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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest Apr 1962

(Name from)

Golden Arrow

Latest 1987

24 Beach Street


Golden Arrow 1972

Above photo 1972. Kindly supplied by Lisa Hudson.

Golden Arrow 1973

Above photo showing part of the pub (left) in 1973. Kindly supplied by Lisa Hudson. This was taken at the time the Viaduct was being demolished. Click here for Beach Street.

Golden Arrow 1970

Above photo circa 1970, kindly sent by Paul Wells.

Golden Arrow 1975

Above photo circa 1975, kindly sent by Mark Jennings.

Golden Arrow

Photo kindly supplied by Barry Smith, circa 1980.

Golden Arrow sign 1962

Above picture shows a black and white "Golden Arrow" sign from 1962 and the sender, Robert Greenham would love to find a colour one. (Me too.)

Above photo kindly sent to me by Brian Curtis of the Inn Sign Society. Not sure of the date of this one but would guess during the 1980's.

Golden Arrow 1980

Above and below photo taken on January 1st 1980. Kindly supplied by Stuart Pettet. He goes on to say the following:- "The photograph was taken about 12.15 on New Years day. I am not sure about all the people but from the left... unkown.. George Pearce, Ken Pettet (behind), Dot Pettet (Landlady), unknown, Brian Hawkins, Reg Pearce, Reg Cloak (both with Flag), Colin Pearce, and John Pearce (both with Manchester United scarves), and below Colin is Dave Sumpter and Pete Martin.

The flag was often used during lock-ins and waved to patriotic music like the battle of Britain, 633 squadron, great escape etc... also used on birthdays and other celebrations when the "flag comes out" and often taken for a run around Lord Warden Square !!! Those were the days eh!!"

Golden Arrow 1980

Above photo 1 January 1980.

Golden Arrow 1987

Above photo, circa 1987, kindly submitted by Michael Lock.

Golden Arrow

Photo taken after the pub closed but opened as a cafe. Date unknown.


Formerly the "Terminus" but changing on 3 April 1962 when the brewer was presented with the head board from the famous steam train of that name by railway representatives. Percy Pettet continued as licensee.

For photo of Beach Street click here.


From the Kent Messenger 6 April, 1962.

Above showing the Golden Arrow Headboard, presented to the licensee, Mr. P. Pettet.


MODERNISATION of the railways is proving fruitful for publicans in East Kent. A number have received gifts of relics from the age of steam, which will increase in interest as years go by.

One of the most significant of recent presentations took place at the Golden Arrow public house, Dover, on Tuesday, when Mr. Roger Wormal, British Railways divisional shipping manager, handed over a headboard from the famous Golden Arrow steam train. It was received by Mr. David Martin Tomson, on behalf of the brewers, Messrs. Gardiner and Co., of Ash.

Mr Tomson then handed the headboard to the licensee, Mr. Percy Pettet, who was celebrating his birthday and his third anniversary at the house.

At Mr. Pettet's suggestion, the house has been renamed Golden Arrow, after being known as the "Terminus" for almost a century.

The headboard joins a golden arrow and a pair of British and French flags from a Golden arrow train, presented earlier.

The presentation was made because the regalia used by steam locomotives - now superseded by electric and diesel engines - was too big for use on the new trains.

British Railways said they could think of no more suitable a resting place for the Golden Arrow regalia, as the public house stands opposite the Marine Station and is greatly used by railwaymen.

Among those present were a number of old railwaymen - including two drivers - connected with the Golden Arrow service since its inception in 1929.


In keeping with the trend, the public and saloon bars became one in 1978. As a Whitbread house and possibly their nearest one to France, it closed in 1987.


These 3 photographs below have been kindly sent to me by Brian Hawkins who says they are of the closing night and that they bring back a lot of good memories.

Golden Arrow on closing night


Golden Arrow on closing night


Golden Arrow on closing night


Boarded up for months but in October 1988 Sealink (British Ferries) were given permission to use it as offices with refreshment facilities over for use by truck drivers in transit.


As I retype this page in September 1989 alterations are proceeding to further those plans.


Those plans did materialise and the pub was converted into a cafe called the "Seagull Cafe" and later in 2004 became the "Golden Arrow Truckers' Diner".


From the Dover Mercury 15 January 2004

Drop in and tuck in at truckers' diner

Golden Arrow Truck Stop

STOP HERE: Garry Davies shows off the new sign for his Golden Arrow Truckers' Diner at Dover's Western Docks

A NEW diner has opened this week. Aimed primarily at lorry drivers, it also caters for anglers and anyone else visiting the Western Docks area.

The Golden Arrow Truckers' Diner, at the former Golden Arrow pub at Lord Warden Square, is being run by experienced cafe manager Garry Davies.

Mr Davies, along with his financial partner, David Hannant, is not only providing meals for his customers but will also be offering showers and a relaxing lounge for freight drivers, who are waiting to board ferries.

And he knows just what they need - Mr Davies was a European trucker for 25 years.

He and his wife Mary - who runs the cafe at the Indoor Market in Pencester Road - came to Dover 12 years ago. He operated the cafe in the Kwik-Save supermarket at Stembrook until the store was taken over by Somerfields in November.

He said: "I retired from driving for health reasons. I applied to Dover Harbour Board for the Golden Arrow and they have been very supportive. They've given me a lot of help to bring the building up to standard."

The former Golden Arrow, which later became Seagull Cafe, had been closed for more than a year. With help from his family and maintenance manager Kevin Cooper, Mr Davies has worked hard to carry out a complete renovation and install new furniture.

At the moment, it can seat about 40 people but that will increase to more than 70. With sufficient demand, extra accommodation can be provided to take the capacity to above 100. Golden Arrow Truckers' Diner is currently open from 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 8pm on Sunday. The eventual aim is to make the cafe a 24-hour-a-day, seven days a week facility.

As well as the diner area, another room is being turned into a coffee lounge, where people can relax and watch television.

Internet and telephone facilities are also planned, together with fax and photocopying facilities.

Mr Davies added: ''Although we are aiming at freight drivers, we will be pleased to welcome anyone, including people who are out walking and anglers who are using the Admiralty Pier or Shakespeare Beach."

The menu ranges from a roast dinner to baguettes with a range of fillings, as well as burgers. All the food is home-made and freshly cooked.

Helping to prepare and serve the food is Jana Holubova, who originates from the Czech Republic. She can speak several languages, including English, Czech, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian.

Her linguistic skills will be particularly useful with the many nationalities of drivers who will be calling in.

Maintaining its link with the past, the diner features a specially-designed board outside, recalling the days when the famous steam train, the Golden Arrow, called at Dover.

Jana Holubova

LIGHT REFRESHMENT: Jana Holubova pours out a welcome cup of tea for one of the first customers at the newly-opened Golden Arrow Truckers' Diner


Kelly's directory states that Eric FISHER was licensee in 1965 Kelly's 1965. However, I have been informed by Stuart Pettet, the son and short-time publican of the "Golden Arrow," that he lived in the Council Houses next door.



Last pub licensee had PETTET Percy E Apr/1962-70 dec'd

PETTET Mrs Vera D L 1970-80 dec'd Library archives 1974

PETTET Stuart Jan/1980-Sept/80

TRESLOVE James Sept/1980+

HAINES D H 1987 end


Kelly's 1965From the Kelly's Directory 1965

Library archives 1974Library archives 1974


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