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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1730-

Golden Lyon

Latest 1811+

Cross-Wall near the Pier



A "Golden Lyon", as spelt, was part of the town in 1730. I would think the seaward end because I note that the owner received a bill from Dover Harbour Board that year, claiming 42.9s.3d. Unfortunately no address is known but Richard Evans kept a house with this sign in 1811.

I believe in those days spelling was not that hot and reports were often phonetical so the "Golden Lion" and "Golden Lyon" mentioned in the Kentish Post below is actually the same pub but with a slightly different spelling. Alec Hasenson says that during the 1700s the name seems to vary between the two, so if and when I see mention of the two together I will know for certain that they were indeed two different pubs. At present, the jury remain still out on this one.

Latest research mentions in 1765 an "Old Golden Lyon" near Cross-Wall at the Pier. The "Golden Lion" in Priory Place has been traced back to 1846 or before so don't appear to overlap yet. they may do as more information is found.


From the Kentish Post or Canterbury News-Letter, February 18-21, 1730. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of fine Madeira Wine at the Sign of the Golden Lyon (their spelling of this Pub varies between Lyon and Lion I presume they are the same place


From the Kentish Post, October 29-November 2, 1737. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of wine on 17th November, at the house of Joseph Glandfield, called or known by the name of the "Golden Lyon," in Dover.


From the Kentish Post or Canterbury News-Letter, January 26th 1747. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of ship's Cargo at the Golden Lyon in Dover, Monday, January 26th, 1747.


Kentish Post or Canterbury News, Jan.30 to Feb.3 1748. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of Ship's cargo at the Golden Lion, Dover, February 12. 1748.


Alec goes on to say that these auctions in the above mentioned papers at that time seems to be most prominent at the Golden Lion and also the Ship Tavern.


From the Kentish Post or Canterbury News-Letter, January 3rd-7th 1753. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of timber at the "Golden Lyon" in Dover, on 5th January, 1753.


From the Kentish Post, March 23-17, 1765

Notice:- Michael Baker, in Dover, has taken the "Old Golden Lyon Tavern," situate near the Cross-Wall at the Pier, in that place.


From the Kentish Gazette or Canterbury Journal, [one title], January 25 to 28, 1769. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale of Barrels of Tar, Pitch, Deals etc. at the sign of the Golden Lion, Dover, to be held on Friday, the 3rd day of February next.


Kentish Gazette 27 January 1770.


On Wednesday the Seventh Day of February, at one o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the "Golden Lyon," in Dovor.

The remaining Part of the Hull of the "Snow Mercutius," Lars Idberg, Master, brought from the Goodwin Sands, with the Sails, Masts, Cables, Anchors, and all the Materials and Stores, to be put up in sundry Lots.

Enquire for Particulars, of Messrs. Minet and Fector, Merchants, at Dover.


From the Kentish Gazette, April 16-20, 1771. Kindly sent from Alec Hasenson.

Sale by auction of a Lug-sail Boat on April 24th, at the Golden Lion, in Dover.




GLANDFIELD Joseph to 1737+

BAKER Michael 1765+

EVANS Richard 1811


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