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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Barry Smith and Paul Skelton

Earliest 1840-


Latest 1861+

34 High Street, Charlton


Former Exchange

Number 34 High Street is now occupied by the "New Moon Flower" Chinese and Cantonese restaurant. Next door is number 36. I am unsure at present where No. 35 come in, unless the houses have been renamed, in which case, this may not be the same building. However, 36 has been knocked through to 34. Photo by Paul Skelton, 5 April 2010.


The transfer of this licence was refused in 1851.


35 High Street appears to have been joined at the above property, where Mr. Dickson's wife and family were reported to be living at the time of the census.

(Above information kindly supplied by Alan Underdown via email 29/Sept/2007.)


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 2 January, 1847. Price 5d.


In our Journal of May 4th, 1844, we recorded the capture of a singing mouse, which was exhibited at the “Exchange” public house, Charlton; and we have now to record that a similar lusus naturce has been caught at the residence of a labouring man named Samuelson, living in Strond Lane, Dover. It appears that the family have for the past three months heard a chirping behind the fire-place, which was supposed to be from a cricket. The good wife, however, one evening saw a mouse run into a hole, and at night set up a live trap, and in the morning was much surprised at hearing a singing noise proceed from the trap in which the mouse was caught. It was then transferred to a more roomy cage, and has since daily amused numbers who have been to visit this musical genius, which at times sings very loud, and much like a bird. The animal is very similar to the common mouse, except that the tail is much longer, and the head smaller, with very sharp eyes. This phenomenon is still in the possession of its captors, who, being in very poor circumstances, will, it is to be hoped, reap some advantage from their strange songster by visits from the curious.



BETTS Richard 1840 Pigot's Directory 1840

DICKSON 1851 (Occupation Victualler. Census 1851.)



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