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A Child of the “Baby Boomer” period after the war I have lived in Dover all my life & happily describe myself as an original “Dover Shark”. I attended St Pauls Primary School & later St Edmunds Secondary School. On leaving education I gained a Motor Vehicle engineering apprenticeship with local firm Martin Walter.

During my early teens I listened to the Offshore Radio Station Radio London (BIG L) on my Dansette transistor radio & was so enthralled with the station I made my mind up that`s what I would like to do. However HM Government in the form of the Postmaster General Tony Benn put paid to that.

A budding DJ in 1969 I joined the newly formed Dover Tape Recording Society which also hosted Dover Hospital Radio & that`s how my career in radio presentation started. At the tender age of 16 I began presenting the “Dover Top 10” programme in a garden shed in Balfour Road & as things progressed I became the youngest Producer/Presenter in what had now been renamed as the “Gateway Hospital Broadcasting Service”. I Presented many different types of programme & at one point presented “live” football commentary from Dover`s home games at Crabble.

When GHBS closed down in 2004 I had voluntarily served over 35 years with them.


I can put in a fair claim to have broadcast from more locations than most of DCR`s other presenters. In the order I can remember them. A garden shed in Balfour Road, a former church presbytery, On top of the main stand at Crabble Football Ground, Royal Victoria Hospital Dover, The former Isolation Hospital Unit at Noahs Ark Road, Connaught Park, The Crypt under the London Road Methodist Church in Beaconsfield & finally a purpose built studio at the rear of the Buckland Hospital. I can tell you some tales about all those locations. As a result of one broadcast I ended up in 5 or 6 different National newspapers thanks to some brilliant work by former Dover Express reporter Graham “Scoop” Tutthill.

I also ran a successful mobile disco for 7 years in the 1970`s to early 1980`s.

Now a retired “Old Geezer”, I`m looking forward to putting something back into “My” Community. I like long walks, lazing in the garden (weather permitting) and I`m often to be found in front of a computer messing around. I have been a DIYer all my life & can`t see it changing!!!

I have been happily married to Marie my wife for …….a long time and have 2 daughters & 4 grandchildren and between them all they keep me very busy.



After a rather long break from radio due to shift work, I recently rekindled my love for radio & got back behind “The Mic” after much cajoling from my good friend Martin Turner (another former Hospital Radio producer/presenter) & since early 2021 have been producing & presenting here on Dover Community Radio. I like to present a mix of music from the late 50`s to the 90`s and like to play different tracks that generally get ignored by mainstream radio stations.

In addition I love jogging peoples memories ABOUT DOVER & have previously played short sections in my show talking about Dover how I remember it as a child & also talking about old TV programmes from the 60`s to the 80`s which I plan to re-introduce now we are on FM. One such programme got over 300 hits on a local website. PLEASE COME & JOIN ME ON DCR 104.9


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