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Earliest 1862-

Endeavour Inn

Closed 2004

Wootton Lane


Endeavour, late 1800s

Also sent by Margaret Francis, showing Eliza Keeler (nee Hills) mid to late 1800s.

The story goes that the horse and cart which my great-great-great grandmother is standing beside, outside the Endeavour at Wootton, was the one which would regularly and steadfastly return her son home, after he became worse for wear from his visits to the Pub. The landlord would load him up onto the cart and the horse would take him home! I would imagine she is maybe in her 50s or 60s in the photograph - so mid 1800s (ish!)

She is Eliza Keeler (nee Hills) and was born around 1810 and married my great-great-great grandfather Edward Keeler. They lived in Denton, where their sons Edward - my ancestor - and his brother Joseph Woodcock Keeler lived in Osier Ground - Edward was a Woodreeve on the Denton Park Estate and the cottage came with the job (it is still standing, outwardly unchanged and now is Blakeney House Nursery - signs to it on the main road through Denton). Joseph was just an agricultural labourer, but buried in Denton Churchyard!

Margaret Francis.


Endeavour 1934

Above postcard 1934, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Endeavour at Wootton

Endeavour Inn, Wootton, date 1934. Black and White version of one above.

Endeavour at Wootton

Crossroads at Wootton showing pub sign and Endeavour.


Above photo, date unknown by Steve Schmid.

Endeavour Inn sign

Above sign was seen for sale on Gumtree price 150 16 July 2020.

Endeavour 2008

Above photo taken by Margaret Francis circa 2008.

Endeavour at Wootton

Photo by Nick Smith permission by Creative Commons License.


Endeavour at Wootton 2010

Above picture taken from Google Maps 2010.

From the Dover Express and East Kent Intelligencer, 12 October, 1866.


Thomas Stewerts, a farm labourer, was charged with stealing from the person of Thomas Fox, another labourer, and purse and 16s. in the parish of Wootton, on the previous day.

The prosecutor said: I live at Wootton, and am Waggoner in the service of Mr. Bridges. Yesterday morning, about three o'clock, I went into the "Endeavour" public-house at Wootton. I was quite sober at the time, I had a few pints of beer with the prisoner, who followed me an hour or two afterwards. I had nothing to drink before he arrived. I paid for the beer, changing half-crown for the purpose. The half-crown was in my purse, and after returning the change to it, I placed the purse back into my pocket in the presence of the prisoner. The purse then contained 16s. and some coppers. In about a quarter of an hour afterwards I went to a water closet at the back of the house, and there fell asleep. I remained asleep an hour or more, and when I awoke my purse and money were gone. I immediately afterwards went in search of the prisoner, but not finding him I gave information to the police, and about eleven last night I saw him in custody of Police-constable Walsh.

By the Bench: No other persons were in the house, except the landlady.

Mrs. Wildish, wife of William Wildish: I am landlady of the "Endeavour" at Wootton. The complainant came into my home yesterday morning, and was followed about an hour afterwards by the prisoner. They sat together in the tap-room, and had their dinner there. No one else was in the room after they had had their dinner. They had some beer, and the prosecutor afterwards went out to the back of the house. The prisoner followed him, and on going into the tap-room, to clear it, about ten minutes afterwards, I found the prisoner had returned, but not the prosecutor. I asked him where Fox was, and he said he would be in in a minute, and prisoner then went out to the back of the house again. Some time afterwards he went a third time, and he did not return again. I heard the prosecutor snoring in the closet, and one of the time that prisoner left the house I saw him go into the closet.

William Walsh, a constable of the Kent County Constabulary, stationed at Shepherdswell said: From information I received I went to Swingfield Street, on Monday night about eight o'clock. Swingfield Street is about three miles from Wootton. I found the prisoner at a public house. (That would probably have been the "Three Bells".) I called him out and told hi he was charged with stealing 16s., and a purse from the person of Thomas Fox, at the "Endeavour" Wootton. He said, "I know I have the money." He then pulled out the purse I produce (as the stolen purse) and taking out of it a half-sovereign, a sixpence and some half-pences, said, "That is his. There were two or three half-penny pieces and some coppers besides, but I've spent them. The other money is mine." That amounted to one half-crown, two shillings, and a sixpence. Altogether the money amounted to the 16s. The prisoner added, "I intended to take it back to him, and his purse, I've got in my pocket." I searched his pockets, and while doing so, he said, "To tell the truth, I flung it down the closet." When the charge was taken at the Dover police station the prisoner said he picked the purse up, and did not steal it.

By the prisoner: You did not tell me the prosecutor was tipsy, and that on picking up the purse you told him you would take care of it for him. You said you picked it up, and intended to carry it back.

The prisoner, on being cautioned in the usual way, said the prosecutor got tipsy while he was in his company, and wished him (the prisoner) to go to another public-house with him. He waited about for him, and went to the water closet to know if he was coming. Prisoner said he couldn't go, as he was not able to walk. The purse with the money was lying in the water-closet, having apparently rolled out of his pocket, and he (prisoner) picked it up and told him he would take care of it for him and return it that same day.

The prisoner was then committed for trial at the next East Kent Quarter Sessions.


From the Gourmet Guide supplement in the Folkestone Herald, 22 August, 1996.

Ghostly happenings at the "Endeavour Inn," Wootton. This pub was built in the early 15th century and there is a ghost called Matthew who haunts it! Switches are flicked on their own and objects are moved around. This is what makes the "Endeavour Inn" so very different.

Matthew came to a sticky end back in those days after allegedly attacking the squire's daughter. he was hanged for his crime and his body was then kept in the cellar of the pub until it was buried later.

Ian Cook took over the pub as landlord 12 weeks ago after four years' studying business and geography to gain - successfully - a BA Honours degree.

Ian said the last 12 weeks have been great, the pub atmosphere has been really warming and he had been made to feel really welcome.

The restaurant offers full a la carte menu with a great choice of wines.

Innovative Ian has started a Pasta Night every Tuesday with live music at a cost of only 5 for a large plate of pasta with pesto bread and a free glass of wine.



Unfortunately still closed, the CAMRA branch meeting of January 2009 reported the following:- The Endeavour at Wooton, however, has had all applications for change of use rejected and the Council are keeping an eye on things in case of any violations of the rules.



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