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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1850-

Fector's Arms

Latest 1850+




I can only say that it was there in 1850. There is little doubt that it belonged to Fector the Dover banker. He held property in this area and Laureston Place. His wife Annie came from Laureston in Scotland and he is said to have named the area after her. She was thought to be the Annie Laurie in the popular song of the day but research by Dover resident John Morecroft in 1981, concluded that the honour belonged to another, born some two hundred years earlier.


John Minet fector

Above picture showing John Minet Fector.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 7 September, 1850. Price 5d


Richard Smith, labourer, was brought up on a charge of obtaining money under false pretences from Mrs. Dowle, of the "Fector's Arms," Charlton. From the evidence produced, it appeared that on Tuesday the prisoner was employed by Mr. Dowle to carry coal. About noon he had applied to prosecutor for an advance on the day's wages, and a shilling had been tendered. About four o'clock in the afternoon prisoner went to Mrs. Dowle, saying that her husband had sent him for 6d., to purchase bran and pollard for the horses. Some misgivings of the correctness of the application were entertained by prosecutor's wife, but ultimately she gave to the prisoner the money asked for. In the evening her husband came home, and it then transpired that prisoner fraudulently obtained the 6d., and had not been authorised to apply for it. It was also stated that prisoner had been drinking, and was not able to complete his day's work. From the day in question till the prisoner was brought before the magistrates prosecutor had not seen him.

No defence being made to the charge, prisoner was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions for the Borough.

No evidence was adduced to how the prisoner was taken into custody. We hear that he applied on the Tuesday spoken of at the Dover Union for a night's lodging, when the porter, Mr. Pearson, who had been previously informed of what occurred, immediately apprehended him, and forwarded him to the police station.




DOWELL or DOWLE James 1850


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