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Earliest 1965+

(Name from)

Green Beret

Latest 1989+

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23 Canada Road

Lower Walmer

Green Beret 1960

Above photo taken in 1960 and kindly sent by Terry Wheeler of the Ramsgate Historical Society.

Green Beret sign 1991

Above sign, August 1989.

With thanks from Brian Curtis

Green Beret match box

Above matchbox, date unknown, kindly sent by Debi Birkin.


Originally called the "Royal Arms" but the name changed to the "Green Beret" (circa 1965) in honour of the Royal Marine's who frequented this place from their barracks just across the road, the name signifying the colour of their head-gear, but unfortunately the base was decommissioned in the late 1990s and turned into flats and a housing estate.

On 22 September 1989 a bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) exploded inside the barracks at 8.26am, killing 10 marines instantly, 22 were injured and another died 36 days later.


From the New York Times, September 23, 1989.

Michael O'Grady, landlord of the Green Beret Pub south of the barracks, said he was sitting on his bed when the explosion occurred this morning.

"There was immediately activity outside, security running up the road," he said, "marines and bandsmen running from the south barracks across the road to the north barracks, scaling the fence and going in. I was afraid of a second explosion."

Dozens of fire-fighters and marines struggled to move debris, some working with pneumatic drills while others frantically tore at rubble with their bare hands. Witnesses said that, every now and then, people screamed for quiet and silence fell as the rescuers, using advanced listening equipment, thermal imaging cameras and heat-detecting equipment, tried to find trapped victims.

''What we saw watching from our room upstairs was that the area was totally devastated,'' Mr. O'Grady said. ''Initially lads who were just piling in and bailing stuff out. About 15 minutes later ambulances started arriving.

''I noticed that they appeared to be using doors to carry people out. They cordoned off ends of the road. It was pretty chaotic.''



It was deemed necessary to change the name to the "Green Berry" some time after this bombing to keep the property insurance down.


More information will be added as soon as I find it.



Last pub licensee had DAVISON William 1965-75 Library archives 1974 Tomson & Wotton

EASTON Barry 1975+

HOWE John G 1981+

O'GRADY Michael 1984-89+


Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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