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Earliest 1725

Five Ringers

Latest 2005

345 Middle Deal Road


Five Ringers circa 1900

Above showing the original "Five Ringers" demolished in 1907. A later one followed this pub which was rebuilt by Thomas Kemp, but this in turn was also demolished to accommodate three houses in 2004. In the above picture Thomas Kemp, the landlord is seen wearing the Bowler hat with his wife in the bonnet and daughter, Mary. Harry Harvey, blacksmith in the apron was the owner of the forge in Middle Deal Road.

Five Ringers

Above photo, date unknown, kindly sent by Barry J Smith.

Five Ringers 1952

Above photo 1952. Creative Commons Licence.

Five Ringers ledger

Thompson & Son ledger. Creative Commons Licence.


Earliest mention found of this pub is 1725 when various members of the Watts family ran it till circa 1790.

Deal Borough Records show the following entry:- MS Council's Opinion 18th November 1776 - by Geo. Rowe, Inner Temple.

In the town and Borough of Deal are 30 Publick Houses including taverns and Inns, 18 whereof have stabling fit for the accommodation of Dragoons and horses and the other 12 have no stabling at all.

These dragoons (12 or 13 in all) were to assist the Officers of the Revenue at Deal.

The  following houses refused to billet the Dragoons for lack of suitable accommodation.

The Five Ringers was mentioned in this list.

Reported as being the head-quarters of the Upper Deal Bowling Club during the early 1900s, but at present I am unsure where the grounds of the bowling rink attached to the "Five Ringers" were as seen today.


Kentish Gazette 29 August 1809.

Public House and Land, in Deal Field.


At the "Three King's Inn," Deal, on Monday the 18th day of September next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon: in lots, a most desirable and Valuable Freehold Estate, consisting of the Public House, called the "Five Ringers," with a barn, stable, yard,garden, and orchard-; Containing by admeasurement, 3 roods and 21 perches, mow or less, lying around the house, between the old road and the footway leading from Upper Deal to the town of Deal, and 3 acres, 3 roods, and 5 perches more or less, of Arable Land, by admeasurement, lying immediately in front of the above on the opposite side of the footway, and divided into two pieces by the new Turnpike Road across Deal fields.

Possession may be had at Michaelmas Next.

For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter (post-paid) to Mr. Hodges, Solicitor, Canterbury.

August 28, 1809.


Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 16 June 1849.


June 12, at Upper Deal church, Mr. Henry Marsh, landlord of the "Five Ringers," to Miss Allen, both of Upper Deal.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 25 June, 1872. 1d.


John Walker, a lad who was before the Bench in May last for stealing broccoli, was brought up, charged with stealing pears from a garden at Upper Deal.

Thomas Kemp deposed: I live at Upper deal. Last evening about seven o'clock I was in the church path near the "Five Ringers" public-house, and saw the prisoner throwing stones at my pear tree. My garden adjoins the path. I saw him throw four or five times, and he knocked some pears off. I apprehended him and gave him into custody of P.C. Carvey, who happened to be at Upper Deal. The actual damage done I put at one penny.

Supt Parker said he had had frequent complaints of the depredations committed in the fields round about, and suspicion in many cases attached to the prisoner.

The Magistrates ordered the prisoner (who had nothing to say for himself) to receive ten strokes with the birch, and warned him that if he were again brought before them he would be more severely dealt with.


From the East Kent Mercury 22 April 1911.

Upper Deal Bowling Club – Re-opening Ceremony.

In glorious summer-like weather, and before a goodly number of its members and friends, the rinks of the Upper Deal Bowling Club were re-opened on the afternoon of Easter Monday last by the President of the Club (Mr W Hill). This sheltered little nook, which is situated at the Five Ringers, abutting the Church-path, appeared at its best on Monday, the carefully-kept greens, and picturesqueness of the general surroundings being greatly enhanced by bunting and streamers of flags which had been kindly lent for the occasion by Mr A J Denyer, while music was supplied by Mr Walker, who had, with advantage, so placed his gramophone that the various items and ditties could be distinctly heard during the progress of the various games which followed the opening ceremony. The President, who was supported by Mr W A Brown (Chairman of the Club), Mr W Halford (Treasurer), Mr Frank Cavell (Secretary), Messrs A H Hill, J F Arnold, E Verrier, W Barttrum, H Wood, B Wood, A Watkins, H Theobald, H Sutton, W Cavell, G Head, J F Byng, A J Denyer, C Gatehouse, W Adams, F Walker, H Hume, F Johnstone, W Hurrin, J Jeffrey &c. in formally opening the rinks, expressed a hope that the Upper Deal Bowling Club would have a very successful season. He saw no reason why they should not work harmoniously together during the season that was now close upon them, and he hoped that they would be able to arrange good fixtures …..

After the company had been photographed by Mr H Wood, the President sent up the first ball of the afternoon, the greens afterwards being fully occupied until dusk caused a retirement. Altogether the club is to be congratulated upon its encouraging start. The rinks will be opened again on Thursday May 4th, and anyone desirous of joining the Club should communicate with the Secretary, Mr F M Cavell, Post Office, Upper Deal.



I have been told the site now contains 3 detached, modern looking houses of which one of them has a plaque stating "The Five Ringers" on it.

1903 this was shown to be a Thomson & Sons house.

An outlet of Charington and Co. in 1974. Library archives 1974


From the East Kent Mercury, 28th July 2005

Time please; Couple retire after 30 years

Pub owners Ken and Rita Saggs have pulled their final pint at the Five Ringers in Deal, which is now closed for business in Middle Deal Road.

Bulldozers are due to demolish the pubic house, where the couple have been in business since February 1983.

Owner Mr Saggs said: “I am not too sad about retirement. I am 60 at the end of the year and have been in the trade for about 30 years, although Rita will miss the social atmosphere of the Five Ringers.

“Looking after a pub has changed so much over the years. About 20 years ago someone came up with the idea of serving food, which we never did, but we had darts and pool.”

He said the pub name has been in Deal for more than 100 years and the original, in Church Path, was a thatched building that burned down in 1906.

The Five Ringers was purpose-built as a pub and did have a big car park, which the couple partly sold years ago for bungalows to be built.

Now the entire site will be used for housing, but the couple will not have far to move to their next home, which is next to their former pub.


From an email received 16 December 2021.

I was sorting through old family postcards & came across this one, which is the earliest I have found so far. My Great Grandparents had this as their address on 3 December 1905, I cannot tell if they were landlords there but by 1912 had moved on to become landlords of the "Golden Ball" on Union Street, Ramsgate, followed by the "Coach and Horses" at Harbledown around 1922, there is a printed piece mentioning them in their bar.


Miranda Maton-Jenner.

Five Ringers postcard 1905



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