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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1861-

Forester's Arms

Latest 1895

Worthington Street (19 Worthington's Lane in 1861Census)



John Newing was associated with this beerhouse in 1867. It was situated between Biggin Street and Queen's Gardens on that side of the street. In September 1881 the premises was sold along with another 10 public-houses to Mr. Barker, Loose, near Maidstone, for 610. (Click here.) It disappeared with the street widening of 1895.

The premises was situated next to the "Olive Branch."


From the Dover Express and East Kent News, Friday 4 November, 1867.


Harriet Doughty, a middle-aged woman, was charged with stealing a blue pilot coat, the property of John Newing, residing at the "Forester's Arms," Worthington's Lane.

Charlotte Newing, wife of John Newing, landlord of the "Forester's Arms," said the prisoner came to her house for lodgings on Whit Sunday and remained there till the following Tuesday. The coat produced by sergeant Bailey was her husband's, and it was missed a few days after the prisoner had left the house. It was kept in a cupboard in the witness's bedroom, where she last saw it on Whit Tuesday, before the prisoner left. The room the prisoner occupied was immediately opposite witness's and her husband's. On missing the coat she gave information of her loss to the police, and on the Monday following she went to the shop of Messrs. Hart and Nathan, pawnbrokers, of Cannon Street, and after some conversation they produced the coat, which had been pledged for 6s. On her paying the amount the pawnbrokers gave her up the coat.

Dr. Astley: Had you a ticket?

Witness: No, I had not.

The witness said she subsequently gave up the coat to Sergeant Bailey. The value of it was 2 10s.

Amos Russel, assistant to Messrs. Hart and Nathan, recollected the coat being brought to his employers' shop by the prisoner, who offered it in pledge. The account she gave was that she had come from Margate to see a son who lived there, and who owed her some money, and as he had not the money to give her, he had let her have the coat, to pledge. In reply to witness's questions she said the coat was the property of her son, who was a blacksmith living in Dover. He then lent her 6d. upon it, and he afterwards gave it up to Mrs. Newing, on her representing that the coat had been stolen from her, and paying 6s. The police had been to the shop on the Saturday evening before in respect to the coat.

Bailey deposed to receiving the coat from Mrs. Newing, and the apprehension of the prisoner, who, it appeared, was arrested on the previous day upon her leaving Maidstone Goal, where she had been confined for another offence during the past three months.

The prisoner had nothing to say in her defence; and the Magistrates committed her for trial at the next sessions.




SPICE Thomas 1861+ (age 49 in 1861Census)

NEWING John 1867+

DELPH Thomas 1871+ Census (widower 65 in 1871, also whitesmith)

BUTTER Mr May/1873+ Dover Express

CHANDLER William 1881+ (also journeyman painter age 27 in 1881Census)


Dover ExpressFrom the Dover Express



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