSTON Pubs wants to erect a property on a plot at Gordon Road on the Old Park estate, Whitfield, to be occupied by a pub and a restaurant with a patio and garden area. If the project goes ahead the pub chain says the site will also be provided with a car park with the whole area landscaped.

The company's application is before planners at Dover District Council where councillors will consider the idea soon. Old Park, Whitfield was formerly a barracks, acquired by Dover Harbour Board as a port area when the Ministry of Defence departed.


It has just been released that the pub will be called the "Kittiwake."

Kittiwake:- Rissa tridactyla (Black-legged kittiwake) North America.

A gentle looking, medium-sized gull with a small yellow bill and a dark eye. It has a grey back and is white underneath. Its legs are short and black. In flight the black wing-tips show no white, unlike other gulls, and look as if they have been 'dipped in ink'. The population is declining in some areas, perhaps due to a shortage of sandeels. After breeding birds move out into the Atlantic where they spend the winter.

They tend to nest and breed on rocky, steep sea-cliffs, buildings and piers and winter at sea. They can be seen around coasts; occasionally inland, most often after very windy weather.

Their diet is fish, shrimps and worms.

Their call sounds like a loud 'kitti-waak'

The best time to see them is on the breeding grounds in spring and summer - they arrive back at the colonies from February, staying until August.


Kittywake under construction Kittywake under construction

Above photographs kindly sent by Mark Jennings, 15 February 2010, showing the "Kittiwake" from Gordon Road being built.


From the Dover Mercury, Thursday 11 March, 2010.


MORE than 40 jobs will be created at a new pub and restaurant, to be called the "Kittiwake," at Whitfield.

Work is progressing well on the development at Old Park which is being built by Marston's Inns and Taverns, which will cater for 180 diners.

Darren Bicheno, of Marston's Inns and Taverns, said: "We're extremely excited and hope when opened that it will build a great reputation locally.

"We will be offering top quality, value for money pub food and an unrivalled selection of drinks, including traditional cask ales from across the country."

Due for completion in May, the pub is one of more than 60 being built by Marston's across the country.


From the Dover Mercury, 20 May 2010.


Karen and Nick Roberts of the Kittiwake

Karen and Nick Roberts celebrate with staff at the opening of Kittiwake pub-restaurant at Old Park, Whitfield.


A NEW pub and restaurant has opened in WhitfieId, creating more than 40 jobs.

The Kittiwake, which officially opened at Old Perk on Monday, has been built by Marston's Inns and Taverns and can cater for 180 diners. It was one of more than 60 that Marston's has been building across the country.

Company spokesman Darren Bicheno said staff at the Kittiwake would be building a great reputation locally.

He added: "we are offering top quality, value for money food and an unrivalled selection of drinks, including traditional cask ales."

Among the guests on the opening day was Dover's Fiona-Ann Rosser, making her first appearance as Miss Teen Dover Galaxy.

She was welcomed by assistant manager Gemma Pitwon and key-holder Melissa Sart.

She said she was Impressed by the varied menu and carvery and that the younger members of a family could eat free, which would encourage families to dine out and enjoy a healthy diet.

Fiona-Ann, who was born In Dover, is keen to promote Dover and its businesses while she holds the title.


From the Dover Mercury, 27 May 2010.


Children from Whitfield and Aspen Primary School 2010

SOME time in the future, when excavations take place on the site of a new pub restaurant at Old Park, those involved might be in for a surprise.

They are likely to unearth a time capsule which will give them a clue to what life was like for children living in the area in 2010.

The capsule, put together by the pupils of Whitfield and Aspen Primary School, was buried in the grounds of the Kittiwake pub at Old Park on Monday to mark its opening.

Among the items included were a school jumper and tie tapes of the children singing hymns and the school song, a DVD they made with Sure Start about life at school, pictures and a book of memories about Whitfield and games they like to play.

Head teacher Andrew Lamb said: "This was such a great idea. This really challenged the children to think about history by leaving items in the time capsule to be discovered in the future."

A plaque will also be put up at the Kittiwake with the date of when the capsule was buried.

Nick Roberts, manager at the Marton's Inns and Taverns pub, said: "The time capsule is not only a fascinating project for youngsters to take part in, but it's also quite symbolic for us too."

'We're at the exciting beginning of something new with the Kittiwake which will be around for generations of families to enjoy."


From the Dover Express, Thursday, 24 March, 2011. 60p


MARSTON'S relatively new pub. The "Kittiwake" at Whitfield is to put out the welcoming sign if planning permission is given.

The aim is to get agreement to have an illuminated sign, Families Welcome, at the pub in Gordon Road.


From the Dover Mercury, 20 October, 2011. 70p


Kittiwake helecopter rescue

The scene of the crash at Old park, Whitfield, on Monday which was attended by the air ambulance.


A MAN who died after his car crashed into a hedge at Old Park, Whitfield, Monday, is believed to have become ill while driving.

The air ambulance was called to the scene of the accident, at the roundabout outside the Kittiwake restaurant at Menzies Road.

The car went off the road at the roundabout and into a hedge between the road and the Archers Place housing development.

Police and paramedics were called at 10.30am, and it was decided to use the air ambulance - which landed in the Kittiwake car-park to take the driver to the William Harvey Hospital at Ashford, where he later died.

It is understood his wife was with him at the time of the accident.


From the East Kent Mercury, 23 July 2015.

High hopes latch on will catch on.

Mums from Deal Breastfeeding Support Group will take part in a synchronised breast feeding event in a bid to a break a world record.

The attempt which is part of World Breastfeeding Week has been branded the Big Latch On.

For those in the Dover district, it will be at 10.30am on Saturday, August 1 at "Kittiwake" in Menzies Road, Whitfield.

Last year, more than 40 people from the Deal area supported the event. They were joined by thousands of other breastfeeding women and their babies across the world.

The first Big Latch On took place in New Zealand in 2005. It was introduced to Portland, Oregon, in 2010 by Small Beginnings Group LLC and has now taken off globally.

This year the goal is to break the current 2013 record of 14,536 children breastfeeding across 845 locations, and the 2014 records of 31 countries taking part, 14,173 breastfeeding women taking part and total attendance of 23,906.

The long-term vision is that one day a Global Big Latch On event will be held within walking distance of every family in the world.

Families can arrive from 9.45am. For details visit or call 07967 673084.

Deal Breastfeeding Support Group meets every Monday at St George's Church in Deal High Street from 1.30pm until 3.30pm.


June 2012, Marston's are advertising for a new management team.


From the Dover Express, 4 December 2014.

Pub evacuated.

A pub was evacuated when a fire broke out in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon.

Dover fire pumps were called to The Kittiwake in Whitfield at about 3.30pm.

Firefighters said the pub had been evacuated and although it was a “relatively small fire” those at the scene had done the right thing.

There kitchen suffered slight smoke damage.


Around September 2017 the pub was closed for renovation and changed name to the "Rock Rose."



ROBERTS Nick and Karen May/2010+


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